5 days ago Jonathan BoeingFix building on non-X11 systems master
10 days ago Paulif cmd is invalid, NULL it
11 days ago Paulfor release 4.2.0 4.2.0
11 days ago Paulupdated translations by David Medina, David Vachulka...
11 days ago Pauladd missing file
11 days ago Ricardo MonesUpdate TLDs for release
13 days ago Paulfix bug 4361, 'Embedding external editor crashes Claws...
2023-11-16 wwpUpdate French translation.
2023-11-15 Ricardo MonesUpdate Spanish translation
2023-11-10 Ricardo MonesMore parentheses for yet another warning
2023-11-10 Ricardo MonesAdd parentheses to fix warning
2023-11-05 Pauldon't build or distribute the gdata plugin
2023-11-05 Jonathan BoeingFix -Wstringop-truncation warnings
2023-11-05 Jonathan BoeingFix size_t format specifier warning
2023-11-05 Jonathan BoeingFix -Wunused-result warnings from g_string_free()
2023-11-03 Ricardo MonesDisable stack execution on plugins
2023-10-26 Paulfix CID 1548056: Error handling issues
2023-10-26 Paulplug leaks
2023-10-25 Paulno longer allow installing or removing system themes
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingReplace over_element() with upstream's get_over_element()
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingUpdate LiteHTML sources
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingSync with api changes
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingBuild fixes
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingUse custom get_default_font_size() and _name()
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingUse upstream font functions
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingSync with master_css changes
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingString api updates
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingSync with litehtml v0.7
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingSync with litehtml v0.7
2023-10-22 Jonathan BoeingMove functions back to container_linux.cpp
2023-10-17 wwpURIs may contain the '$' dollar sign (fix broken syntax).
2023-10-17 wwpURIs may contain the '$' dollar sign.
2023-09-24 Paulwhen queueing or drafting a msg with an attachment...
2023-09-21 wwpUpdated quicksearch mini-doc in README file, sorted...
2023-09-21 wwpremove support for the 'y S' quicksearch expression...
2023-09-21 wwpfix using a custom header in found_in_addressbook match...
2023-09-21 wwpfix bug 4700, 'Add v H V search shortcut'
2023-09-21 Paula more nuanced sensitivity is needed
2023-09-21 Paulallow building the litehtml plugin with libgumbo >...
2023-09-21 Pauldon't fail to build if we don't have gumbo >= 0.12...
2023-09-20 Michael RasmussenMissed removing comment ,dnl disabled by default'
2023-09-20 Michael RasmussenBuild litehtml_viewer-plugin by default if gumbo2 found
2023-09-19 Paulupdate AUTHORS file
2023-09-18 Michael RasmussenUpdate on-disk tokens as well when in-memory tokens...
2023-09-12 Paulfix bug 4637, 'Segmentation fault when using SUMMARY...
2023-08-24 Paulonly build litehtml_viewer plugin if explicitly instructed
2023-08-23 Ricardo MonesDon't link unused function with newer encryption
2023-08-22 Ricardo MonesFix three warnings in do_pix_draw()
2023-08-18 Paulfix bug 4693, 'Hang and crash when enable disable SVG...
2023-08-18 Paulwhen redirecting, disable queueing because re-editing...
2023-08-17 Pauluse the statusbar to show that expunge is happening
2023-08-12 Pauladd RFE 4686, 'use gtk native filechooser'
2023-08-11 Pauladd newly updated (almost complete) Portuguese translat...
2023-08-09 Paulfix bug 4618, 'Rate limit by remote breaks queued/marke...
2023-08-09 Paulremove the arbitrary paste restriction, which could...
2023-07-09 Andreas OberritterAdd support for SCRAM-SHA-{224,256,384,512} authenticat...
2023-06-24 Ricardo MonesFix five constness related warnings
2023-06-24 Paulallow saving attachments only, without other msg parts
2023-06-09 wwpFix CID 1532282.
2023-06-08 Paulfix bug 4679, 'The correct date header is interpreted...
2023-06-03 Ricardo MonesFix error creation and warning
2023-05-26 Paulfix coverity issue CID 1530431: Memory - illegal acces...
2023-05-25 Paulrecognise font/* and chemical/* mime types
2023-04-19 Paulfix bug 4648, 'fails to build with gcc 13'
2023-04-18 Ricardo MonesQuit searching if string became empty
2023-04-18 Paulfix bug 4670, 'To/CC incorrectly escaped with a trailin...
2023-04-09 Ricardo MonesFix new warning and complete previous commit
2023-04-09 Ricardo MonesRemove unused function warning
2023-04-07 Paulfix message which is shown when mail can't be sent
2023-03-31 Paulimage viewer: don't make the 'load image' button larger...
2023-03-31 Paulfix image viewer when not auto-loading images: fix...
2023-03-25 Sergei Trofimovichpo/ru.po: fix "text" translation
2023-03-25 Sergei Trofimovichpo/ru.po: fix "Grey" translation
2023-03-20 Pauluse the same terminology as everywhere else
2023-03-12 Ricardo MonesUpdate Spanish translation
2023-02-24 Paulremove checks for libsoup and libsoup-gnome, and remove...
2023-02-24 Paulupdate forgotten copyright headers
2023-02-24 Paulfix bug 4666, 'fancy plugin doesn't build with libwebki...
2023-02-21 Paulfix alphabetical order
2023-02-21 Paulfix bug 4664, 'OAUTH2 overwrites passwords even for...
2023-02-21 Paulcode style
2023-02-13 Pauladd spam session stats to command line output
2023-02-13 Paul(re-)initialize session spam statistics
2023-02-08 Paulremove two unnecessary lines added in last commit
2023-02-08 Paulfix bug 4658, 'Headers unfolded incorrectly in message...
2023-02-06 Pauladd spam stats to session stats
2023-02-02 Michael RasmussenFix for bug #4300 again. Initially committer Andrej...
2023-01-19 wwpFix duplicate menu shortcut (thanks to JP Guillonneau)
2023-01-05 Paulre-add the mistakenly removed quick method of unsetting...
2023-01-04 Ricardo MonesFix CID 1518897
2023-01-03 Ricardo MonesFix minor issues on new start-up folder feature
2023-01-02 Paulbump the year
2023-01-02 Pauladd an easy way to open any folder on start-up
2022-12-30 Paulremove obsolete /dev/mem_notify stuff
2022-12-15 Ricardo MonesImprove naming and summary messages
2022-12-15 Ricardo MonesAdd debug calls to configure summary
2022-12-15 Ricardo MonesExclude LDAP debug functions unless requested
2022-12-13 Paulfix 3476a5c7e4a7e77ccd474efac6a7156df973db1e (thanks...
2022-12-12 Ricardo MonesRemove unused function statusbar_print()
2022-12-10 Paulwhen changing quicsearch type update history list