Also install Traditional Chinese translation
[clawsker.git] / po / Makefile
2018-09-10 Ricardo MonesAlso install Traditional Chinese translation
2018-08-07 Ricardo MonesReplace xgettext boilerplate with current texts
2018-08-07 Ricardo MonesUpdate year
2017-03-26 Ricardo MonesRelease 1.1.0 1.1.0
2016-11-11 Ricardo MonesReinstate Indonesian translation by M. Sulchan Darmawan
2016-11-10 Ricardo MonesAdd new translation to list
2016-10-02 Ricardo MonesRemoved unmaintained translations: id, it
2016-09-24 Ricardo MonesUse git description if version is not given
2016-08-13 Ricardo MonesNew Turkish translation, thanks to Numan Demirdöğen!
2016-08-12 Ricardo MonesRemove unmaintained translations
2016-08-05 Ricardo MonesUpdate year in ranges
2016-08-03 Ricardo MonesNew Catalan translation, thanks to David Medina!
2015-10-08 Ricardo MonesNew German translation. Thanks to Axel Köllhofer!
2015-01-15 Ricardo MonesUpdate year to current
2015-01-15 Ricardo MonesNew Norwegian Bokmål translation. Thanks to Petter...
2014-08-06 Ricardo MonesNew Dutch translation. Thanks to Marcel Pol!
2014-05-27 Ricardo MonesIndicate license in header
2012-01-03 Ricardo Monesnew Swedish translation thanks to Andreas Rönnquist
2011-10-17 Ricardo Monesupdate potfile and Spanish translation
2011-04-03 Ricardo Monesupdate translations: French and Brazilian Portuguese
2011-03-19 Ricardo Monesupdate i18n
2009-07-06 Ricardo Monesreceived translations and updates
2009-03-20 Ricardo Monesfix pot file and update it translator address
2009-01-23 Ricardo Monesadded italian translation
2008-10-17 Ricardo Monesfixed xlations mode on install
2008-06-26 Ricardo Monesadded french translation
2008-02-26 Ricardo Monesadded serbian translations
2007-12-19 Ricardo Monescontributing section, pot package details
2007-12-18 Ricardo Monesmore details, approaching release
2007-12-17 Ricardo Monesgui improvements, make on po dir too, updated strings...
2007-12-17 Ricardo Monesmore i18n stuff, spanish translation draft