2014-06-05 Colin LeroyCorrect fix for the memmove
2014-06-05 Colin LeroyWrong fix
2014-06-05 Colin LeroyFix wrong binary logic
2014-06-05 Colin LeroyCoverity fixes
2014-06-05 Colin LeroyCoverity fixes
2014-06-05 Colin LeroyFinish previous fix
2014-06-05 Colin LeroyCoverity fixes
2014-06-05 Colin LeroyFix missing NULL checks
2014-06-05 Colin LeroyFix Coverity issues
2014-06-05 Colin LeroyFix g_stat return value unchecked
2014-06-05 Colin LeroyFix missing mutex accessing _displayQueue_
2014-06-05 Colin LeroyFix off-by-one
2014-06-05 Colin LeroyAnother wrong free
2014-06-05 Colin LeroyFix another use-after-free
2014-06-05 Colin LeroyDon't close FILE we don't own
2014-06-05 Colin LeroyFix use after free
2014-06-05 Colin Leroyfix wrong fuzzies
2014-06-05 Colin LeroyReintegrate RSSyl's don't-mark-as-unread translations...
2014-06-03 Ricardo MonesProbable fix for Debian bug 730050 “vcalendar plugin...
2014-06-03 Paulfix bug 3170, 'QuickSearch fights with View/Hide read...
2014-06-03 Paulimplement RFC 3196, 'When changing quicksearch Search...
2014-06-02 Colin Leroyfix wrong gnuTLS: yes when no.
2014-06-02 Colin LeroyCheck for GnuTLS >= 2.11 only if we have GnuTLS >= 2.2
2014-06-02 Colin LeroyFix another uninitialized variable (and make things...
2014-06-02 Colin LeroyFix uninitialized variable
2014-06-01 Andrej KacianRevert commit dc6d8a1 to restore correct meaning of...
2014-06-01 Colin LeroyDeduplicate three identical functions
2014-06-01 Andrej KacianRemove unused code blocks in procheader.c.
2014-06-01 Fabian KeilFix bug #3201 "Fix memory corruption in sc_html_read_li...
2014-06-01 Paulde.po update by Thomas Bellman
2014-05-31 Andrej KacianCheck for existence of xmlNode namespace, to prevent...
2014-05-31 Andrej KacianWhen parsing RSS 2.0, ignore <link> tags with a namespa...
2014-05-31 Colin LeroyAdd string, thanks to Genghis
2014-05-31 Colin LeroyFix spacing in Folderview if the font is far from the...
2014-05-31 Colin LeroyAdd new string
2014-05-30 Colin LeroyFix stupid uses of sizeof(), thanks to
2014-05-30 Colin LeroyFix bug #2728, "erroneous switching from one to three...
2014-05-30 Colin LeroyMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2014-05-30 Colin LeroyAdd the new string
2014-05-30 Colin LeroyAdd sk string
2014-05-30 Ricardo MonesUpdate Spanish translation for 3.10.1
2014-05-30 Colin LeroyAdd new string
2014-05-30 Colin LeroyAdd new string
2014-05-30 Colin LeroyAdd new string for nl
2014-05-30 Colin LeroyAdd new string
2014-05-30 Paulfix 2 fatal errors in eo.po
2014-05-30 PaulEsperanto update from Fredrick Brennan
2014-05-29 Paulupdate Frederico Goncalves Guimaraes's (pt_BR translato...
2014-05-28 Ricardo MonesFix “File (null) doesn't exist” error dialog
2014-05-28 Colin LeroyAdd a per-account preference to allow automatically...
2014-05-28 Colin LeroyFix the race fix, now preventing the compose window...
2014-05-28 PaulGerman translation, updated by Thomas Bellmann
2014-05-27 Colin LeroyAdd Actions (fixes the standard hence implementable...
2014-05-27 Colin LeroyAutomatically set gtk-auto-mnemonics on Win32; fixes...
2014-05-27 Ricardo MonesManpage: update COPYRIGHT, add LICENSE section
2014-05-27 Colin LeroyRelicence this file so it is Debian-shippable.
2014-05-26 Colin LeroyFix GCond use with newer Glib
2014-05-26 Pauladded Esperanto and re-instated Dutch
2014-05-26 Paulrelease 3.10.0 3.10.0
2014-05-26 Colin LeroyFix bold font not being derived from normal font, but...
2014-05-26 Paulupdate translations
2014-05-26 Ricardo MonesFix desktop file reference
2014-05-25 Colin LeroyFix wording, thanks to Paul!
2014-05-25 Colin LeroyAdded appdata helper file -
2014-05-25 Ricardo MonesOops, no relation with this
2014-05-25 Ricardo MonesSome other minor license fixes
2014-05-25 Ricardo MonesRestore licensing for embedded libical
2014-05-25 Ricardo MonesAdd missing copyright notices to m4 files
2014-05-25 Ricardo MonesUpdate licensing for files
2014-05-23 Colin LeroyBetter place to remove the draft callback, where we...
2014-05-23 Colin LeroyRemove draft_timeout_tag too before destroying
2014-05-23 Colin LeroyFix crash with auto-indent
2014-05-22 wwpAdd g_utf8_substring function for compiling with GLIB...
2014-05-22 Colin LeroyBetter solution than a global function call, use our...
2014-05-22 Colin LeroyConstify messageview_get_msgview_list()
2014-05-22 Colin LeroyFix bug #2447, "Compose window crashes if moving a...
2014-05-22 Colin LeroyFix bug #2238, "Incorrect undo/redo operations after...
2014-05-22 Colin LeroyFix Undo after wrapping a paragraph, which undid every...
2014-05-22 Colin LeroyFix bug #2179, "Improve quotation wrapping support...
2014-05-22 Colin LeroyAvoid using gtk_widget_set_style(), so these widgets...
2014-05-22 Ricardo MonesLicensing review for translation files
2014-05-22 Colin LeroyFix missing end-of-string
2014-05-20 Colin LeroyFix leak
2014-05-20 Colin LeroyPossibly fix bug #3169, threaded message list performan...
2014-05-20 Ricardo MonesSync Spanish manual with 76e5ce47, be94ad0a and a9a242b2
2014-05-20 Ricardo MonesOne channel is singular
2014-05-19 Colin LeroySync missing hidden prefs
2014-05-19 Colin LeroyUpdate french manual (plugins)
2014-05-19 Paulreword note about training bogofilter
2014-05-19 Colin LeroyRemove mention of ircNet
2014-05-19 Colin LeroyAdd note about Fancy & remote content
2014-05-19 Colin LeroyAdd a note about bogo's initial learning
2014-05-19 Ricardo MonesRevert "Remove unnecesary file with required autoconf...
2014-05-19 Ricardo MonesFix typo, thanks wwp!
2014-05-19 Ricardo MonesRemove unnecesary file with required autoconf version
2014-05-18 Colin LeroyFix bug 3039 more - Why read line by line?
2014-05-18 Colin LeroyFix bug 3039, very long parsing time in HTML email...
2014-05-16 Paulsome minor improvements in English usage
2014-05-16 Paulremove no-longer-needed fast_strftime()
2014-05-15 Colin LeroyDon't enter draft folders when navigating to next unrea...