Update year
[clawsker.git] / clawsker
40 hours ago Ricardo MonesUpdate year master
40 hours ago Ricardo MonesFrom column display also in Claws Mail UI now
40 hours ago Ricardo MonesDiff colours are now available in Claws Mail UI
2019-01-04 Ricardo MonesBetter hashbang when perl is not in /usr/bin
2018-12-30 Ricardo MonesInitialise gettext before using it
2018-12-23 Ricardo MonesMake it a module
2018-12-23 Ricardo MonesMake getting version more robust
2018-12-21 Ricardo MonesSupport new account hidden preference “use_tls_sni”
2018-12-21 Ricardo MonesFix missing string and simplify
2018-12-21 Ricardo MonesRemove unnecessary parentheses
2018-12-21 Ricardo MonesRearrange hotkey groups into tabs
2018-12-19 Ricardo MonesFix setting hotkeys
2018-12-18 wwpAdd preferences to edit the SSL manager window size.
2018-12-13 Ricardo MonesChecking once before saving is enough
2018-11-30 Ricardo MonesFix bug 4128: Can not display buttons in 1366x768
2018-11-26 Ricardo MonesNew Portuguese (Portugal) translation by Pedro Albuquerque
2018-11-25 Ricardo MonesFix behaviour of Esc on exit warning dialog
2018-11-25 Ricardo MonesThese are used only once
2018-11-24 Ricardo MonesThese are also titles
2018-11-24 Ricardo MonesMore portable path handling
2018-11-21 Ricardo MonesUse File::Which for searching binary
2018-11-18 Ricardo MonesGather some more constants
2018-11-18 Ricardo MonesFix alignment of windows page tabs
2018-11-18 Ricardo MonesRemove unused constants and add another
2018-11-18 Ricardo MonesRemove unused subs
2018-11-16 Ricardo MonesMigrate behaviour page to grid
2018-11-16 Ricardo MonesMigrate colors page to grid
2018-11-16 Ricardo MonesMigrate gui page to grid
2018-11-15 Ricardo MonesMigrate other page to grid
2018-11-15 Ricardo MonesMigrate windows page to grid
2018-11-15 Ricardo MonesMigrate account subpages to grid
2018-11-15 Ricardo MonesMigrate plugins page to grid
2018-11-15 Ricardo MonesNew grid helpers for a simpler page
2018-11-12 Ricardo MonesDo not hardcode background colors for stripes
2018-11-12 Ricardo MonesRemove GTK runtime info until available
2018-11-11 Ricardo MonesMigrate info page to GtkGrid
2018-11-11 Ricardo MonesRemove references to GTK2 and fix info page
2018-11-11 Ricardo MonesFix email address
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesMigrate about dialog to AboutDialog
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesRestore missing hints on widgets
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesReplace Gtk3::MessageDialog to recover icons
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesMigrate from deprecated Gdk::Color to Gdk::RGBA
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesGdk's keyval_from_name is now a class function
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesTell about dialog who is its parent
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesSeems Accelerators are gone too
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesWindow's set_icon_list needs an array ref
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesUse the new ComboBoxText
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesNotebooks' append_page() needs a label now
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesUse getter to recover widgets' sensitivity
2018-11-10 Ricardo MonesFix missing new_with_markup in MessageDialog
2018-11-10 Ricardo Monessed -i 's,Gtk2,Gtk3,' clawsker
2018-11-08 Ricardo MonesFix always asking for pending changes on exit
2018-11-07 Ricardo MonesFix undetected changes when value is zero
2018-08-07 Ricardo MonesUpdate year
2018-07-26 Ricardo MonesCheck for failed backups
2018-07-14 Ricardo MonesFix bug #4013 “"Menu path" font size in Hotkeys tab...
2018-07-14 Ricardo MonesAllow to exit with escape key
2018-07-14 Ricardo MonesDon't update modifications if no initial value
2018-07-11 Ricardo MonesDon't clear modifications when saving fails
2018-07-11 Ricardo MonesWarn about unapplied changes on exit
2018-05-14 wwpAdd editable geometry settings for the User Actions...
2017-12-24 Ricardo MonesIncrease range of cache to 512 Mb
2017-12-24 Ricardo MonesFix quicksearch colors not being handled
2017-04-16 Ricardo MonesUnhidden 'warn_sending_many_recipients_num'
2017-03-21 Andreas RönnquistTiny visual fix
2017-03-12 Ricardo MonesUpdate also 'enabled' flag
2017-03-11 Ricardo MonesSave hotkeys to config
2017-03-11 Ricardo MonesColoured stripes and remove separator
2017-03-10 Ricardo MonesBetter approach: editable lists of hotkeys
2017-03-10 Ricardo MonesNew hotkeys page, view only mode
2017-03-10 Ricardo MonesKeep original order in menurc
2017-03-09 Ricardo MonesEnable saving menurc
2017-03-09 Ricardo MonesEnable parsing menurc
2017-03-02 Ricardo MonesUpdate year
2017-02-27 Ricardo MonesAdd measure units after spin buttons
2017-02-27 Ricardo MonesConform to current hidden preferences
2017-02-27 Ricardo MonesSupport spinbuttons with unit labels
2017-01-19 Ricardo MonesDo not fail comparing with empty versions
2017-01-18 wwpFix edit field not disabled at startup if corresponding...
2017-01-18 wwpAdd new hidden options for showing a warning when sendi...
2016-12-18 wwpColor -> Colour, since we seem to use a non-American...
2016-12-18 Ricardo MonesReorganise and compact colours tab
2016-12-18 wwpAdd new parametrable colors.
2016-12-11 Ricardo MonesCompare versions with version objects
2016-12-09 Ricardo MonesFix bug #3735: the number of accounts may make main...
2016-11-12 Ricardo MonesFix typo. Thanks wwp for noticing!
2016-10-18 Ricardo MonesSome version archaeology
2016-10-14 Ricardo MonesRefactor widget creation a bit
2016-10-13 Ricardo MonesRestore initial icon of "About" dialog
2016-10-12 Ricardo MonesFix #15: missing a 48x48 icon
2016-10-10 Ricardo MonesDo not check running status twice
2016-10-09 Ricardo MonesRewrite and improve text a bit
2016-10-09 Ricardo MonesMore do not concatenate translatable strings
2016-10-07 Ricardo MonesBetter phrasing, I think
2016-10-06 Ricardo MonesDo not concatenate translatable strings
2016-10-04 Ricardo MonesSimplify loops in packers
2016-10-03 Ricardo MonesOne sub to init them all...
2016-09-26 Ricardo MonesSupport “rewrite_first_from”
2016-09-25 Ricardo MonesFix typo in message
2016-09-24 Ricardo MonesFix open error messages