2001-10-20 Christoph HohmannChangeLog updates
2001-10-20 Hoà Viêt Dinhbugfix for newsgroups list dialog
2001-10-20 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.3cvs9
2001-10-19 Alfons Hoogervorstfix compilation problem with pgptext.[ch]
2001-10-19 Hoà Viêt Dinhbug and feature numbers
2001-10-19 Hoà Viêt Dinhbugfix for newsgroup selection dialog
2001-10-19 Christoph Hohmannlast header entry should default to "To:" or "Newsgroup...
2001-10-19 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.3cvs8
2001-10-18 Christoph Hohmannreimplement ignore thread
2001-10-18 Hoà Viêt Dinhnews selection dialog box enhanced
2001-10-18 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.3cvs7
2001-10-18 Paul Manganfix Re-edit bug in Message menu
2001-10-17 Christoph Hohmannignore empty or whitespace only header lines
2001-10-17 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.3cvs7
2001-10-17 Darko KorugaImprove smart wrapping - wrap lines without spaces.
2001-10-16 Paul Manganfix typo
2001-10-16 Paul Manganupdated translations
2001-10-15 Melvin Hadashtadded summary and detailed installation instructions...
2001-10-15 Melvin HadashtUpdated, corrected and completed french translation...
2001-10-15 Melvin HadashtAdded summary and more detailed instructions for the...
2001-10-15 Hoà Viêt Dinhwe can choose the newsgroups to display with wildcards
2001-10-15 Hoà Viêt Dinhwe can now select newsgroups to display
2001-10-15 Christoph Hohmannremoved forgotten comment
2001-10-14 Christoph HohmannFixed wrong german translation
2001-10-13 Alfons Hoogervorstdon't forget to set thread member to null
2001-10-13 Alfons Hoogervorstmy stab at fixing the non MT safety code in the LDAP...
2001-10-13 Paul Manganseparate username/password for SMTP Auth
2001-10-13 Paul Manganenable decryption of ascii-armored gpg messages
2001-10-12 Christoph Hohmannadded some more infos about default to and feature...
2001-10-12 Alfons Hoogervorstremoved some funny bugs
2001-10-12 Paul Manganenable ascii-armored gpg messages
2001-10-12 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.3cvs6
2001-10-12 Darko KorugaDon't treat tab as space when calculating line length.
2001-10-11 Alfons Hoogervorstremove syldap.c's call to sched_yield()
2001-10-11 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.3cvs3
2001-10-10 Christoph Hohmannfixed segfault caused by lost filename workaround
2001-10-10 Christoph Hohmannremove file selection dialog lost filename workaround...
2001-10-10 Christoph Hohmannusing table for widget alignment, fixed memory leak...
2001-10-10 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.3cvs2
2001-10-10 Darko KorugaProper right margin calculation for smart wrapping.
2001-10-09 Alfons Hoogervorstand don't forget to remove my experimental code
2001-10-09 Alfons Hoogervorstselect correct row when deleting last row in the summar...
2001-10-09 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.3cvs1
2001-10-09 Darko KorugaSmart quotation wrapping a-la VIM.
2001-10-08 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.3 release
2001-10-08 Paul Manganupdated translation
2001-10-08 Paul Manganmore sync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs12
2001-10-07 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs12
2001-10-06 Match Grunupd jpilot, fix editldap_basedn
2001-10-06 Match Grunallow jpilot to handle unsync'ed address entries.
2001-10-06 Match Grunfixed segfault when opening dialog,
2001-10-06 Alfons Hoogervorstfix bug of selection of last inserted tree node, not...
2001-10-06 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs11
2001-10-06 Paul Mangancorrection to English
2001-10-06 Paul Manganupdated translation
2001-10-05 Alfons Hoogervorstremove debug_print()
2001-10-05 Alfons Hoogervorstauto-chango compose toolbar button depending on folder...
2001-10-05 Paul Manganfix X_BEENTHERE segfault
2001-10-05 Paul Manganfix 'Reply to all'
2001-10-04 Paul Manganmake 'Reply' reply to MLs
2001-10-04 Darko KorugaBetter smart wrapping.
2001-10-03 Paul Mangan sync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs10
2001-10-02 Alfons Hoogervorstsomething else I forgot. :)
2001-10-02 Alfons HoogervorstRemove Chinese translations until someone picks it up
2001-10-02 Alfons Hoogervorstremove Chinese translations until someone picks it up
2001-10-02 Christoph Hohmannfixed non translated header bug in compose window
2001-10-02 Alfons Hoogervorstand don't forget to bump up version...
2001-10-02 Alfons Hoogervorstadd block cursor
2001-10-02 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs9
2001-09-30 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs8
2001-09-30 Paul Manganadd importldif.c
2001-09-30 Paul Manganupdated translations
2001-09-30 Paul Manganadd eudora-2-vCard convertor
2001-09-28 Melvin Hadashtspell checker: fixed crash when using default path...
2001-09-28 Melvin Hadashtfixed crash when using default path (introduced in...
2001-09-27 Melvin Hadashtfixed bug where gtkpspell didn't set the path correctly
2001-09-27 Melvin Hadashtfixed bug where gtkpspell didn't set the path correctly
2001-09-27 Paul Manganchange comment format
2001-09-27 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs6
2001-09-26 Alfons Hoogervorstreintroduce return-receipt-request things lost because...
2001-09-26 Christoph Hohmannreadded auto cc, bcc and reply-to in compose dialog
2001-09-26 Paul Manganmake 'Follow-up and reply to' sensitive
2001-09-26 Paul Manganmore sync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs5
2001-09-25 Melvin Hadashtspell checker: fixed bug for US-ASCII introduced by...
2001-09-25 Melvin Hadashtfixed bug for US-ASCII introduced by the encoding code
2001-09-25 Paul Manganconfigure 'go to next folder' dialog
2001-09-25 Melvin Hadashtspell checker : added support for different encodings
2001-09-25 Melvin Hadashtadded support for different encodings
2001-09-25 Paul Manganmore sync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs5
2001-09-24 Alfons Hoogervorstmore plumbing in Hoa's code (can't wait to have all...
2001-09-24 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs5
2001-09-24 Match GrunIncluded import of LDIF files.
2001-09-24 Match GrunIncluded import of LDIF files
2001-09-24 Match Grunminor update
2001-09-24 Match Grunminor updates
2001-09-24 Melvin Hadashtspell checking :
2001-09-24 Melvin Hadashtadded 'Learn from mistakes' option
2001-09-24 Melvin Hadashtsmall update for spell checking stuff
2001-09-23 Alfons Hoogervorstedit gtkspell.c so it complies a little bit more with...
2001-09-23 Alfons HoogervorstMore plumbing: migrating request return receipt folder...