2005-08-03 Colin Leroy2005-08-03 [colin] 1.9.13cvs12
2005-08-03 Colin Leroy2005-08-03 [colin] 1.9.13cvs11
2005-08-03 Paul Mangan2005-08-03 [paul] 1.9.13cvs10
2005-08-03 Colin Leroy2005-08-03 [colin] 1.9.13cvs9
2005-08-02 Colin Leroy2005-08-02 [colin] 1.9.13cvs8
2005-08-02 Paul Mangan2005-08-02 [paul] 1.9.13cvs7
2005-08-02 Colin Leroy2005-08-02 [colin] 1.9.13cvs6
2005-08-02 Colin Leroy2005-08-02 [colin] 1.9.13cvs5
2005-08-01 Colin Leroy2005-08-01 [colin] 1.9.13cvs4
2005-08-01 Paul Mangan2005-08-01 [paul] 1.9.13cvs3
2005-07-25 Paul Mangan2005-07-25 [paul] 1.9.13cvs2
2005-07-24 Paul Manganpt_BR updated
2005-07-24 Paul Mangan2005-07-24 [paul] 1.9.13cvs1
2005-07-22 Paul Mangan1.9.13 release rel_1_9_13
2005-07-22 Paul Mangan2005-07-22 [paul] 1.9.12cvs91
2005-07-21 Colin Leroy2005-07-21 [colin] 1.9.12cvs90
2005-07-21 Darko Koruga2005-07-21 [darko] 1.9.12cvs89
2005-07-21 Paul Mangan2005-07-21 [paul] 1.9.12cvs88
2005-07-20 Colin Leroy2005-07-20 [colin] 1.9.12cvs87
2005-07-20 Paul Manganupdated
2005-07-20 Colin Leroy2005-07-20 [colin] 1.9.12cvs86
2005-07-19 Colin Leroy2005-07-19 [colin] 1.9.12cvs85
2005-07-19 Colin Leroy2005-07-19 [colin] 1.9.12cvs84
2005-07-19 Paul Mangan2005-07-19 [paul] 1.9.12cvs83
2005-07-19 Paul Mangan2005-07-19 [paul] 1.9.12cvs82
2005-07-19 Colin Leroy2005-07-19 [colin] 1.9.12cvs81
2005-07-19 Paul Mangan2005-07-19 [paul] 1.9.12cvs80
2005-07-18 Colin Leroy2005-07-18 [colin] 1.9.12cvs79
2005-07-18 Colin Leroy2005-07-18 [colin] 1.9.12cvs78
2005-07-18 Paul Mangan2005-07-18 [paul] 1.9.12cvs77
2005-07-17 Paul Mangan2005-07-17 [paul] 1.9.12cvs76
2005-07-17 Colin Leroy2005-07-17 [colin] 1.9.12cvs75
2005-07-17 Colin Leroy2005-07-17 [colin] 1.9.12cvs74
2005-07-17 Colin Leroy2005-07-17 [colin] 1.9.12cvs73
2005-07-17 Colin Leroy2005-07-17 [colin] 1.9.12cvs72
2005-07-17 Paul Mangan2005-07-17 [paul] 1.9.12cvs71
2005-07-17 Paul Mangan2005-07-17 [paul] 1.9.12cvs70
2005-07-16 Colin Leroy2005-07-16 [colin] 1.9.12cvs69
2005-07-16 Colin Leroy2005-07-16 [colin] 1.9.12cvs68
2005-07-16 Colin Leroy2005-07-16 [colin] 1.9.12cvs67
2005-07-16 Colin Leroy2005-07-16 [colin] 1.9.12cvs66
2005-07-16 Colin Leroy2005-07-16 [colin] 1.9.12cvs65
2005-07-15 Colin Leroy2005-07-15 [colin] 1.9.12cvs64
2005-07-15 Colin Leroy2005-07-15 [colin] 1.9.12cvs63
2005-07-15 Colin Leroy2005-07-15 [colin] 1.9.12cvs62
2005-07-15 Colin Leroy2005-07-15 [colin] 1.9.12cvs61
2005-07-15 Colin Leroy2005-07-15 [colin] 1.9.12cvs60
2005-07-15 Hoà Viêt Dinh2005-07-15 [hoa] 1.9.12cvs59
2005-07-15 Paul Mangan2005-07-15 [paul] 1.9.12cvs58
2005-07-15 Paul Mangan2005-07-15 [paul] 1.9.12cvs57
2005-07-15 Paul Mangan2005-07-15 [paul] 1.9.12cvs56
2005-07-15 Paul Mangan2005-07-15 [paul] 1.9.12cvs55
2005-07-15 Colin Leroy2005-07-15 [colin] 1.9.12cvs54
2005-07-15 Paul Mangan2005-07-15 [paul] 1.9.12cvs53
2005-07-14 Colin Leroy2005-07-14 [colin] 1.9.12cvs52
2005-07-14 Colin Leroyoops, forgot it.
2005-07-14 Colin Leroy2005-07-14 [colin] 1.9.12cvs51
2005-07-14 Hoà Viêt Dinh2005-07-14 [hoa] 1.9.12cvs50
2005-07-14 Colin Leroyadd .cvsignore
2005-07-14 Colin Leroy2005-07-14 [colin] 1.9.12cvs49
2005-07-14 Paul Mangan2005-07-14 [paul] 1.9.12cvs48
2005-07-14 Paul Mangan2005-07-14 [paul] 1.9.12cvs47
2005-07-13 Paul Mangan2005-07-13 [paul] 1.9.12cvs46
2005-07-13 Paul Mangan2005-07-13 [paul] 1.9.12cvs45
2005-07-13 Paul Mangan2005-07-13 [paul] 1.9.12cvs44
2005-07-13 Colin Leroy2005-07-13 [colin] 1.9.12cvs43
2005-07-13 Colin Leroy2005-07-13 [colin] 1.9.12cvs42
2005-07-13 Colin Leroy2005-07-13 [colin] 1.9.12cvs41
2005-07-13 Colin Leroy2005-07-13 [colin] 1.9.12cvs40
2005-07-12 Paul Mangan2005-07-12 [paul] 1.9.12cvs39
2005-07-12 Colin Leroy2005-07-12 [colin] 1.9.12cvs38
2005-07-12 Paul Mangan2005-07-12 [paul] 1.9.12cvs37
2005-07-11 Colin Leroy2005-07-11 [colin] 1.9.12cvs36
2005-07-11 Paul Mangan2005-07-11 [paul] 1.9.12cvs35
2005-07-11 Paul Mangan2005-07-11 [paul] 1.9.12cvs34
2005-07-10 Hoà Viêt Dinh2005-07-10 [hoa] 1.9.12cvs33
2005-07-10 Colin Leroy2005-07-10 [colin] 1.9.12cvs32
2005-07-09 Hoà Viêt Dinh2005-07-09 [hoa] 1.9.12cvs31
2005-07-08 Colin LeroyAdd details to ease up release notes
2005-07-08 Colin Leroy2005-07-08 [colin] 1.9.12cvs30
2005-07-08 Colin Leroyoops, wrong bug
2005-07-08 Colin Leroy2005-07-08 [colin] 1.9.12cvs29
2005-07-07 Colin Leroy2005-07-07 [colin] 1.9.12cvs28
2005-07-07 Darko Koruga2005-07-07 [darko] 1.9.12cvs27
2005-07-06 Colin Leroy2005-07-06 [colin] 1.9.12cvs26
2005-07-06 Colin Leroy2005-07-06 [colin] 1.9.12cvs25
2005-07-06 Colin Leroy2005-07-06 [colin] 1.9.12cvs24
2005-07-06 Colin Leroy2005-07-06 [colin] 1.9.12cvs23
2005-07-05 Colin Leroy2005-07-05 [colin] 1.9.12cvs22
2005-07-05 Colin Leroy2005-07-05 [colin] 1.9.12cvs21
2005-07-05 Colin Leroy2005-07-05 [colin] 1.9.12cvs20
2005-07-04 Colin Leroy2005-07-04 [colin] 1.9.12cvs19
2005-07-04 Colin Leroy2005-07-04 [colin] 1.9.12cvs18
2005-07-04 Paul Mangan2005-07-04 [paul] 1.9.12cvs17
2005-07-04 Paul Mangan2005-07-04 [paul] 1.9.12cvs16
2005-07-04 Paul Mangan2005-07-04 [paul] 1.9.12cvs15
2005-07-04 Colin Leroy2005-07-04 [colin] 1.9.12cvs14
2005-07-04 Colin Leroy2005-07-04 [colin] 1.9.12cvs13
2005-07-04 Hoà Viêt Dinh2005-07-04 [hoa] 1.9.12cvs12
2005-07-03 Colin LeroyFix PATCHSETS. Hoa: this is the reason commitHelper...