2015-08-02 Michael Rasmussenfix build system master
2015-08-02 Michael Rasmussenadd missing build files by relaxing gitignore
2015-08-02 Michael RasmussenFix spelling
2015-08-02 Michael Rasmussenfix source reference
2015-08-02 Michael RasmussenFinish localization
2015-08-01 Michael Rasmussenfix build dir for make distcheck
2015-08-01 Michael Rasmussenprepare for localization and patch from Páder Rezső
2015-08-01 Michael RasmussenFix deprecated GVAlueArray. Patch from Páder Rezső
2015-08-01 Michael RasmussenAdd authors to file
2015-08-01 Michael Rasmussenadd -Wno-deprecated. Add 2 patches from Páder Rezső
2015-07-22 Michael RasmussenAdd patch from Páder Rezső <> to support...
2015-07-22 Michael RasmussenFix deprecated INCLUDES
2014-08-26 Michael RasmussenFix null pointer exception
2014-08-26 Michael RasmussenCheck for maintainer-mode
2014-08-26 Michael RasmussenAdd backup and object files
2014-08-25 Michael RasmussenFix missing libm in ld
2013-03-17 Ricardo MonesInitial setup for git
2013-01-28 Michael Rasmussen2013-01-28 [mir] 0.6.0cvs93
2013-01-28 Michael Rasmussen2013-01-28 [mir] 0.6.0cvs92
2013-01-27 Michael Rasmussen2013-01-27 [mir] 0.6.0cvs91
2013-01-27 Michael Rasmussen2013-01-27 [mir] 0.6.0cvs90
2012-10-03 Michael Rasmussen2012-10-03 [mir] 0.6.0cvs89
2012-08-07 Michael Rasmussen2012-08-07 [mir] 0.6.0cvs88
2012-07-03 Michael Rasmussen2012-07-03 [mir] 0.6.0cvs87
2012-07-03 Michael Rasmussen2012-07-03 [mir] 0.6.0cvs86
2012-06-15 Andrej Kacian2012-06-15 [ticho] 0.6.0cvs85
2012-04-07 Michael Rasmussen2012-04-07 [mir] 0.6.0cvs84
2012-04-01 Colin Leroy2012-04-01 [colin] 0.6.0cvs83
2012-03-31 Michael Rasmussen2012-03-31 [mir] 0.6.0cvs82
2012-03-29 Michael Rasmussen2012-03-29 [mir] 0.6.0cvs81
2012-03-25 Michael Rasmussen2012-03-25 [mir] 0.6.0cvs80
2012-03-25 Michael Rasmussen2012-03-25 [mir] 0.6.0cvs79
2012-01-05 Michael Rasmussen2012-01-05 [mir] 0.6.0cvs78
2012-01-05 Michael Rasmussen2012-01-05 [mir] 0.6.0cvs77
2012-01-05 Michael Rasmussen2012-01-05 [mir] 0.6.0cvs76
2012-01-05 Michael Rasmussen2012-01-05 [mir] 0.6.0cvs75
2012-01-05 Michael Rasmussen2012-01-05 [mir] 0.6.0cvs74
2012-01-05 Michael Rasmussen2012-01-05 [mir] 0.6.0cvs73
2012-01-03 Michael Rasmussen2012-01-03 [mir] 0.6.0cvs72
2012-01-01 Michael Rasmussen2012-01-01 [mir] 0.6.0cvs71
2012-01-01 Michael Rasmussen2012-01-01 [mir] 0.6.0cvs70
2012-01-01 Michael Rasmussen2012-01-01 [mir] 0.6.0cvs69
2012-01-01 Michael Rasmussen2012-01-01 [mir] 0.6.0cvs68
2012-01-01 Michael Rasmussen2012-01-01 [mir] 0.6.0cvs67
2012-01-01 Michael Rasmussen2012-01-01 [mir] 0.6.0cvs66
2011-12-31 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-31 [mir] 0.6.0cvs65
2011-12-31 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-31 [mir] 0.6.0cvs64
2011-12-31 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-31 [mir] 0.6.0cvs63
2011-12-31 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-31 [mir] 0.6.0cvs62
2011-12-31 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-31 [mir] 0.6.0cvs61
2011-12-31 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-31 [mir] 0.6.0cvs60
2011-12-28 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-28 [mir] 0.6.0cvs59
2011-12-23 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-23 [mir] 0.6.0cvs58
2011-12-23 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-23 [mir] 0.6.0cvs57
2011-12-21 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-21 [mir] 0.6.0cvs56
2011-12-18 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-18 [mir] 0.6.0cvs55
2011-12-18 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-18 [mir] 0.6.0cvs54
2011-12-17 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-17 [mir] 0.6.0cvs53
2011-12-17 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-17 [mir] 0.6.0cvs52
2011-12-17 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-17 [mir] 0.6.0cvs51
2011-12-17 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-17 [mir] 0.6.0cvs50
2011-12-17 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-17 [mir] 0.6.0cvs49
2011-12-17 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-17 [mir] 0.6.0cvs48
2011-12-14 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-14 [mir] 0.6.0cvs47
2011-12-13 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-13 [mir] 0.6.0cvs46
2011-12-13 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-13 [mir] 0.6.0cvs45
2011-12-13 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-13 [mir] 0.6.0cvs44
2011-12-13 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-13 [mir] 0.6.0cvs43
2011-12-13 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-13 [mir] 0.6.0cvs42
2011-12-13 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-13 [mir] 0.6.0cvs41
2011-12-13 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-13 [mir] 0.6.0cvs40
2011-12-09 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-09 [mir] 0.6.0cvs39
2011-12-09 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-09 [mir] 0.6.0cvs38
2011-12-03 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-03 [mir] 0.6.0cvs37
2011-12-03 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-03 [mir] 0.6.0cvs36
2011-12-03 Michael Rasmussen2011-12-03 [mir] 0.6.0cvs35
2011-11-30 Michael Rasmussen2011-11-30 [mir] 0.6.0cvs34
2011-11-30 Michael Rasmussen2011-11-30 [mir] 0.6.0cvs33 BEFORE_EXTENSIONS
2011-11-30 Michael Rasmussen2011-11-30 [mir] 0.6.0cvs32
2011-11-29 Michael Rasmussen2011-11-29 [mir] 0.6.0cvs31
2011-11-28 Michael Rasmussen2011-11-28 [mir] 0.6.0cvs30
2011-11-28 Michael Rasmussen2011-11-28 [mir] 0.6.0cvs29
2011-11-28 Michael Rasmussen2011-11-28 [mir] 0.6.0cvs28
2011-11-26 Michael Rasmussen2011-11-26 [mir] 0.6.0cvs27
2011-11-26 Michael Rasmussen2011-11-26 [mir] 0.6.0cvs26
2011-11-22 Michael Rasmussen2011-11-22 [mir] 0.6.0cvs25
2011-11-20 Michael Rasmussen2011-11-20 [mir] 0.6.0cvs24
2011-11-20 Michael Rasmussen2011-11-20 [mir] 0.6.0cvs23
2011-11-20 Michael Rasmussen2011-11-20 [mir] 0.6.0cvs22
2011-11-14 Michael Rasmussen2011-11-14 [mir] 0.6.0cvs21
2011-11-14 Michael RasmussenLots of bug fixes and read-only support for LDAP. No...
2011-10-04 Michael Rasmussen2011-10-04 [mir] 0.6.0cvs20
2011-09-27 Michael Rasmussen2011-09-27 [mir] 0.6.0cvs19
2011-09-20 Michael Rasmussen2011-09-20 [mir] 0.6.0cvs18
2011-09-20 Michael Rasmussen2011-09-20 [mir] 0.6.0cvs17
2011-09-17 Michael Rasmussen2011-09-17 [mir] 0.6.0cvs16
2011-09-15 Michael Rasmussen2011-09-15 [mir] 0.6.0cvs15
2011-09-15 Michael Rasmussen2011-09-15 [mir] 0.6.0cvs14
2011-09-15 Michael Rasmussen2011-09-15 [mir] 0.6.0cvs13
2011-09-11 Michael Rasmussen2011-09-11 [mir] 0.6.0cvs12