2007-11-18 Ricardo Mones2007-11-18 [mones] 3.0.2cvs144
2007-11-18 Colin Leroy2007-11-18 [colin] 3.0.2cvs143
2007-11-18 Colin Leroy2007-11-18 [colin] 3.0.2cvs142
2007-11-16 Tristan Chabredier2007-11-16 [wwp] 3.0.2cvs141
2007-11-16 Colin Leroy2007-11-16 [colin] 3.0.2cvs140
2007-11-16 Colin Leroy2007-11-16 [colin] 3.0.2cvs139
2007-11-16 Colin Leroy2007-11-16 [colin] 3.0.2cvs138
2007-11-16 Colin Leroy2007-11-16 [colin] 3.0.2cvs137
2007-11-14 Colin Leroy2007-11-14 [colin] 3.0.2cvs136
2007-11-14 Colin Leroy2007-11-14 [colin] 3.0.2cvs135
2007-11-12 Paul Mangannote when 3.1.0-rc2 was released
2007-11-12 Paul Mangan2007-11-12 [paul] 3.0.2cvs134
2007-11-11 Colin Leroy2007-11-11 [colin] 3.0.2cvs133
2007-11-11 Colin Leroy2007-11-11 [colin] 3.0.2cvs132
2007-11-10 Colin Leroy2007-11-10 [colin] 3.0.2cvs131
2007-11-10 Colin Leroy2007-11-10 [colin] 3.0.2cvs130
2007-11-09 Colin Leroy2007-11-09 [colin] 3.0.2cvs129
2007-11-08 Paul Mangan2007-11-08 [paul] 3.0.2cvs128
2007-11-08 Paul Mangan2007-11-08 [paul] 3.0.2cvs127
2007-11-07 Colin Leroy2007-11-07 [colin] 3.0.2cvs126
2007-11-07 Colin Leroy2007-11-07 [colin] 3.0.2cvs125
2007-11-07 Colin Leroy2007-11-07 [colin] 3.0.2cvs124
2007-11-07 Paul Mangan2007-11-07 [paul] 3.0.2cvs123
2007-11-07 Paul Mangan2007-11-07 [paul] 3.0.2cvs122
2007-11-07 Colin Leroy2007-11-07 [colin] 3.0.2cvs121
2007-11-06 Salvatore De... 2007-11-06 [iwkse] 3.0.2cvs120
2007-11-06 Paul Mangan2007-11-06 [paul] 3.0.2cvs119
2007-11-05 Colin Leroy2007-11-05 [colin] 3.0.2cvs118
2007-11-05 Tristan ChabredierFix dup cvs117 entries.
2007-11-05 Salvatore De... 2007-11-05 [iwkse] 3.0.2cvs117
2007-11-04 Paul Mangan2007-11-04 [paul] 3.0.2cvs116
2007-11-04 Paul Mangan2007-11-04 [paul] 3.0.2cvs115
2007-11-04 Paul Mangancorrect last commit
2007-11-04 Paul Mangan2007-11-04 [paul] 3.0.2cvs114
2007-11-03 Paul Mangan2007-11-03 [paul] 3.0.2cvs113
2007-11-03 Paul Mangan2007-11-03 [paul] 3.0.2cvs112
2007-11-02 Colin Leroy2007-11-02 [colin] 3.0.2cvs111
2007-10-31 Paul Mangan2007-10-31 [paul] 3.0.2cvs110
2007-10-30 Paul Manganmention when 3.1.0-rc1 was released
2007-10-30 Paul Mangan2007-10-30 [paul] 3.0.2cvs109
2007-10-30 Paul Mangan2007-10-30 [paul] 3.0.2cvs108
2007-10-30 Paul Mangan2007-10-30 [paul] 3.0.2cvs107
2007-10-29 Colin Leroy2007-10-29 [colin] 3.0.2cvs106
2007-10-28 Colin Leroy2007-10-28 [colin] 3.0.2cvs105
2007-10-26 Colin Leroy2007-10-26 [colin] 3.0.2cvs104
2007-10-25 Colin Leroy2007-10-25 [colin] 3.0.2cvs103
2007-10-25 Colin Leroy2007-10-25 [colin] 3.0.2cvs102
2007-10-24 Colin Leroy2007-10-24 [colin] 3.0.2cvs101
2007-10-24 Colin Leroy2007-10-24 [colin] 3.0.2cvs100
2007-10-23 Colin Leroy2007-10-23 [colin] 3.0.2cvs99
2007-10-22 Colin Leroy2007-10-22 [colin] 3.0.2cvs98
2007-10-22 Colin Leroy2007-10-22 [colin] 3.0.2cvs97
2007-10-22 Colin Leroy2007-10-22 [colin] 3.0.2cvs96
2007-10-22 Tristan Chabredier2007-10-22 [wwp] 3.0.2cvs95
2007-10-22 Colin Leroy2007-10-22 [colin] 3.0.2cvs94
2007-10-19 Tristan Chabredier2007-10-19 [wwp] 3.0.2cvs93
2007-10-19 Colin Leroy2007-10-19 [colin] 3.0.2cvs92
2007-10-19 Colin Leroy2007-10-19 [colin] 3.0.2cvs91
2007-10-19 Colin Leroy2007-10-19 [colin] 3.0.2cvs90
2007-10-18 Colin Leroy2007-10-18 [colin] 3.0.2cvs89
2007-10-18 Tristan Chabredier2007-10-18 [wwp] 3.0.2cvs88
2007-10-18 Colin Leroy2007-10-18 [colin] 3.0.2cvs87
2007-10-18 Ricardo Mones2007-10-18 [mones] 3.0.2cvs86
2007-10-18 Paul Mangan2007-10-18 [paul] 3.0.2cvs85
2007-10-18 Colin Leroy2007-10-18 [colin] 3.0.2cvs84
2007-10-18 Colin Leroy2007-10-18 [colin] 3.0.2cvs83
2007-10-18 Colin Leroy2007-10-18 [colin] 3.0.2cvs82
2007-10-18 Paul Manganthin down current ChangeLog by moving older entries...
2007-10-18 Paul Mangan2007-10-18 [paul] 3.0.2cvs81
2007-10-18 Paul Mangancorrect 3.0.2cvs78 ChangeLog entry
2007-10-17 Colin Leroy2007-10-17 [colin] 3.0.2cvs80
2007-10-17 Tristan Chabredier2007-10-17 [wwp] 3.0.2cvs79
2007-10-17 Tristan Chabredier2007-10-17 [wwp] 3.0.2cvs78
2007-10-17 Tristan ChabredierGrmbl, forgot to use commitHelper for 3.0.2cvs77.
2007-10-17 Tristan ChabredierReworked the plugin window layouts, patch by Pawel...
2007-10-15 Colin Leroy2007-10-15 [colin] 3.0.2cvs76
2007-10-15 Colin Leroy2007-10-15 [colin] 3.0.2cvs75
2007-10-15 Colin Leroy2007-10-15 [colin] 3.0.2cvs74
2007-10-14 Colin Leroy2007-10-14 [colin] 3.0.2cvs73
2007-10-14 Colin Leroy2007-10-14 [colin] 3.0.2cvs72
2007-10-14 Colin Leroy2007-10-14 [colin] 3.0.2cvs71
2007-10-13 Colin Leroy2007-10-13 [colin] 3.0.2cvs70
2007-10-13 Colin Leroy2007-10-13 [colin] 3.0.2cvs69
2007-10-13 Colin Leroy2007-10-13 [colin] 3.0.2cvs68
2007-10-13 Paul Mangan2007-10-13 [paul] 3.0.2cvs67
2007-10-13 Paul Mangan2007-10-13 [paul] 3.0.2cvs66
2007-10-12 Colin Leroy2007-10-12 [colin] 3.0.2cvs65
2007-10-12 Paul Mangan2007-10-12 [paul] 3.0.2cvs64
2007-10-11 Colin Leroy2007-10-11 [colin] 3.0.2cvs63
2007-10-11 Ricardo Mones2007-10-11 [mones] 3.0.2cvs62
2007-10-11 Tristan Chabredier2007-10-11 [wwp] 3.0.2cvs61
2007-10-11 Tristan Chabredier2007-10-11 [wwp] 3.0.2cvs60
2007-10-11 Tristan Chabredier2007-10-11 [wwp] 3.0.2cvs59
2007-10-11 Colin LeroyFix commit of two different things without telling
2007-10-11 Colin Leroy2007-10-11 [colin] 3.0.2cvs58
2007-10-10 Paul Mangan2007-10-10 [paul] 3.0.2cvs57
2007-10-10 Colin Leroy2007-10-10 [colin] 3.0.2cvs56
2007-10-10 Colin Leroy2007-10-10 [colin] 3.0.2cvs55
2007-10-10 Paul Mangan2007-10-10 [paul] 3.0.2cvs54
2007-10-10 Colin Leroy2007-10-10 [colin] 3.0.2cvs53