9 hours ago Paulremove two unnecessary lines added in last commit master
10 hours ago Paulfix bug 4658, 'Headers unfolded incorrectly in message...
2 days ago Pauladd spam stats to session stats
5 days ago Michael RasmussenFix for bug #4300 again. Initially committer Andrej...
2023-01-19 wwpFix duplicate menu shortcut (thanks to JP Guillonneau)
2023-01-05 Paulre-add the mistakenly removed quick method of unsetting...
2023-01-04 Ricardo MonesFix CID 1518897
2023-01-03 Ricardo MonesFix minor issues on new start-up folder feature
2023-01-02 Paulbump the year
2023-01-02 Pauladd an easy way to open any folder on start-up
2022-12-30 Paulremove obsolete /dev/mem_notify stuff
2022-12-15 Ricardo MonesImprove naming and summary messages
2022-12-15 Ricardo MonesAdd debug calls to configure summary
2022-12-15 Ricardo MonesExclude LDAP debug functions unless requested
2022-12-13 Paulfix 3476a5c7e4a7e77ccd474efac6a7156df973db1e (thanks...
2022-12-12 Ricardo MonesRemove unused function statusbar_print()
2022-12-10 Paulwhen changing quicsearch type update history list
2022-12-03 Ricardo MonesRemove unnecessary definitions and calls
2022-11-28 Jonathan BoeingUse libetpan CFLAGS for header check
2022-11-28 Jonathan BoeingUse AX_FUNC_MKDIR from autoconf-archive
2022-11-28 Jonathan BoeingReplace u32 with guint32
2022-11-28 Jonathan BoeingRemove unused m4 files
2022-11-28 Jonathan BoeingMake m4 an EXTRA_DIST rather than a SUBDIR
2022-11-28 Jonathan BoeingImprove cross-compile compatibility of GPGME check
2022-11-26 Ricardo MonesDon't include unused debug functions in binary
2022-11-21 Pauldon't attempt to build the perl plugin if ExtUtils...
2022-11-21 Paulput web_extensions/ at the same level as plugins/ so...
2022-11-19 Ricardo MonesRemove unused function setup()
2022-11-08 Michael RasmussenFix POP3 using OAuth2 to handle Microsoft POP3 OAuth2...
2022-11-08 Paulfix bug where, when starting with msgview hidden, toggl...
2022-11-03 wwpFix bug 4491: address autocompletion list does not...
2022-11-02 Paulremove (now ex-)German treanslator's email address...
2022-10-27 Ricardo MonesRaise glib version requirement to 2.50 again
2022-10-24 Ricardo MonesAllow building vCalendar without ExtUtils::Embed
2022-10-24 Ricardo MonesFix 4645: fails to check for perl-ExtUtils::Embed
2022-10-24 Paulupdate team data
2022-10-24 Paulfix copy/paste error in last commit
2022-10-24 Pauluse GLib 2.66 when available
2022-10-22 Michael RasmussenSince g_uri_peek_scheme requires GLib 2.66 replace...
2022-10-20 Paulfor release 4.1.1 4.1.1
2022-10-20 Paulfix bold_marked
2022-10-20 wwpUpdate the French manual (hidden prefs).
2022-10-20 Paulclean up check for valgrind
2022-10-20 Paulcheck for return value when setting G_MESSAGES_DEBUG
2022-10-20 Jonathan BoeingDon't load Fancy if the Web Extension isn't found
2022-10-19 Paulupdate translations
2022-10-19 PaulPolish update by Łukasz Wojniłowicz
2022-10-19 Paulshow the debug output
2022-10-19 Jonathan Boeingfix bug 4630, 'Fancy loads remote images when remote...
2022-10-19 Paulfix bug where NNTP account's SMTP server wasn't used
2022-10-18 Ricardo MonesRemove duplicated entry
2022-10-17 Michael RasmussenUse define for gnutls-priority instead of hard coded...
2022-10-17 Michael RasmussenHandle non-ascii characters in server response. Fixes...
2022-10-17 Ricardo MonesUpdate TLDs for release
2022-10-16 Ricardo MonesUpdate Spanish translation
2022-10-16 Ricardo MonesFix frame label alignment to match other prefs
2022-10-16 wwpUpdate French translation.
2022-10-15 Jonathan BoeingAdd pkgconfig support for gpgme and libgpg-error
2022-10-15 Jonathan BoeingRemove some m4 cruft
2022-10-15 Michael RasmussenDo not use a hard coded value for socket timeout. Use...
2022-10-09 Pauldifferentiate this "Send" from others for better transl...
2022-10-09 Jonathan BoeingFix building on Windows
2022-10-05 Paulremove text about modifying keyboard shortcuts
2022-09-25 wwpFix bug 4628: typos in the README file, patch by Andrea...
2022-09-23 Ricardo MonesModernize
2022-09-20 Pauldisable the cache
2022-09-19 Ricardo MonesSync 'bold_marked' to the Spanish manual
2022-09-19 Paulcorrection: 'bold_marked' is off by default
2022-09-19 Pauladd 'bold_marked' entry to manual
2022-09-19 Pauloptionally (via hidden pref) use bold font in summaryvi...
2022-09-12 Ricardo MonesFix unchecked access to pointer
2022-09-11 Ricardo MonesImprove some sieve-related translations
2022-09-05 Paulcorrectly set modified flag after auto-save
2022-09-01 Paulimprove readability of symbol list
2022-08-17 wwpReview filtering logging: fix few cases to make logging...
2022-08-16 Ricardo MonesFix CID 1508488: Control flow issues (DEADCODE)
2022-08-02 Paulescape filenames to fix bug where filenames would not...
2022-08-01 Paulfix bug 4620, 'German translation of Content-Transfer...
2022-07-28 Paulgive an appropriate error msg when disallowing a colon...
2022-07-28 Ricardo MonesMake custom headers compliant with RFC 2822 § 3.6
2022-07-24 Paulforgotten capitalisation
2022-07-24 Paulthe features list is supposed to be in alphabetical...
2022-07-24 Paulno-one can say IPv6 is new these days, so we won't...
2022-07-24 Paulmake oauth2 depend on gnutls at build time, but add...
2022-07-23 Paulfix bug 4547, '--enable-tests makes compilation fail'
2022-07-23 Paulfix some warnings when building with --disable-gnutls
2022-07-23 Paulfix bug 4615, 'Compilation fails with --disable-gnutls'
2022-07-23 Michael RasmussenRevert redirect URL to
2022-07-23 Paulremove unused variable
2022-07-20 Ricardo MonesRemove GTK3 deprecated calls from printing
2022-07-13 Paulin the summaryview tooltip, show name+addr
2022-06-22 Paulfix 'save all' dialogues
2022-06-22 Paulmake the external editor error msg more useful and...
2022-06-15 Michael RasmussenFix building on FreeBSD
2022-06-08 Ricardo MonesMake OAuth2 displayed results translatable…
2022-06-05 Ricardo MonesRemove more unused macros
2022-06-05 Ricardo MonesRemove unused macro
2022-05-27 Michael RasmussenFix CID 1504479 and 1504581
2022-05-27 Michael RasmussenFix CID 1504580
2022-05-27 Colin Leroy-MiraUse localhost instead of for Microsoft Oauth2