2006-01-25 Colin Leroyupdate for the manual -- untested...
2006-01-25 Colin Leroy2006-01-25 [colin] 1.9.100cvs187
2006-01-25 Colin Leroy2006-01-25 [colin] 1.9.100cvs186
2006-01-25 Paul Manganmention bug fix
2006-01-25 Paul Mangan2006-01-25 [paul] 1.9.100cvs185
2006-01-24 Ricardo Mones2006-01-24 [mones] 1.9.100cvs184
2006-01-24 Paul Mangan2006-01-24 [paul] 1.9.100cvs183
2006-01-24 Ricardo Mones2006-01-24 [mones] 1.9.100cvs182
2006-01-23 Paul Mangan2006-01-23 [paul] 1.9.100cvs181
2006-01-23 Colin Leroyremove generated file
2006-01-22 Colin Leroy2006-01-22 [colin] 1.9.100cvs180
2006-01-22 Paul Mangan2006-01-22 [paul] 1.9.100cvs179
2006-01-21 Paul Mangan2006-01-21 [paul] 1.9.100cvs178
2006-01-21 Colin Leroy2006-01-21 [colin] 1.9.100cvs177
2006-01-20 Colin Leroyput more stuff in .cvsignore
2006-01-20 Colin Leroyforgot these! :)
2006-01-20 Colin Leroy2006-01-20 [colin] 1.9.100cvs176
2006-01-20 Paul Mangan2006-01-20 [paul] 1.9.100cvs175
2006-01-20 Paul Mangan2006-01-20 [paul] 1.9.100cvs174
2006-01-20 Tristan Chabredier2006-01-20 [wwp] 1.9.100cvs173
2006-01-19 Paul Mangan2006-01-19 [paul] 1.9.100cvs172
2006-01-19 Paul Mangan2006-01-19 [paul] 1.9.100cvs171
2006-01-19 Tristan Chabredier2006-01-19 [wwp] 1.9.100cvs170
2006-01-19 Colin Leroyfix username
2006-01-19 Colin Leroy2006-01-19 [colin] 1.9.100cvs169
2006-01-18 Paul Mangan2006-01-18 [paul] 1.9.100cvs168
2006-01-18 Paul Mangan2006-01-18 [paul] 1.9.100cvs167
2006-01-18 Paul Mangan2006-01-18 [paul] 1.9.100cvs166
2006-01-18 Colin Leroy2006-01-18 [cleroy] 1.9.100cvs165
2006-01-17 Colin Leroy2006-01-17 [colin] 1.9.100cvs164
2006-01-17 Colin Leroy2006-01-17 [colin] 1.9.100cvs163
2006-01-16 Colin Leroy2006-01-16 [colin] 1.9.100cvs162
2006-01-16 Colin Leroy2006-01-16 [colin] 1.9.100cvs161
2006-01-16 Colin Leroy2006-01-16 [colin] 1.9.100cvs160
2006-01-16 Colin Leroy2006-01-16 [colin] 1.9.100cvs159
2006-01-16 Paul Mangan2006-01-16 [paul] 1.9.100cvs158
2006-01-15 Colin Leroynot much more left to do!
2006-01-15 Colin Leroy2006-01-15 [colin] 1.9.100cvs157
2006-01-15 Colin Leroy2006-01-15 [colin] 1.9.100cvs156
2006-01-15 Colin Leroy2006-01-15 [colin] 1.9.100cvs155
2006-01-15 Colin Leroy2006-01-15 [colin] 1.9.100cvs154
2006-01-15 Colin Leroy2006-01-15 [colin] 1.9.100cvs153
2006-01-15 Colin Leroy2006-01-15 [colin] 1.9.100cvs152
2006-01-14 Colin Leroy2006-01-14 [colin] 1.9.100cvs151
2006-01-14 Colin Leroy2006-01-14 [colin] 1.9.100cvs150
2006-01-14 Colin Leroy2006-01-14 [colin] 1.9.100cvs149
2006-01-14 Paul Mangan2.0.0-rc4 released
2006-01-14 Paul Mangan2006-01-14 [paul] 1.9.100cvs148
2006-01-14 Ricardo Mones2006-01-14 [mones] 1.9.100cvs147
2006-01-13 Paul Mangan2006-01-13 [paul] 1.9.100cvs146
2006-01-13 Colin Leroy2006-01-13 [colin] 1.9.100cvs145
2006-01-13 Paul Mangan2006-01-13 [paul] 1.9.100cvs144
2006-01-13 Paul Mangan2006-01-13 [paul] 1.9.100cvs143
2006-01-13 Paul Mangan2006-01-13 [paul] 1.9.100cvs142
2006-01-13 Paul Mangan2006-01-13 [paul] 1.9.100cvs141
2006-01-12 Colin Leroy2006-01-12 [colin] 1.9.100cvs140
2006-01-12 Paul Manganfix ChangeLog typo
2006-01-12 Paul Mangan2006-01-12 [paul] 1.9.100cvs139
2006-01-11 Colin Leroy2006-01-11 [colin] 1.9.100cvs138
2006-01-11 Paul Mangan2006-01-11 [paul] 1.9.100cvs137
2006-01-11 Colin Leroy2006-01-11 [colin] 1.9.100cvs136
2006-01-10 Paul Mangan2006-01-10 [paul] 1.9.100cvs135
2006-01-10 Colin Leroy2006-01-10 [colin] 1.9.100cvs134
2006-01-10 Paul Mangan2006-01-10 [paul] 1.9.100cvs133
2006-01-10 Paul Mangan2006-01-10 [paul] 1.9.100cvs132
2006-01-10 Paul Mangan2006-01-10 [paul] 1.9.100cvs131
2006-01-09 Colin Leroy2006-01-09 [colin] 1.9.100cvs130
2006-01-09 Paul Mangan2006-01-09 [paul] 1.9.100cvs129
2006-01-09 Paul Mangan2006-01-09 [paul] 1.9.100cvs128
2006-01-09 Tristan Chabredier2006-01-09 [wwp] 1.9.100cvs127
2006-01-09 Paul Mangan2006-01-09 [paul] 1.9.100cvs126
2006-01-06 Colin Leroy2006-01-06 [colin] 1.9.100cvs125
2006-01-04 Paul Mangan2.0.0-rc3 released
2006-01-04 Paul Mangan2006-01-04 [paul] 1.9.100cvs124
2006-01-04 Paul Mangan2006-01-04 [paul] 1.9.100cvs123
2006-01-03 Colin Leroy2006-01-03 [colin] 1.9.100cvs122
2006-01-03 Colin Leroy2006-01-03 [colin] 1.9.100cvs121
2006-01-03 Paul Mangan2006-01-03 [paul] 1.9.100cvs120
2006-01-02 Colin Leroy2006-01-02 [colin] 1.9.100cvs119
2006-01-02 Paul Mangan2006-01-02 [paul] 1.9.100cvs118
2006-01-01 Paul Mangan2006-01-01 [paul] 1.9.100cvs117
2005-12-30 Colin Leroy2005-12-30 [colin] 1.9.100cvs116
2005-12-30 Colin Leroy2005-12-30 [colin] 1.9.100cvs115
2005-12-29 Colin Leroy2005-12-29 [colin] 1.9.100cvs114
2005-12-29 Colin Leroy2005-12-29 [cleroy] 1.9.100cvs113
2005-12-28 Colin Leroy2005-12-28 [colin] 1.9.100cvs112
2005-12-28 Tristan Chabredier2005-12-28 [wwp] 1.9.100cvs111
2005-12-28 Tristan Chabredier2005-12-28 [wwp] 1.9.100cvs110
2005-12-28 Tristan Chabredier2005-12-28 [wwp] 1.9.100cvs109
2005-12-24 Colin Leroy2005-12-24 [colin] 1.9.100cvs108
2005-12-24 Colin Leroy2005-12-24 [colin] 1.9.100cvs107
2005-12-24 Paul Manganupdates to names/email addresses
2005-12-24 Paul Manganupdate Miquel Oliete's email address
2005-12-23 Paul Mangan2005-12-23 [paul] 1.9.100cvs106
2005-12-23 Colin Leroy2005-12-23 [cleroy] 1.9.100cvs105
2005-12-23 Colin Leroy2005-12-23 [cleroy] 1.9.100cvs104
2005-12-22 Paul Mangan2005-12-22 [paul] 1.9.100cvs103
2005-12-22 Paul Mangan2005-12-22 [paul] 1.9.100cvs102
2005-12-21 Colin Leroy2005-12-21 [colin] 1.9.100cvs101
2005-12-21 Paul Mangan2005-12-21 [paul] 1.9.100cvs100