2003-12-30 Claws Mail... This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2003-12-06 Colin Leroyfix quicksearch
2003-12-05 Colin Leroyone more null check
2003-12-05 Colin Leroyfix going to next unread folder
2003-12-05 Colin LeroyMore gtk2 fixes (compilation, segs)
2003-12-04 Colin Leroyfix some dropdown menus
2003-12-04 Colin Leroy* src/compose.c
2003-10-06 Thorsten MaerzFix compile bug in src/compose.c, removed src/gtk/gtkst...
2003-10-05 Thorsten Maerzsecond cumulative gtk2 patch
2003-10-05 Thorsten Maerzkeypress fixes
2003-10-05 Thorsten Maerzinital gtk2 patch
2003-09-29 Claws Mail... This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2003-09-10 Paul Mangan0.9.5claws released gtk2_000 rel_0_9_5
2003-09-10 Paul Manganadd missing files to src/
2003-09-10 Melvin Hadashtupdated French translations
2003-09-10 Paul Manganupdate Spanish, Slovak, and Serbian translations
2003-09-09 Jens Oberenderupdated German translation
2003-09-09 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws75
2003-09-09 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/folderview.c
2003-09-08 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws73
2003-09-08 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws72
2003-09-08 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws71
2003-09-07 Match GrunLDAP static search
2003-09-07 Match GrunLDAP static search.
2003-09-07 Match GrunNew icons for LDAP static search
2003-09-07 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/summaryview.c
2003-09-07 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws68
2003-09-06 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws67
2003-09-06 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws66
2003-09-06 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws65
2003-09-05 Christoph Hohmannforgot to add check if the message that is opened in...
2003-09-05 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws64
2003-09-05 Paul Manganfix version number
2003-09-05 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/messageview.c
2003-09-05 Melvin HadashtImprove synchronous action exit code (fixes long delay...
2003-09-04 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws61
2003-09-04 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/folder.c
2003-09-03 Thorsten Maerzfix compile error
2003-09-03 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws58
2003-09-03 Paul Manganadd Slovak translation
2003-09-03 Paul ManganClamAV plugin gui tweaks
2003-09-02 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/gtk/filesel.c
2003-09-01 Paul Manganupdate Spanish translation
2003-09-01 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/gtk/gtkaspell.[ch]
2003-09-01 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/mainwindow.c
2003-09-01 Paul Mangang_free(trimmed_uri);
2003-09-01 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.4cvs13
2003-09-01 Paul Mangantrim uri before sending to the statusbar
2003-09-01 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.4cvs12
2003-08-30 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws47
2003-08-30 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws46
2003-08-30 Paul Manganadd 'Content-Disposition: inline' to a text/plain part...
2003-08-30 Paul Manganreduce GUI clutter by placing hints into tooltips
2003-08-29 Paul Manganadd forgotten version change
2003-08-29 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws43
2003-08-29 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws42
2003-08-29 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws42
2003-08-29 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.4cvs11
2003-08-28 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws40
2003-08-27 Thorsten Maerzfix compile error
2003-08-26 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.4cvs9
2003-08-25 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.4cvs8
2003-08-24 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws36
2003-08-24 Christoph Hohmannreadd BUILT_SOURCES
2003-08-24 Christoph Hohmannclean up src/
2003-08-22 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws35
2003-08-22 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws34
2003-08-21 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws33
2003-08-21 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.4cvs7
2003-08-19 Paul Manganfixes Bug #281 'in src/manual.c URL for manuals and...
2003-08-19 Paul Manganupdate Bulgarian translation
2003-08-18 Luke Plant* src/mimeview.[ch]
2003-08-17 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws28
2003-08-16 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws27
2003-08-16 Paul Manganadd #include "defs.h"
2003-08-16 Paul Mangancosmetic changes
2003-08-15 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws24
2003-08-15 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws23
2003-08-15 Paul Manganupdate and define claws bugzilla location
2003-08-15 Paul Manganupdate Russian translation
2003-08-14 Christoph Hohmannadd prefs_spelling.c to
2003-08-14 Christoph Hohmannupdate subject threading description
2003-08-14 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws20
2003-08-14 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws19
2003-08-11 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws18
2003-08-10 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/summaryview.c
2003-08-10 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws16
2003-08-10 Thorsten Maerzadded source and hook descriptions
2003-08-09 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/prefs_spelling.c
2003-08-09 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/gtk/prefswindow.c
2003-08-09 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws13
2003-08-09 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.4cvs6
2003-08-09 Paul Manganadd Leandro and Luke to claws-branch section
2003-08-09 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws11
2003-08-08 Paul Manganclear the progressbar unconditionally
2003-08-08 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.4cvs4
2003-08-07 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws8
2003-08-07 Hoà Viêt Dinhcomplete the maintainer guide
2003-08-07 Hoà Viêt Dinhseveral actions for each filtering rules can now be...
2003-08-06 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws6