2021-05-27 paulfix bug 4483, 'cannot open certain links anymore' master
2021-05-24 Colin LeroyFix email detection on dnd with large headers
2021-05-24 Colin LeroyFix possible double free
2021-05-24 Colin LeroyFix use after free
2021-05-23 Paulharden link checker before accepting click
2021-05-17 Ricardo MonesFix Bug 4473: segmentation fault opening Libravatar...
2021-05-10 Ricardo MonesUpdate Spanish translation
2021-05-04 Thorsten MaerzAllow compilation from outside source directory (2)
2021-04-30 Thorsten MaerzAllow compilation from outside source directory
2021-04-23 Ricardo MonesFix bug 4447: --enable-deprecated and --disable-depreca...
2021-04-21 PaulMake fancy respect default font size for messageview
2021-04-21 paulfix bug 4445, 'Draft folder on shared storage does...
2021-04-21 paulleave summaryview as is when opening quicksearch bar
2021-04-16 wwpReplace OAUTH2 with OAuth2 in the UI when it's not...
2021-04-16 wwpReplace OAUTH2 with OAuth2 in the UI when it's not...
2021-04-16 wwpMake sure we remove leading and trailing spaces from...
2021-04-16 wwpRemove extra trailing space from label text.
2021-04-15 paulmove the OAUTH2 page above the Advanced page
2021-04-15 paulreword label
2021-04-15 paulmigrate use_apop_auth to new config
2021-04-15 paulonly activate the Authroize button when the Authorizati...
2021-04-15 wwpFix wrong gtk3 call in oauth2 backports to master.
2021-04-15 pauloauth2: add a 'Copy link' button
2021-04-15 paulreduce the required horizontal space by eliminating...
2021-04-14 Michael RasmussenAdd tooltip for entering authorization code oauth2
2021-04-14 Michael RasmussenFix last issue - complete oauth2 code
2021-04-14 Michael RasmussenMerge branch 'master' into oauth2
2021-04-10 Thorsten MaerzRe-enable keyboard after address completion
2021-03-29 Michael RasmussenMerge branch 'master' into oauth2
2021-03-29 paulwe don't need my name here
2021-03-29 paulmairix doc updates. thanks to H.Merijn Brand
2021-03-29 paulrevert commit b0cdffc33ff9c292c480f5c24d81d2d3eea05058...
2021-03-27 Michael RasmussenMerge branch 'master' into oauth2
2021-03-27 paulalso show clip icon in summaryview for inline attachments
2021-03-19 Michael RasmussenMerge branch 'master' into oauth2
2021-03-19 wwpAdapt/merge 816c08b9c5b0b71549a794398bd2eed02530ca99...
2021-03-19 Thorsten MaerzAdd missing functions to plugins claws.def
2021-03-19 Jonathan BoeingUse fclose() on FILE instead of close()
2021-03-17 Michael RasmussenFix merge conflict
2021-03-17 Paulfix conflict
2021-03-17 paulfix bug 4326 'Xft.dpi != 96 messes with text display...
2021-03-16 Michael RasmussenMerge branch 'master' into oauth2
2021-03-16 Ricardo MonesFix segfault invoking function from python code
2021-03-15 paulwelcome back Thorsten
2021-03-15 Michael RasmussenFix spelling bug
2021-03-15 Michael RasmussenRefactor last commit to apply all SSL settings before...
2021-03-14 Michael RasmussenFix bug where auto accept valid certs was not used
2021-03-14 Michael RasmussenMerge branch 'master' into oauth2
2021-03-09 Paulenable external editor on windows. patch by Thorsten...
2021-03-09 Michael RasmussenMerge branch 'master' into oauth2
2021-03-09 Jonathan BoeingDouble-buffer row drawing in gtkcmctree
2021-03-09 paulfix typo. Thanks to Thorsten Maerz
2021-03-07 Michael RasmussenMerge branch 'master' into oauth2
2021-03-07 paulupdate team list
2021-03-06 Michael RasmussenAdd support for auth token from Yahoo and Google
2021-03-05 Michael RasmussenMerge branch 'master' into oauth2
2021-03-05 Michael RasmussenFix bug #4455
2021-03-05 paulbetter fix for debian bug #983778
2021-03-02 paulfix debian bug #983778, 'Segfault on selecting empty...
2021-03-01 Michael RasmussenAdd functionality to parse response URL from authorizat...
2021-02-26 Michael RasmussenFix to prevent change password if OAUTH2 is not used...
2021-02-25 Michael RasmussenAdd oauth2 version 5
2021-02-25 Michael Rasmussenadd basic type which only requires nickname and email...
2021-02-16 wwpFix bug #2411: quicksearch_history content partially...
2021-02-16 wwpFix bug #2411: quicksearch_history content partially...
2021-02-15 wwpPrefix internal macro names to avoid clash with winsock...
2021-01-29 paulallow 'remove references' when re-editing a msg
2021-01-29 Paulfix WM's X button causing key fetch attempt
2021-01-26 Paulallow manual fetch of missing gpg key using WKD
2021-01-26 Paulfix bug 4431, 'folder chmod doesn't affect .claws_mark...
2021-01-16 Paulupdate man page
2021-01-16 Michael Rasmussenuse g_get_user_runtime_dir for claws-mail socket dir...
2021-01-11 Paulupdate copyright year and team list
2020-12-30 Paulrework image viewer
2020-12-30 paulmake the quicksearch clear button more active and useful
2020-12-22 Paulfix info
2020-12-02 Pauladd midsing 'model'; eliminate use of raw number
2020-12-01 Pauldon't get a fright when encountering an unknown Content...
2020-11-13 PaulMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2020-11-13 Paulremove unnecessary cm_return_val_if_fail()
2020-11-05 wwpFix a typo.
2020-11-03 paulfix sometimes crasher in vcalendar_get_current_item()
2020-10-24 wwpReworked fixing unsecure command-line invocation in...
2020-10-22 Paulfix bug 4394, 'folder processing runs on startup even...
2020-10-20 PaulFace's are also saved from here: complete last commit
2020-10-20 Pauladd option to avoid Face images being saved to addrbook
2020-10-19 Paulfor release 3.17.8 3.17.8
2020-10-19 wwpSync French manual translation (enable_swap_from descri...
2020-10-19 wwpShield template's |program{} and |attach_program{}...
2020-10-17 Ricardo MonesRemove unused defines
2020-10-17 Ricardo MonesSync Spanish manual translation
2020-10-15 wwpUse a correct buffer size here (BUFFSIZE), PATH_MAX...
2020-10-15 Paulput the correct description of enable_swap_from
2020-10-15 wwpUse PATH_MAX instead of a hard-coded 256 path limit.
2020-10-02 Paulupdate donations URI
2020-10-01 Paulfix bug 4376, 'Litehtml breaks locale'
2020-09-28 Paulfor release 3.17.7 3.17.7
2020-09-28 Paulupdated translations
2020-09-28 Paulfix bug 4372, [pl_PL] Crash after 'Send later' without...
2020-09-25 Paulfix bug 4384, 'U+00AD (soft hyphen) changed to space...