2002-01-09 Alfons Hoogervorstdelete one more dirty debug line...
2002-01-09 Alfons Hoogervorstclean up some of my dirty digging remnants
2002-01-09 Alfons Hoogervorstmake filtered message don't stay in .processing but...
2002-01-08 Alfons Hoogervorstbring in Simon Schubert's general GPG clean up patch
2002-01-08 Alfons Hoogervorstpick up Ricardo's patch, so sylprint will also work...
2002-01-08 Alfons Hoogervorstbring in Hiro's last wm class fixes of 0.7.0 to claws
2002-01-07 Christoph Hohmann* src/mh.c
2002-01-07 Alfons Hoogervorstput Hiro's logs in claws too
2002-01-06 Alfons Hoogervorstretry to make the separate window stuff work again
2002-01-06 Alfons Hoogervorstmake separate view work new style
2002-01-06 Alfons Hoogervorstfix the date in the changelog entry...
2002-01-06 Alfons Hoogervorstclean up account.c (remove pixmap files) and add sylpri...
2002-01-06 Melvin Hadashtfixed Claws crash introduced by the menu reorganisation...
2002-01-06 Alfons HoogervorstSync with hiro's cvs 10 to 17.
2002-01-06 Melvin HadashtMade account selection when reediting queued message...
2002-01-04 Melvin Hadashtupdated few translations
2002-01-03 Melvin HadashtAdded popup menu for common preferences and account...
2002-01-02 Melvin HadashtFixed bugs:
2001-12-30 Alfons Hoogervorstfgetc() returns an int which should never ever be put...
2001-12-30 Alfons Hoogervorstadd #ifdefs that Melvin forgot in his previous commit
2001-12-30 Melvin Hadashtfixed bug about foreground color used by the spell...
2001-12-30 Alfons Hoogervorstclean up some code
2001-12-30 Alfons Hoogervorstmake folder properties persistent so they are properly...
2001-12-29 Melvin HadashtImproved subject simplification by regexp.
2001-12-28 Alfons Hoogervorstcleanup namespace and put <sys/types.h> where it belong...
2001-12-27 Alfons Hoogervorstsync hiro's bugfix for BSD (include omission)
2001-12-27 Melvin HadashtSimplify focus to subject entry code.
2001-12-27 Darko KorugaShow key icon for encrypted mails in summary view.
2001-12-27 Melvin Hadashtupdated spell checker usage instructions
2001-12-27 Melvin Hadashtspell checker options in a separate tab to decrease...
2001-12-27 Melvin HadashtUI improvements: headers and subject reordering, better...
2001-12-26 Alfons Hoogervorstmake default inbox really work for multiple POP3 accoun...
2001-12-26 Alfons Hoogervorstmake clicking on mailto url in texview use the default...
2001-12-25 Alfons Hoogervorstshow pixmap in mark and locked column headers and a...
2001-12-25 Alfons Hoogervorstcatch an inadvertent (as in *probably* at the wrong...
2001-12-25 Christoph Hohmanncorrect copy and paste error
2001-12-25 Christoph Hohmannadd ignore thread pixmap
2001-12-24 Alfons Hoogervorstmake default to address in folder property dialog reall...
2001-12-24 Alfons Hoogervorstuse new style regexp for subject stripping (submitted...
2001-12-24 Darko KorugaMove GPG related informational messages to debug mode.
2001-12-23 Alfons Hoogervorstadd the locked pixmap thing I missed in the sync with...
2001-12-23 Alfons Hoogervorstapply patch that allows accepting a file name typed...
2001-12-23 Alfons Hoogervorstclean up a little bit
2001-12-23 Alfons Hoogervorstbe a little bit more stringent in checking input strings
2001-12-23 Alfons Hoogervorstupdate AUTHORS to include Martin Pool and Fredrik Olofsen
2001-12-23 Alfons Hoogervorstadd and adapt Thomas Link's subject simplification...
2001-12-22 Alfons Hoogervorstfix bug that did not allow at least me to clean my...
2001-12-22 Alfons Hoogervorstquick fix for martin's omission of a account specific...
2001-12-22 Alfons Hoogervorstbetter support for mime/digest
2001-12-22 Alfons Hoogervorstcorrect function signature
2001-12-22 Alfons Hoogervorstadd SSH tunnel stuff
2001-12-22 Alfons Hoogervorstsync with 0.6.6hiro3-0.6.6hiro9
2001-12-21 Christoph Hohmannimplement saving of outgoing messages to current folder.
2001-12-21 Carsten Schurigpressing CTRL while DND will copy the mail now
2001-12-18 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.6cvs3
2001-12-17 Hiroyuki Yamamotofix for multibyte characters in undo.c.
2001-12-17 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.6cvs1
2001-12-17 Alfons Hoogervorstminor code clean up
2001-12-16 Paul Manganupdated rel_0_6_6
2001-12-16 Paul Manganupdated
2001-12-16 Melvin Hadashtlast minute update (undo levels)
2001-12-16 Paul Manganmake undo levels user-configuarable
2001-12-16 Paul Manganupdated de translation
2001-12-16 Paul Manganupdated translation
2001-12-15 Paul Manganincrease undo levels to 50
2001-12-15 Paul Manganupdate for sync with 0.6.6
2001-12-15 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.6
2001-12-15 Paul Manganmove 0.6.6 release entry
2001-12-15 Paul Manganupdated
2001-12-15 Melvin Hadashtupdated french translation
2001-12-15 Melvin Hadashtupdate
2001-12-15 Paul Manganrelease 0.6.6
2001-12-15 Paul Manganupdated
2001-12-15 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs28
2001-12-14 Alfons Hoogervorstupdate dutch translation for coming release
2001-12-14 Carsten SchurigFixed bug #473785
2001-12-14 Carsten Schurigfixed the dnd bug reported by wwb hopefully
2001-12-14 Carsten Schurigfixed my last fix; thanks to Hiroyuki -- I just didn...
2001-12-14 Carsten SchurigChanges to gtkut_clist_set_focus_row
2001-12-14 Darko KorugaRemove unnecessary line.
2001-12-14 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs27
2001-12-14 Carsten SchurigChanges to the rcoabm popups (thanks to Melvin)
2001-12-14 Darko KorugaFix bug #492305 (see description in the changelog).
2001-12-13 Paul Manganremove unused summary_set_menu_sensitive entry
2001-12-13 Paul Manganremove unused summary_set_menu_senstive entry
2001-12-13 Paul Manganprefer 'Reply-To' header over mailing list header
2001-12-13 Paul Mangancorrection to my last entry
2001-12-13 Paul Manganimprovement to 'Hide read messages'
2001-12-12 Alfons Hoogervorstanother attempt to fix escaping and unescaping and...
2001-12-12 Carsten Schurigsome UI tweaks, see Changelog
2001-12-12 Carsten Schurigsome tweaks, please see Changelog
2001-12-12 Paul Manganfix sensitivity of 'Search folder...'
2001-12-12 Paul Manganimprove dodgy English
2001-12-11 Carsten Schurigremoved a compile warning (forgot to mention it in...
2001-12-11 Carsten Schurigfixing a typo in filtering.c
2001-12-11 Carsten Schurig*** empty log message ***
2001-12-11 Alfons Hoogervorstrevert matcher.c and matcher_parse_lex.l to previous...
2001-12-11 Christoph Hohmannfixed wrong german translation for prev. unread msg
2001-12-11 Paul Manganupdated Spanish translation
2001-12-11 Paul Manganupdated translation