2004-08-09 Colin Leroylet the user edit the whole changelog entry
2004-08-09 Christoph Hohmannpthread is now used by LDAP and OpenSSL so we should...
2004-08-09 Colin Leroy Make SSL_connect nonblocking, using a thread
2004-08-09 Paul Mangan*** empty log message ***
2004-08-09 Paul Mangan* po/
2004-08-08 Christoph Hohmann freeze FolderItem updates while deleting duplicate...
2004-08-08 Christoph Hohmann new plugin for PGP/MIME
2004-08-07 Christoph Hohmannuse UTC date for changelog entries, we don't want that...
2004-08-07 Christoph Hohmann disable immediate folder change notification on opene...
2004-08-07 Colin Leroyfix bug in if with more than one arg
2004-08-07 Colin Leroy fix warnings
2004-08-07 Colin Leroyfixes
2004-08-07 Colin Leroy sync new alertpanel from gtk2
2004-08-07 Christoph Hohmannremove pgpmime plugin stuff until it is commited
2004-08-07 Christoph Hohmanndon't always compile with openssl support
2004-08-07 Colin Leroy fix memory corruption in folderitem's prefs
2004-08-06 Colin Leroyadd --syncgtk2 param
2004-08-06 Colin Leroyask for changelog entry, use it in changelog and commit...
2004-08-06 Colin Leroy close compose window after queuing, before
2004-08-06 Colin Leroyautoupdate
2004-08-05 Christoph Hohmann0.9.12cvs46
2004-08-05 Christoph Hohmannalways include EXTRA_VERSION in sylpheed-claws.pc to...
2004-08-05 Christoph Hohmann0.9.12cvs45
2004-08-05 Christoph Hohmann0.9.12cvs44
2004-08-05 Paul Mangansync with main 0.9.12cvs2
2004-08-04 Christoph Hohmann0.9.12cvs42
2004-08-03 Christoph Hohmann0.9.12cvs41
2004-08-03 Christoph Hohmann*
2004-08-02 Paul Manganupdate Brazilian Portuguese translation
2004-07-29 Colin Leroyinform user when mail isn't on server anymore
2004-07-29 Colin Leroyhide noticeview
2004-07-28 Colin Leroyfix bug when we don't pass parameters
2004-07-27 Colin Leroybetter fix
2004-07-27 Colin Leroyfix wrong test
2004-07-26 Colin LeroyFix uidl-file parsing when not in new format
2004-07-22 Colin Leroysame here
2004-07-22 Colin Leroygeneralize a bit
2004-07-19 Colin Leroysave attachment status when drafting
2004-07-19 Colin Leroyreverse 0.9.12cvs29 to 31
2004-07-18 Colin Leroyfix partial download bug
2004-07-17 Colin Leroyfix crash
2004-07-17 Colin Leroysame when not sticky
2004-07-17 Colin Leroyupdate folderitem icon whenever its view is filtered
2004-07-17 Paul Manganupdate PATCHSETS
2004-07-16 Christoph Hohmannforgot the check if the click is on the same part
2004-07-16 Christoph Hohmann0.9.12cvs28
2004-07-16 Christoph Hohmann0.9.12cvs27
2004-07-16 Paul Manganreplace 'Message-Id' with 'Message-ID'
2004-07-16 Paul Mangansync with main 0.9.12cvs1
2004-07-16 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.12cvs1
2004-07-15 Colin LeroyDisable GPG signature check during folder move and...
2004-07-14 Christoph Hohmann0.9.12cvs23
2004-07-14 Colin Leroyupdate includes
2004-07-14 Colin LeroyPartial downloading of pop3 mails
2004-07-13 Christoph Hohmann0.9.12cvs20
2004-07-12 Colin Leroyfix a missing status update in quicksearch
2004-07-08 Colin Leroyfix unsigned vs signed bug
2004-07-08 Colin Leroyi'm a bit slow, sometimes.
2004-07-08 Colin Leroyto_human_readable()
2004-07-08 Paul Manganinclude bug tracker number
2004-07-08 Colin LeroyImprovements:
2004-07-08 Paul Manganuse the right name
2004-07-08 Paul Manganfix occasional non-clearance of the statusbar
2004-07-07 Colin Leroyadd "sticky" pref for the quicksearch
2004-07-06 Colin LeroycommitHelper in HEAD too
2004-07-06 Colin Leroysame for HEAD
2004-07-06 Christoph Hohmann0.9.12cvs13
2004-07-06 Colin Leroydisplay maximum message size in the log, if too big
2004-07-06 Paul Manganfix typo in toolbar code
2004-07-06 Paul Manganterminate cleanly on SIGHUP
2004-07-05 Christoph Hohmann0.9.12cvs9
2004-07-05 Colin Leroyuse SIZE parameter to avoid sending too big, rejected...
2004-07-04 Paul Manganfix auto-account selection on imap/news
2004-07-01 Paul Mangansrc/gtk/quicksearch.c : reveal hidden string in gui...
2004-06-30 Darko KorugaCode cleanup and move all quick search related code...
2004-06-30 Darko KorugaAllow all filtering expressions in quicksearch.
2004-06-30 Christoph Hohmann0.9.12cvs3
2004-06-30 Christoph Hohmann0.9.12cvs3
2004-06-30 Paul Manganmove message colouring options to '/Other Preferences...
2004-06-30 Paul Manganmove message wrapping options to /'Other Preferences...
2004-06-28 Paul Mangan0.9.12 release rel_0_9_12
2004-06-28 Jens OberenderUpdated German translation
2004-06-27 Paul Manganfix typo
2004-06-27 Paul Manganre-enable SSL certificate check
2004-06-25 Christoph Hohmann0.9.11cvs18
2004-06-25 Paul Manganclean up
2004-06-25 Paul Manganclean up
2004-06-25 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.12cvs1
2004-06-23 Christoph Hohmann0.9.11cvs16
2004-06-22 Paul Manganupdate Russian translation
2004-06-20 Christoph Hohmann0.9.11cvs15
2004-06-19 Christoph Hohmann0.9.11cvs14
2004-06-17 Paul Mangansync with main 0.9.12 release
2004-06-15 Christoph Hohmann0.9.11cvs12
2004-06-15 Christoph Hohmann0.9.11cvs11
2004-06-11 Christoph Hohmannadd quicksearch.c to
2004-06-11 Christoph Hohmann0.9.11cvs10
2004-06-10 Christoph Hohmann0.9.11cvs9
2004-06-09 Christoph Hohmann0.9.11cvs8
2004-06-09 Christoph Hohmann0.9.11cvs7