2016-01-28 Andrej KacianRemove the outer scrollbar from header area.
2016-01-27 Andrej KacianFix superfluous semicolons from 543c7d3.
2016-01-27 Andrej KacianRSSyl: Handle XHTML content correctly for Atom feeds.
2016-01-24 Colin LeroyFix unused variable warning
2016-01-23 Andrej KacianMH class now should not change working directory anymore.
2016-01-23 Andrej KacianZero out few forgotten pointers in procmsg_msginfo_free().
2016-01-23 Andrej KacianMake procmsg_msginfo_free() zero out pointers to freed...
2016-01-21 Andrej KacianFix for fc42499 - really set correct rcdir on Win32.
2016-01-19 Andrej KacianFix typo in handling feed name ending with a period...
2016-01-19 Paulfor release 3.13.2 3.13.2
2016-01-19 Paulmore removing of space before colon
2016-01-19 Paulupdate copyright year
2016-01-19 Paulremove space in front of colon
2016-01-19 Paulupdate transaltion files
2016-01-17 Andrej KacianDelete prototypes for non-existent prefs_write_close*().
2016-01-17 Paulfix CVE-2015-8708, bug 3557, 'Remotely exploitable...
2016-01-03 Andrej KacianUse a different default CFG_RC_DIR for Windows platform.
2016-01-03 Andrej KacianAdd missing symbol to vcalendar claws.def file.
2015-12-28 Paulfix bug 2358, '"Disposition-Notification-To:" should...
2015-12-23 Pauladd Charles to the man page
2015-12-23 Paulremove space in front of colon
2015-12-22 Paulfix bug 3584, 'After 3.13.1, characters in some Japanes...
2015-12-22 Paulcomment out the paragraphs which no longer apply
2015-12-22 Paullate, post-release pt_BR.po update
2015-12-20 Paulremove reference to 3.13.1
2015-12-20 Paulfor release 3.13.1
2015-12-20 Paullt.po updated
2015-12-20 Paulremove reference to
2015-12-20 Paulchanged "Claws Mail-w322 to "Claws Mail for Windows"
2015-12-20 Paulupdate documentation team
2015-12-20 Paulupdate translation team
2015-12-20 does not exist anymore, so this script...
2015-12-20 Paulupdate translations
2015-12-20 Ricardo MonesUpdate Spanish translation for release
2015-12-20 Ricardo MonesUpdate array of recognised TLDs for release
2015-12-18 Andrej KacianRSSyl: do not add extra dir separator in item_get_path().
2015-12-16 Andrej KacianSome minor changes for win32 build.
2015-12-14 Andrej KacianBetter fix for crash after broken pgp keyring update.
2015-12-09 Ricardo MonesFix bug #3570 “Feed preferences window appearance”
2015-12-09 Ricardo MonesCosmetic: use always g_getenv instead of getenv
2015-12-08 Ricardo MonesCosmetic: use g_strstrip define when stripping
2015-12-07 Michael RasmussenFix broken build after commit 225ab1ccaf5316550576135f4...
2015-12-07 Paulcosmetic layout fixes
2015-12-07 Paulrename configure option 'enable-alternate-addrbook...
2015-12-07 Paulcall 'new' address book 'alternate' address book
2015-12-05 Charles LehnerRename address book search label
2015-12-04 Charles LehnerFix bug #1918: allow searching of local address books
2015-12-04 Andrej KacianRemoved a useless debug line.
2015-12-03 Charles LehnerFix enum scan on powerpc
2015-12-03 Andrej KacianRemove use of fnmatch(), in favour of GPatternSpec.
2015-12-03 Ricardo MonesCorrect modified file headers
2015-12-03 Ricardo MonesRemove more markup from translatable strings
2015-12-02 Ricardo MonesRemove markup from translatable strings
2015-12-01 Andrej KacianCheck for flex version properly in
2015-12-01 Ricardo MonesMake interface match expectations of plugin_load()
2015-12-01 Andrej KacianRemoved obsolete win32-related code from
2015-11-25 Andrej KacianFix folder renaming for IMAP on Windows.
2015-11-25 Ricardo MonesUse same label for seconds in timeouts
2015-11-24 Ricardo MonesAdjust menus for external embedded editor
2015-11-24 Ricardo MonesBug #2355: don't send while external editor is open
2015-11-23 Ricardo MonesUngroup to make future tlds.h patches smaller
2015-11-23 Ricardo MonesFix bug #2355: Embedding external editor through GtkSocket
2015-11-23 Ricardo MonesUse an arrow instead of ASCII chars
2015-11-20 Andrej KacianReenabled regexps on Windows.
2015-11-18 Ricardo MonesFix bug #3566: add missing locales to Eastern nameorder
2015-11-17 Paulreinistate 1b32cc6794190c9fb6124b6de5b6f23e3007eec9...
2015-11-17 Colin LeroyFix bug #3559 more correctly
2015-11-17 Ricardo MonesFix bug #3565 by reverting “fix bug 3559, 'Opening...
2015-11-16 Colin LeroyMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2015-11-16 Colin LeroyFix bug #3563 (URL parser will read out of bounds when...
2015-11-15 Paulfix bug 3559, 'Opening preferences window causes out...
2015-11-15 Paulfix typos
2015-11-15 Paulmore sanitizing of translatable strings
2015-11-14 Paulremove most of the markup from translatable strings
2015-11-14 Paulremove the internally used plus symbol from the transla...
2015-11-14 Pauluse correct term, so that notes for translators appear...
2015-11-14 Ricardo MonesUpdate array of recognised TLDs
2015-11-14 Ricardo MonesAdd a list of alternative TLDs
2015-11-14 Ricardo MonesSupport adding domains from a file
2015-11-13 Andrej KacianRemoved two unnecessary debug_print()s from procheader.c.
2015-11-13 Colin LeroyOne more leak (introduced in previous commit)
2015-11-13 Colin LeroyWow. Such data, so leak, very unfreed
2015-11-13 Colin LeroyMore null pointer dereference fixes
2015-11-13 Colin LeroyFix null pointer dereference
2015-11-13 Colin LeroyFix null pointer dereference
2015-11-13 Colin LeroyRemove stupid function
2015-11-13 Colin LeroyFix null pointer dereference
2015-11-13 Colin LeroyFix overflow
2015-11-13 Colin LeroyFix overflow
2015-11-13 Colin LeroyFix overflow
2015-11-13 Colin LeroyBetter fix for buffer overrun
2015-11-12 Ricardo MonesUpdate list of recognised TLDs to current
2015-11-12 Ricardo MonesScript to print IANA's TLD list as C array
2015-11-11 Andrej KacianDo not add mailto: prefix for URIs with protocol part.
2015-11-11 Andrej KacianLet imap_get_num_list() unlock the session itself.
2015-11-11 Andrej KacianDo not use chdir() in addrharvest.c.
2015-11-11 Andrej KacianDo not use chdir() in remove_all_files().
2015-11-10 Paulfix bug 3561, 'HTML <a> tag with no href makes message...
2015-11-10 Paulworkaround broken links in html
2015-11-08 Paulfind correct mime type of files with no suffix, e.g...