2007-08-02 [paul] 2.10.0cvs84
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2007-07-11 Colin Leroy2007-07-11 [colin] 2.10.0cvs16
2007-06-28 Paul Mangan2007-06-28 [paul] 2.9.2cvs74
2007-06-12 Tristan Chabredier2007-06-12 [wwp] 2.9.2cvs56
2007-06-12 Tristan Chabredier2007-06-12 [wwp] 2.9.2cvs55
2007-05-08 Paul Mangan2007-05-08 [paul] 2.9.1cvs48
2007-05-06 Tristan Chabredier2007-05-06 [wwp] 2.9.1cvs47
2007-03-24 Paul Mangan2007-03-24 [paul] 2.8.1cvs47
2007-03-16 Tristan Chabredier2007-03-16 [wwp] 2.8.1cvs20
2007-03-16 Tristan Chabredier2007-03-16 [wwp] 2.8.1cvs18
2007-03-13 Tristan ChabredierAdded missing copyright headers.
2007-03-09 Paul Mangan2007-03-09 [paul] 2.8.1cvs5
2007-02-26 Paul Mangan2007-02-26 [paul] 2.8.0cvs1
2007-02-25 Paul Mangan2007-02-25 [paul] 2.7.2cvs72
2007-02-19 Paul Mangan2007-02-19 [paul] 2.7.2cvs51
2007-02-01 Paul Mangan2007-02-01 [paul] 2.7.2cvs13
2007-01-17 Paul Mangan2007-01-17 [paul] 2.7.1cvs13
2007-01-03 Paul Mangan2007-01-03 [paul] 2.6.1cvs98
2006-12-05 Paul Mangan2006-12-05 [paul] 2.6.1cvs3
2006-12-04 Paul Mangan2006-12-04 [paul] 2.6.1cvs1
2006-12-01 Paul Mangan2006-12-01 [paul] 2.6.0cvs79
2006-12-01 Paul Mangan2006-12-01 [paul] 2.6.0cvs74
2006-11-18 Paul Mangan2006-11-18 [paul] 2.6.0cvs55
2006-11-12 Paul Mangan2006-11-12 [paul] 2.6.0cvs34
2006-11-08 Paul Mangan2006-11-08 [paul] 2.6.0cvs17
2006-11-08 Paul Mangan2006-11-08 [paul] 2.6.0cvs15
2006-11-07 Colin Leroytry again
2006-09-30 Tristan Chabredier2006-09-30 [wwp] 2.5.2cvs23
2006-09-21 Tristan Chabredier2006-09-21 [wwp] 2.4.0cvs207
2006-09-21 Tristan Chabredier2006-09-21 [wwp] 2.4.0cvs205
2006-09-21 Tristan Chabredier2006-09-21 [wwp] 2.4.0cvs204
2006-09-21 Tristan Chabredier2006-09-21 [wwp] 2.4.0cvs203
2006-09-18 Paul Manganuse HTML entities in translators' names
2006-09-04 Paul Mangan2006-09-04 [paul] 2.4.0cvs139
2006-08-01 Tristan Chabredier2006-08-01 [wwp] 2.4.0cvs10
2006-06-28 Paul Mangan2006-06-28 [paul] 2.3.1cvs28
2006-06-27 Colin Leroy2006-06-27 [colin] 2.3.1cvs26
2006-06-20 Ricardo Mones2006-06-20 [mones] 2.3.1cvs4
2006-06-15 Ricardo Mones2006-06-15 [mones] 2.3.0cvs15
2006-06-13 Paul Manganquietly remove this obsoleted script
2006-06-09 Paul Mangan2006-06-09 [paul] 2.2.3cvs5
2006-05-15 Paul Mangan2006-05-15 [paul] 2.2.0cvs17
2006-04-05 Paul Manganadd info about tbird2syl.py
2006-04-05 Paul Mangan2006-04-05 [paul] 2.0.0cvs185
2006-02-05 Colin Leroy2006-02-05 [colin] 2.0.0cvs14
2006-01-29 Paul Mangan2006-01-29 [paul] 1.9.100cvs196
2006-01-28 Paul Mangan2006-01-28 [paul] 1.9.100cvs193
2006-01-18 Paul Mangan2006-01-18 [paul] 1.9.100cvs166
2006-01-11 Paul Mangan2006-01-11 [paul] 1.9.100cvs137
2006-01-10 Paul Mangan2006-01-10 [paul] 1.9.100cvs135
2005-12-24 Paul Manganupdates to names/email addresses
2005-12-24 Paul Manganupdate Miquel Oliete's email address
2005-12-15 Paul ManganOOo2sylpheed.pl not need for OOo 2.0
2005-11-25 Paul Mangan2005-11-25 [paul] 1.9.100cvs33
2005-10-31 Paul Mangan2005-10-31 [paul] 1.9.99cvs1
2005-10-21 Paul Mangan2005-10-21 [paul] 1.9.15cvs87
2005-09-21 Paul Mangan2005-09-21 [paul] 1.9.14cvs47
2005-09-12 Paul Mangan2005-09-12 [paul] 1.9.14cvs19
2005-08-27 Colin Leroy2005-08-27 [colin] 1.9.13cvs64
2005-08-24 Paul Mangan2005-08-24 [paul] 1.9.13cvs56
2005-07-22 Paul Mangan2005-07-22 [paul] 1.9.12cvs91
2005-05-22 Paul Mangan* tools/kdeservicemenu/install.sh
2005-05-09 Paul Manganadd i18n status script
2005-03-24 Paul Manganclean up early morning mess (tsk)
2005-03-24 Paul Manganadd script to send pdfs as attachments from Adobe Reader 7
2005-03-24 Claws Mail TeamThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2005-01-14 Colin Leroy2005-01-14 [colin] 0.9.13cvs32.1
2004-12-06 Colin Leroy2004-12-06 [colin] 0.9.12cvs187.1
2004-11-06 Paul Manganupdate Spanish translation
2004-11-03 Paul Mangan2004-11-03 [paul] 0.9.12cvs138.1
2004-11-01 Paul Manganadd credit for French translation
2004-10-29 Paul Manganupdate tools/textviewer.sh (sync with HEAD)
2004-10-29 Paul Mangansync with HEAD
2004-10-29 Claws Mail TeamThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2004-10-28 Claws Mail TeamThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2004-07-03 Colin Leroyforgot to commit this
2004-06-25 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.11cvs17 HEAD
2004-06-10 Claws Mail TeamThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2004-02-21 Thorsten Maerzsync 099claws
2004-02-17 Claws Mail TeamThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2004-01-12 Thorsten Maerzsync 098claws
2003-09-29 Claws Mail TeamThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2003-07-26 Paul Mangantools/multiwebsearch.pl: do whitespace substitution...
2003-07-24 Paul Manganfix typo
2003-07-12 Paul Mangantools/README: update old information and add missing...
2003-06-18 Alfons Hoogervorst* tools/Makefile.am
2003-06-18 Paul Manganrenamed and edited 'launch_phoenix' to reflect the...
2003-05-27 Paul Manganadd kmail to sylpheed mailbox conversion script
2003-05-20 Paul Manganminor change in the comments
2003-05-12 Paul Manganfix bug in convert_mbox.pl
2003-05-08 Paul Manganadd convert_mbox.pl script
2003-04-20 Paul Manganupdated and improved outlook2sylpheed.pl
2003-03-16 Paul Manganfix typo in multiwebsearch.pl
2003-03-13 Paul Manganadd multiwebsearch Actions script
2003-02-23 Paul Mangangoogle/freshmeat search Actions scripts should now...
2003-02-15 Paul Manganadd info about google/freshmeat search scripts
2003-02-15 Paul Manganadd GPL header
2003-02-15 Paul ManganAdd 2 Actions scripts which search freshmeat/google...
2003-01-08 Paul Manganupdate and re-arrange
2003-01-08 Paul Manganremove full path to sylpheed executable, just 'sylpheed...
2003-01-08 Paul Manganadd script to enable phoenix as default browser