2014-06-23 Andreas RönnquistMake sure program output use utf-8 encoding
2014-06-09 Ricardo MonesFix warnings from some po files
2014-06-09 Ricardo MonesRelease 0.7.11 0.7.11
2014-06-09 Ricardo MonesUpdate Spanish translation
2014-05-28 Ricardo MonesUpdated Swedish translation. Thanks gusnan!
2014-05-28 Ricardo MonesUpdated French translation. Thanks wwp!
2014-05-27 Ricardo MonesIndicate license in header
2014-05-27 Ricardo MonesImprove manpage (format, sections)
2014-05-26 Ricardo MonesUpdate pot file
2014-05-24 Ricardo Monesbriefly document highest version too
2014-05-24 Ricardo Monespreference “enable_dotted_lines” was removed on 2011!
2014-05-06 Ricardo MonesFix homepage also in pod
2014-04-05 Ricardo MonesA less minimalistic header but with interesting references
2014-04-05 Ricardo MonesNo svn keywords anymore
2014-03-18 Ricardo MonesStandarise style and fix incorrect prototypes
2014-03-18 Ricardo MonesFix reading UTF-8 values
2014-03-18 Ricardo MonesSupport completion-related hidden prefs
2014-01-14 Ricardo MonesUpdate copyright years
2013-12-23 Ricardo MonesRemove deprecated encoding pragma
2013-05-13 Ricardo MonesRelease 0.7.10 0.7.10
2013-05-13 Ricardo MonesRemove a fossil from svn age
2013-05-13 Ricardo MonesFix #3 (Global symbol "@ver" requires explicit package...
2013-05-08 Ricardo MonesRelease 0.7.9 0.7.9
2013-05-08 Ricardo MonesAdd dist target and fix version
2013-05-06 Ricardo MonesUpdate translations and remove cruft
2013-04-29 Ricardo Monesupdate copyright year and pot file
2013-03-07 Ricardo Monessupport detection of newer claws-mail
2013-03-07 Ricardo Monesallow minimum required version for widgets
2012-06-26 Ricardo Monesdo not include .gitignore in tarballs
2012-06-26 Ricardo Monesrelease 0.7.8 clawsker-0.7.8 0.7.8
2012-06-25 Ricardo Monesupdated translations
2012-06-20 Ricardo Monessupport patches display colours
2012-05-13 Ricardo Monesrelease 0.7.7 clawsker-0.7.7 0.7.7
2012-05-08 Ricardo Monesupdate URL: fixes #1
2012-05-08 Ricardo Monesupdate pot and es translation
2012-01-17 Ricardo Monesadded old hidden property zero_replacement_char
2012-01-09 Ricardo Monesfix --help output to be proper UTF-8
2012-01-08 Ricardo Monesit's 2012 now :)
2012-01-03 Ricardo Monesoops, forgot changelog
2012-01-03 Ricardo Monesnew Swedish translation thanks to Andreas Rönnquist
2011-11-25 Ricardo Monesraise upper limit
2011-10-19 Ricardo Monesfix uninitialized spinboxes on win tab
2011-10-17 Ricardo Monesupdate potfile and Spanish translation
2011-10-17 Ricardo MonesAdd support for summary_from_show
2011-10-17 Ricardo MonesMake some vertical room on the GUI page
2011-04-11 Ricardo Monesrelease 0.7.5 clawsker-0.7.5 0.7.5
2011-04-06 Ricardo Monesmmm, not what i want
2011-04-06 Ricardo MonesUpdate URL for Gtk2-Perl Study Guide
2011-04-03 Ricardo Monesupdate translations: French and Brazilian Portuguese
2011-04-03 Ricardo Monesimprove ucl for dealing with new repo
2011-04-03 Ricardo Monesignore some files
2011-03-26 Ricardo Monesset release version for translators
2011-03-19 Ricardo Monesupdate i18n
2011-03-19 Ricardo Monesnew two hidden properties
2011-03-19 Ricardo MonesGUI tab refactoring
2010-09-30 Ricardo Monesfix typo
2010-06-25 Ricardo Monesrelease 0.7.2 0.7.2
2010-06-25 Ricardo Monesadd ucl script
2010-06-19 Ricardo Monesupdated pot, spanish translation
2010-06-18 Ricardo Monesfix typo
2010-06-07 Ricardo Monesnew hidden preference, improve manpage slightly
2010-06-07 Ricardo Monesfix spacing
2010-04-09 Ricardo Monesrelease 0.7.1 0.7.1
2010-02-18 Ricardo Monesbump year
2009-12-05 Ricardo Monessimplify windows tab widgets
2009-09-23 Ricardo Monessplit manpage, fix manpage version and center
2009-07-17 Ricardo Monesfix spinbutton warning
2009-07-06 Ricardo Monesrelease 0.7.0 0.7.0
2009-07-06 Ricardo Monesreceived translations and updates
2009-06-26 Ricardo Monesfix version in pot
2009-06-23 Ricardo Monesone tab less on windows page, updated translation
2009-06-22 Ricardo Monesrefactor existing tabs
2009-06-22 Ricardo Monesadd URL to pod and about
2009-06-19 Ricardo Monesadd windows position/size tweaking
2009-03-22 Ricardo Monesupdated italian translation
2009-03-20 Ricardo Monesfix pot file and update it translator address
2009-01-24 Ricardo Monesrelease 0.6.0 0.6.0
2009-01-24 Ricardo Monesenable/disable prefs according version
2009-01-23 Ricardo Monesfix typo
2009-01-23 Ricardo Monesadded italian translation
2009-01-12 Ricardo MonesFix copyright years
2008-12-12 Ricardo Monesadd --use-claws-version and set it as global
2008-11-24 Ricardo Monessupport for primary_paste_unselects hidden pref (untested)
2008-10-17 Ricardo Monesshow claws version too, update es.po
2008-10-17 Ricardo Monesseparate version option from help
2008-10-17 Ricardo Monesfixed xlations mode on install
2008-07-22 Ricardo Monesadded funcs for version handling
2008-07-16 Ricardo Moneswwp string fixes and improvements
2008-06-27 Ricardo Monesfix NEWS
2008-06-27 Ricardo Monesrelease 0.5.0 0.5.0
2008-06-26 Ricardo Monesadded french translation
2008-06-26 Ricardo Monesreview integer handling
2008-06-26 Ricardo Monesfix alt folder concat, undefined properties in checkbox...
2008-06-12 Ricardo Mones Add support for new hidden preference in version 3...
2008-06-11 Ricardo MonesUpdated pot file and Spanish translation
2008-04-24 Ricardo Monessupport for new hidden pref: two_line_vertical
2008-02-26 Ricardo Monesrelease 0.4.0 0.4.0
2008-02-26 Ricardo Monesadded serbian translations
2008-02-25 Ricardo Monesfixed encoding for translations
2008-02-25 Ricardo Monesadded new use_networkmanager hidden pref