update copyright year and pot file
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2013-04-29 Ricardo Monesupdate copyright year and pot file
2013-03-07 Ricardo Monessupport detection of newer claws-mail
2012-06-26 Ricardo Monesrelease 0.7.8 clawsker-0.7.8 0.7.8
2012-06-25 Ricardo Monesupdated translations
2012-05-13 Ricardo Monesrelease 0.7.7 clawsker-0.7.7 0.7.7
2012-05-08 Ricardo Monesupdate URL: fixes #1
2012-05-08 Ricardo Monesupdate pot and es translation
2012-01-17 Ricardo Monesadded old hidden property zero_replacement_char
2012-01-09 Ricardo Monesfix --help output to be proper UTF-8
2012-01-03 Ricardo Monesoops, forgot changelog
2011-11-25 Ricardo Monesraise upper limit
2011-10-19 Ricardo Monesfix uninitialized spinboxes on win tab
2011-10-17 Ricardo Monesupdate potfile and Spanish translation
2011-10-17 Ricardo MonesMake some vertical room on the GUI page
2011-04-11 Ricardo Monesrelease 0.7.5 clawsker-0.7.5 0.7.5
2011-04-06 Ricardo MonesUpdate URL for Gtk2-Perl Study Guide
2011-04-03 Ricardo Monesupdate translations: French and Brazilian Portuguese
2011-04-03 Ricardo Monesimprove ucl for dealing with new repo