6 days ago wwpReworked fixing unsecure command-line invocation in... master
8 days ago Paulfix bug 4394, 'folder processing runs on startup even...
10 days ago PaulFace's are also saved from here: complete last commit
10 days ago Pauladd option to avoid Face images being saved to addrbook
11 days ago Paulfor release 3.17.8 3.17.8
11 days ago wwpSync French manual translation (enable_swap_from descri...
11 days ago wwpShield template's |program{} and |attach_program{}...
13 days ago Ricardo MonesRemove unused defines
13 days ago Ricardo MonesSync Spanish manual translation
2020-10-15 wwpUse a correct buffer size here (BUFFSIZE), PATH_MAX...
2020-10-15 Paulput the correct description of enable_swap_from
2020-10-15 wwpUse PATH_MAX instead of a hard-coded 256 path limit.
2020-10-02 Paulupdate donations URI
2020-10-01 Paulfix bug 4376, 'Litehtml breaks locale'
2020-09-28 Paulfor release 3.17.7 3.17.7
2020-09-28 Paulupdated translations
2020-09-28 Paulfix bug 4372, [pl_PL] Crash after 'Send later' without...
2020-09-25 Paulfix bug 4384, 'U+00AD (soft hyphen) changed to space...
2020-09-25 PaulMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2020-09-25 Charles E. LehnerAllow Sieve config without userid without warning
2020-09-15 Ricardo MonesRemove warning with poppler 0.90 and greater¹
2020-09-15 Ricardo MonesUpdate Spanish translation
2020-09-13 wwpUpdate the French translation.
2020-09-13 Paulmore litehtml_viewer strings to translate
2020-09-13 Paulinclude litehtml_viewer in translations
2020-09-13 Werner Kochfix segv in address completion with a keyring
2020-09-08 wwpReformat XML (indent), fix typos, untranslated words...
2020-09-08 Paulkeep gcc from grumbling
2020-09-08 Paulwhen fitting image to its max width, take into account...
2020-09-08 wwpReformat XML files.
2020-09-08 wwpFix missing space in command-line example.
2020-09-08 wwpFix encoding value in XML file.
2020-09-06 wwpUpdated the manual (EN, FR), WRT to bug 4313 resolution...
2020-09-06 wwpFix bug 4313 "Recursion stack overflow with rebuilding...
2020-08-21 Ricardo MonesAdd new styles supported: Robohash and Pagan
2020-08-21 Ricardo MonesRestore behaviour of missing image mode "None"
2020-08-19 Paulremove inappropriate and unnecessary Help button from...
2020-08-19 wwpFix parsing of command-line arguments:
2020-08-19 wwpAdd missing SSL settings copy when cloning accounts.
2020-08-19 Paulfix bugs 4373, 'attach mailto URI double free' and...
2020-08-17 Paulimprove image display, particularly for large images...
2020-08-04 Ricardo MonesHarmonise GUI maximum value with libspamc's one
2020-07-14 wwpUse pre-defined make variables instead of hardcoded...
2020-07-13 Paulfor release 3.17.6 3.17.6
2020-07-13 Paulfix STARTTLS protocol violation
2020-07-12 Paulpl.po updated again
2020-07-12 Paulupdated by Χάρης Καραχριστιανίδης and Jakub Jankiewicz...
2020-07-11 Paulwarn about privacy system 'none' and auto sign/encrypt...
2020-07-11 Paulwhen redirecting make encrypt and sign buttons inactive...
2020-07-08 Ricardo MonesReverse default value when building with NLS
2020-06-24 Holger BerndtNotification plugin: Add timeout to hide-on-startup...
2020-06-21 Ricardo MonesFix bug 4220 "generates files in cache without content"
2020-06-21 Ricardo MonesFix bug 4325 "Following redirects when retrieving image"
2020-06-03 Pauladd Phishing warning when copying url
2020-05-18 Pauluse pkgconfig to check for python2 directly
2020-05-14 paulremove wonky style
2020-05-14 Paulrevert last commit, it's not needed
2020-05-14 Paulprobable fix for bug 4136 'Quick search throws bad...
2020-05-12 Paulmake the progress window more responsive when importing...
2020-05-12 Paulfix bug 4342, 'Import mbox file command doesn't work...
2020-05-09 Ricardo MonesTry to use more modern Perl
2020-05-08 Ricardo MonesAdd Greek to i18n stats
2020-05-07 Paulfix the fix
2020-05-07 Paulfix last commit
2020-05-07 Paulfix non-translation of some strings
2020-05-07 Paulallow inheriting folder prefs/properties from the move...
2020-05-05 iwkseRemove exceeding space
2020-05-05 iwkseFix some typo
2020-04-28 Paulincrease the default width of the Tags window, to accom...
2020-04-28 Paulfix fat-fingered crash when v (hiding msgview) is press...
2020-04-28 Pauladd new translator
2020-04-28 Pauladd Greek translation, by Χάρης Καραχριστιανίδης
2020-04-09 Paulfix typo
2020-03-23 Paulfix initial debug line
2020-03-19 Andrej KacianAdd missing symbols to litehtml_viewer's claws.def
2020-02-23 Paulfor release 3.17.5 3.17.5
2020-02-21 Paulupdated Traditional Chinese translation by Mark Chang
2020-02-20 Paulupdate RSSYL_DEFAULT_FEED (although unused)
2020-02-20 Paulremove defunct planet URL; add LiteHTML Viewer info...
2020-02-20 Paulupdated Slovak translation by Slavko
2020-02-18 Paulnl.po updated by Marcel Pol
2020-02-17 Paulupdate translations
2020-02-16 wwpCorrect email address.
2020-02-16 wwpUpdate French translation.
2020-02-13 Ricardo MonesUpdate Spanish translation
2020-02-11 wwpUpdate copyright year to 2020 in manual.
2020-02-11 wwpFix help about command-line arguments that do require...
2020-02-11 Paulfix bug 4305, 'goto folder UI confusing'
2020-02-11 Paulupdate to 2020
2020-01-20 Ricardo MonesPython 2 EOL: migrate to Python 3
2020-01-20 Ricardo MonesPython 2 EOL: migrate to Python 3
2020-01-20 Ricardo MonesPython 2 EOL: migrate to Python 3
2020-01-20 Ricardo MonesPython 2 EOL: migrate to Python 3
2020-01-20 Ricardo MonesRemove references to removed files
2020-01-10 wwpFix list format (the <tab> of discord).
2020-01-10 wwpUpdated contributors list.
2020-01-10 wwpRemove mark all read/unread (in current folder) entries...
2019-12-31 Paulrevert pasting images as attachments 66fccde959a1b4adde...
2019-12-31 Paulclean up all BUILT_SOURCES
2019-12-16 Paulfix bolding of target folder where target is trash