Replace Gtk3::MessageDialog to recover icons
[clawsker.git] / clawsker
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesReplace Gtk3::MessageDialog to recover icons
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesMigrate from deprecated Gdk::Color to Gdk::RGBA
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesGdk's keyval_from_name is now a class function
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesTell about dialog who is its parent
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesSeems Accelerators are gone too
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesWindow's set_icon_list needs an array ref
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesUse the new ComboBoxText
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesNotebooks' append_page() needs a label now
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesUse getter to recover widgets' sensitivity
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesFix missing new_with_markup in MessageDialog
2018-11-10 Ricardo Monessed -i 's,Gtk2,Gtk3,' clawsker
2018-11-08 Ricardo MonesFix always asking for pending changes on exit
2018-11-07 Ricardo MonesFix undetected changes when value is zero
2018-08-07 Ricardo MonesUpdate year
2018-07-26 Ricardo MonesCheck for failed backups
2018-07-14 Ricardo MonesFix bug #4013 “"Menu path" font size in Hotkeys tab...
2018-07-14 Ricardo MonesAllow to exit with escape key
2018-07-14 Ricardo MonesDon't update modifications if no initial value
2018-07-11 Ricardo MonesDon't clear modifications when saving fails
2018-07-11 Ricardo MonesWarn about unapplied changes on exit
2018-05-14 wwpAdd editable geometry settings for the User Actions...
2017-12-24 Ricardo MonesIncrease range of cache to 512 Mb
2017-12-24 Ricardo MonesFix quicksearch colors not being handled
2017-04-16 Ricardo MonesUnhidden 'warn_sending_many_recipients_num'
2017-03-21 Andreas RönnquistTiny visual fix
2017-03-12 Ricardo MonesUpdate also 'enabled' flag
2017-03-11 Ricardo MonesSave hotkeys to config
2017-03-11 Ricardo MonesColoured stripes and remove separator
2017-03-10 Ricardo MonesBetter approach: editable lists of hotkeys
2017-03-10 Ricardo MonesNew hotkeys page, view only mode
2017-03-10 Ricardo MonesKeep original order in menurc
2017-03-09 Ricardo MonesEnable saving menurc
2017-03-09 Ricardo MonesEnable parsing menurc
2017-03-02 Ricardo MonesUpdate year
2017-02-27 Ricardo MonesAdd measure units after spin buttons
2017-02-27 Ricardo MonesConform to current hidden preferences
2017-02-27 Ricardo MonesSupport spinbuttons with unit labels
2017-01-19 Ricardo MonesDo not fail comparing with empty versions
2017-01-18 wwpFix edit field not disabled at startup if corresponding...
2017-01-18 wwpAdd new hidden options for showing a warning when sendi...
2016-12-18 wwpColor -> Colour, since we seem to use a non-American...
2016-12-18 Ricardo MonesReorganise and compact colours tab
2016-12-18 wwpAdd new parametrable colors.
2016-12-11 Ricardo MonesCompare versions with version objects
2016-12-09 Ricardo MonesFix bug #3735: the number of accounts may make main...
2016-11-12 Ricardo MonesFix typo. Thanks wwp for noticing!
2016-10-18 Ricardo MonesSome version archaeology
2016-10-14 Ricardo MonesRefactor widget creation a bit
2016-10-13 Ricardo MonesRestore initial icon of "About" dialog
2016-10-12 Ricardo MonesFix #15: missing a 48x48 icon
2016-10-10 Ricardo MonesDo not check running status twice
2016-10-09 Ricardo MonesRewrite and improve text a bit
2016-10-09 Ricardo MonesMore do not concatenate translatable strings
2016-10-07 Ricardo MonesBetter phrasing, I think
2016-10-06 Ricardo MonesDo not concatenate translatable strings
2016-10-04 Ricardo MonesSimplify loops in packers
2016-10-03 Ricardo MonesOne sub to init them all...
2016-09-26 Ricardo MonesSupport “rewrite_first_from”
2016-09-25 Ricardo MonesFix typo in message
2016-09-24 Ricardo MonesFix open error messages
2016-09-23 Ricardo MonesShow application icon in about dialog
2016-09-22 Ricardo MonesImprove load icons function
2016-09-21 Ricardo MonesAdd info page with detected versions
2016-09-20 Ricardo MonesMake order of account tabs not random
2016-09-19 Ricardo MonesUse bold label for default account tab
2016-09-18 Ricardo MonesDecouple getting version info from printing
2016-09-18 Ricardo MonesAdd read-only to brief help and sort options
2016-09-16 Ricardo MonesAnd more plugin hidden prefs: GPG 0.9.0
2016-09-15 Ricardo MonesDisable plugins not configured
2016-09-14 Ricardo MonesMore plugin hidden prefs: ManageSieve
2016-09-13 Ricardo MonesFix #12: support plugin hidden preferences
2016-09-12 Ricardo MonesSave resources with generic functions
2016-09-11 Ricardo MonesLoad resources using generic functions
2016-09-10 Ricardo MonesKeep original order in resources
2016-09-09 Ricardo MonesGeneric load/save for resource files
2016-09-09 Ricardo MonesInterface for plugin's hidden preferences
2016-09-08 Ricardo MonesNot used anymore
2016-09-08 Ricardo Monesplugin hidden prefs: perl
2016-09-06 Ricardo Monesplugin hidden prefs: libravatar
2016-09-05 Ricardo Monesplugin hidden prefs: att_remover
2016-09-03 Ricardo MonesRemove not really useful item
2016-08-31 Ricardo MonesRemove spaces from end of lines
2016-08-27 Ricardo MonesAdd --read-only/-r option
2016-08-27 Ricardo MonesFix option to match documented one
2016-08-26 Ricardo MonesBetter handling of text entries
2016-08-26 Ricardo MonesFix #10 - Make hidden account preferences editable 0.8.0
2016-08-24 Ricardo MonesAnd method to save account preferences too
2016-08-23 Ricardo MonesAdd method to load preferences from accountrc
2016-08-22 Ricardo MonesSimplify search, there's only one binary now
2016-08-21 Ricardo MonesRemove current useless saving of widgets
2016-08-20 Ricardo MonesUse param instead of global for selectors
2016-08-20 Ricardo MonesUse param instead of global for colour selectors
2016-08-20 Ricardo MonesUse param instead of global for spinners
2016-08-20 Ricardo MonesUse param instead of global for checkboxes
2016-08-20 Ricardo MonesUse param instead of global for entry
2016-08-20 Ricardo MonesUse default value for missing preferences
2016-08-18 Ricardo MonesDetect only Claws Mail 3.9.1 or greater
2016-08-17 Ricardo MonesFix use of undefined value
2016-08-16 Ricardo MonesFix typo causing hints not being shown
2016-08-16 Ricardo MonesFix typo in string (thanks to Erik P. Olsen!)