2017-08-29 Paulno dillo plugin in release 3.15.0-cherrypick 3.15.1
2017-08-29 Paulupdate release date
2017-08-28 Paulfor release 3.15.1
2017-08-28 Andrej KacianFix typo around libarchive in
2017-08-28 Andrej KacianFixed incorrect PERL_LDFLAGS modification with sed.
2017-08-28 Ricardo MonesFix bug #3855: segfault at startup with old profile...
2017-08-28 Ricardo MonesFix bug #3348 ‘Contact pictures not deleted when contac...
2017-08-28 Ricardo MonesFix bug 3822 ‘AttRemover deletes message and fails...
2017-08-28 Paulfix building on MAC. fixes bug 3835, ' fails...
2017-08-28 Ricardo MonesFix bug #3721 ‘Fails to build in Debian kfreebsd-*’
2017-08-28 Andrej KacianOnly preserve existing Message-ID when reediting a...
2017-08-28 Paulfix Resent-Date value
2017-08-28 Andrej KacianRSSyl: Stop earlier when an invalid feed is encountered.
2017-08-28 Andrej KacianFix incorrect labels in folder selection dialog
2017-08-28 Andrej KacianFix crash in sieve manager window when no account has...
2017-08-28 Andrej KacianFix GUI not updating after deleting a tag.
2017-03-26 Paulfor release 3.15.0 3.15.0
2017-03-26 Paulupdate German translator and use UTF-8 for this file.
2017-03-26 Paulupdate German translator
2017-03-26 Paulupdate translations
2017-03-26 Ricardo MonesFix file name in manpage
2017-03-25 Ricardo MonesUpdate Spanish translation for release
2017-03-25 Ricardo MonesUpdate list of TLDs for release
2017-03-24 Andrej KacianMake summary_show() open-when-selected behavior more...
2017-03-24 Andrej KacianFix timezone handling in procheader_date_parse() on...
2017-03-21 wwpRemove deprecated entries in fr.po.
2017-03-21 wwpUpdate French translation.
2017-03-20 Andrej KacianFix crash on e-mails with invalid date on Windows.
2017-03-19 Michael RasmussenUpdate copyright year
2017-03-19 wwpCorrect/update comment.
2017-03-19 wwpFix bug 3785: custom headers not stored in queued messa...
2017-03-18 Ricardo MonesFix bug #3784: Very similar strings in src/gtk/about.c
2017-03-18 Andrej KacianAdd more granular options on when to open a selected...
2017-03-18 Michael RasmussenUse fix bug #3787 for specifying format as well
2017-03-18 Michael RasmussenFix bug #3787. Create tooltip i helper function
2017-03-18 Paulimprove label text
2017-03-18 Andrej KacianShow context of foldersel dialog in a label, instead...
2017-03-17 wwpFix typos, fixes bug 3786: typo in src/mimeview.c.
2017-03-16 Ricardo MonesRequire SVG library version 2.40.5
2017-03-16 Andrej KacianAllow custom window title for the folder selection...
2017-03-16 Andrej KacianAdded summary_get_selection_count() function.
2017-03-14 Ricardo MonesSynchronize Spanish manual
2017-03-14 Ricardo MonesFix some color names and lists
2017-03-13 Andrej KacianInitialize icaltimetype variables in Vcalendar's feed_f...
2017-03-13 Andrej KacianRemove obsolete files icaltime_as_local.[ch].
2017-03-13 Pauladd new hidden prefs for various colours
2017-03-08 Andrej KacianAdded debug output for failure cases in sgpgme_data_rel...
2017-03-04 Ricardo MonesSynchronize Spanish manual
2017-03-04 Ricardo MonesCapitalise, punctuate and clean manpage
2017-03-04 Ricardo MonesAdd forgotten file to manpage
2017-03-04 Ricardo MonesDeclare and use only when needed
2017-03-03 Andrej Kacianwebkitglobals.h exists since 1.3.10, not 1.3.13.
2017-03-03 Andrej KacianAdd support for date-only variant of ISO8601 timestamp...
2017-03-03 Ricardo MonesFix option item and update dates
2017-03-02 Ricardo MonesRemove unused variable
2017-03-02 Paulfix using building with --disable-deprecated
2017-03-01 wwpReduce translators' work by merging almost-duplicated...
2017-03-01 Paulfix disabling prefs_common.warn_sending_many_recipients...
2017-03-01 Ricardo MonesMake 'Save all...' report more accurate
2017-03-01 Paulbump copyright year
2017-02-27 Ricardo MonesDocument hidden pref 'warn_sending_many_recipients_num'
2017-02-27 Ricardo MonesSimplify hidden prefs for too many recipients
2017-02-27 wwpFix bug #3775, wrong plural form string.
2017-02-25 Olivier BrunelFix memory leak
2017-02-25 Ricardo MonesRemove duplicated code and include
2017-02-25 Andrej KacianReplace verbosity boolean flag with a bitfield of flags.
2017-02-25 Andrej KacianRemove rssyl_feed_subscribe_new(), it was redundant.
2017-02-24 Ricardo MonesFix bug #3741: Deleting an account doesn't delete imapcache
2017-02-24 Andrej KacianRemove internal libytnef and require an external one...
2017-02-16 Ricardo MonesDo not hardcode resolv.conf location
2017-02-16 Pauluse xdg-open as default mime_open_command
2017-02-15 Ricardo MonesFix 'Apply' when changing scaling options only
2017-02-14 Ricardo MonesRemove spurious comment
2017-02-13 Ricardo MonesMigrate icon filename stored in toolbar XML files
2017-02-13 wwpFix impossible action duplication: don't check for...
2017-02-13 Pauladd Bcc to default headers in drop-down
2017-02-11 Ricardo MonesFix pixmap name to reflect what it really does
2017-02-08 wwpFix wrong return value type.
2017-02-08 Ricardo MonesSet same size as its companions (new and unread)
2017-02-07 Ricardo MonesFix included header
2017-02-07 Ricardo MonesUser interface for SVG preferences
2017-02-07 Ricardo MonesAdd SVG icon scaling/rendering preferences
2017-02-07 Ricardo MonesRender SVG scaled to default icon size
2017-02-07 Ricardo MonesLoad SVG files the deprecated way
2017-02-07 Ricardo MonesConfigure SVG library
2017-02-06 Ricardo MonesRemove generated file
2017-02-06 Ricardo MonesA bit more room for alertpanel messages
2017-02-05 Paulremove unused variable
2017-02-05 Paulno tranlslation needed here
2017-02-05 Michael RasmussenFix build when using alternate addressbook
2017-02-04 Andrej KacianMake --disable-dillo-plugin actually do something.
2017-02-04 Andrej KacianUnify display of event times in vCalendar's mimeviewer...
2017-02-04 Andrej KacianHandle timezones correctly in vCalendar.
2017-02-04 Andrej KacianUse PLUGIN_NAME macro instead of "vCalendar" string...
2017-02-04 Ricardo MonesOops! forgot one themeable icon in pdf_viewer
2017-02-03 Andrej KacianMake a relative signature_path relative to home directory.
2017-02-03 Andrej KacianMoved found_in_addressbook() from plugins to core.
2017-02-03 Ricardo MonesMake all headers abide by config and features
2017-02-02 wwpRe-introducing the Dillo plugin. Tested against Dillo...
2017-01-31 Ricardo MonesRemove obsolete font prefs