17 hours ago Ricardo MonesRename also “Color label” to “Color labels” master
17 hours ago Ricardo MonesRename grouping menu option “Mark” to “Marks”
5 days ago Ricardo MonesDistinguish messages and remove unnecessary goto
12 days ago Jonathan BoeingFix building on non-X11 systems
2023-11-21 Paulif cmd is invalid, NULL it
2023-11-20 Paulfor release 4.2.0 4.2.0
2023-11-20 Paulupdated translations by David Medina, David Vachulka...
2023-11-20 Pauladd missing file
2023-11-19 Ricardo MonesUpdate TLDs for release
2023-11-17 Paulfix bug 4361, 'Embedding external editor crashes Claws...
2023-11-16 wwpUpdate French translation.
2023-11-15 Ricardo MonesUpdate Spanish translation
2023-11-10 Ricardo MonesMore parentheses for yet another warning
2023-11-10 Ricardo MonesAdd parentheses to fix warning
2023-11-05 Pauldon't build or distribute the gdata plugin
2023-11-05 Jonathan BoeingFix -Wstringop-truncation warnings
2023-11-05 Jonathan BoeingFix size_t format specifier warning
2023-11-05 Jonathan BoeingFix -Wunused-result warnings from g_string_free()
2023-11-03 Ricardo MonesDisable stack execution on plugins
2023-10-26 Paulfix CID 1548056: Error handling issues
2023-10-26 Paulplug leaks
2023-10-25 Paulno longer allow installing or removing system themes
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingReplace over_element() with upstream's get_over_element()
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingUpdate LiteHTML sources
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingSync with api changes
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingBuild fixes
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingUse custom get_default_font_size() and _name()
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingUse upstream font functions
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingSync with master_css changes
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingString api updates
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingSync with litehtml v0.7
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingSync with litehtml v0.7
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingMove functions back to container_linux.cpp
2023-10-17 wwpURIs may contain the '$' dollar sign (fix broken syntax).
2023-10-17 wwpURIs may contain the '$' dollar sign.
2023-09-24 Paulwhen queueing or drafting a msg with an attachment...
2023-09-21 wwpUpdated quicksearch mini-doc in README file, sorted...
2023-09-21 wwpremove support for the 'y S' quicksearch expression...
2023-09-21 wwpfix using a custom header in found_in_addressbook match...
2023-09-21 wwpfix bug 4700, 'Add v H V search shortcut'
2023-09-21 Paula more nuanced sensitivity is needed
2023-09-21 Paulallow building the litehtml plugin with libgumbo >...
2023-09-21 Pauldon't fail to build if we don't have gumbo >= 0.12...
2023-09-20 Michael RasmussenMissed removing comment ,dnl disabled by default'
2023-09-20 Michael RasmussenBuild litehtml_viewer-plugin by default if gumbo2 found
2023-09-19 Paulupdate AUTHORS file
2023-09-18 Michael RasmussenUpdate on-disk tokens as well when in-memory tokens...
2023-09-12 Paulfix bug 4637, 'Segmentation fault when using SUMMARY...
2023-08-24 Paulonly build litehtml_viewer plugin if explicitly instructed
2023-08-23 Ricardo MonesDon't link unused function with newer encryption
2023-08-22 Ricardo MonesFix three warnings in do_pix_draw()
2023-08-18 Paulfix bug 4693, 'Hang and crash when enable disable SVG...
2023-08-18 Paulwhen redirecting, disable queueing because re-editing...
2023-08-17 Pauluse the statusbar to show that expunge is happening
2023-08-12 Pauladd RFE 4686, 'use gtk native filechooser'
2023-08-11 Pauladd newly updated (almost complete) Portuguese translat...
2023-08-09 Paulfix bug 4618, 'Rate limit by remote breaks queued/marke...
2023-08-09 Paulremove the arbitrary paste restriction, which could...
2023-07-09 Andreas OberritterAdd support for SCRAM-SHA-{224,256,384,512} authenticat...
2023-06-24 Ricardo MonesFix five constness related warnings
2023-06-24 Paulallow saving attachments only, without other msg parts
2023-06-09 wwpFix CID 1532282.
2023-06-08 Paulfix bug 4679, 'The correct date header is interpreted...
2023-06-03 Ricardo MonesFix error creation and warning
2023-05-26 Paulfix coverity issue CID 1530431: Memory - illegal acces...
2023-05-25 Paulrecognise font/* and chemical/* mime types
2023-04-19 Paulfix bug 4648, 'fails to build with gcc 13'
2023-04-18 Ricardo MonesQuit searching if string became empty
2023-04-18 Paulfix bug 4670, 'To/CC incorrectly escaped with a trailin...
2023-04-09 Ricardo MonesFix new warning and complete previous commit
2023-04-09 Ricardo MonesRemove unused function warning
2023-04-07 Paulfix message which is shown when mail can't be sent
2023-03-31 Paulimage viewer: don't make the 'load image' button larger...
2023-03-31 Paulfix image viewer when not auto-loading images: fix...
2023-03-25 Sergei Trofimovichpo/ru.po: fix "text" translation
2023-03-25 Sergei Trofimovichpo/ru.po: fix "Grey" translation
2023-03-20 Pauluse the same terminology as everywhere else
2023-03-12 Ricardo MonesUpdate Spanish translation
2023-02-24 Paulremove checks for libsoup and libsoup-gnome, and remove...
2023-02-24 Paulupdate forgotten copyright headers
2023-02-24 Paulfix bug 4666, 'fancy plugin doesn't build with libwebki...
2023-02-21 Paulfix alphabetical order
2023-02-21 Paulfix bug 4664, 'OAUTH2 overwrites passwords even for...
2023-02-21 Paulcode style
2023-02-13 Pauladd spam session stats to command line output
2023-02-13 Paul(re-)initialize session spam statistics
2023-02-08 Paulremove two unnecessary lines added in last commit
2023-02-08 Paulfix bug 4658, 'Headers unfolded incorrectly in message...
2023-02-06 Pauladd spam stats to session stats
2023-02-02 Michael RasmussenFix for bug #4300 again. Initially committer Andrej...
2023-01-19 wwpFix duplicate menu shortcut (thanks to JP Guillonneau)
2023-01-05 Paulre-add the mistakenly removed quick method of unsetting...
2023-01-04 Ricardo MonesFix CID 1518897
2023-01-03 Ricardo MonesFix minor issues on new start-up folder feature
2023-01-02 Paulbump the year
2023-01-02 Pauladd an easy way to open any folder on start-up
2022-12-30 Paulremove obsolete /dev/mem_notify stuff
2022-12-15 Ricardo MonesImprove naming and summary messages
2022-12-15 Ricardo MonesAdd debug calls to configure summary
2022-12-15 Ricardo MonesExclude LDAP debug functions unless requested