update Makefiles
[claws.git] / tools /
2003-11-19 Paul Mangancode cleanup; bug fixes
2003-10-01 Paul Manganmaildir2sylpheed.pl: bug fixes, rewrites
2003-09-23 Paul Manganadd script to convert evolution vcard into sylpheed...
2003-07-26 Paul Mangantools/multiwebsearch.pl: do whitespace substitution...
2003-07-24 Paul Manganfix typo
2003-07-12 Paul Mangantools/README: update old information and add missing...
2003-06-18 Alfons Hoogervorst* tools/Makefile.am
2003-06-18 Paul Manganrenamed and edited 'launch_phoenix' to reflect the...
2003-05-27 Paul Manganadd kmail to sylpheed mailbox conversion script
2003-05-20 Paul Manganminor change in the comments
2003-05-12 Paul Manganfix bug in convert_mbox.pl
2003-05-08 Paul Manganadd convert_mbox.pl script
2003-04-20 Paul Manganupdated and improved outlook2sylpheed.pl
2003-03-16 Paul Manganfix typo in multiwebsearch.pl
2003-03-13 Paul Manganadd multiwebsearch Actions script
2003-02-23 Paul Mangangoogle/freshmeat search Actions scripts should now...
2003-02-15 Paul Manganadd info about google/freshmeat search scripts
2003-02-15 Paul Manganadd GPL header
2003-02-15 Paul ManganAdd 2 Actions scripts which search freshmeat/google...
2003-01-08 Paul Manganupdate and re-arrange
2003-01-08 Paul Manganremove full path to sylpheed executable, just 'sylpheed...
2003-01-08 Paul Manganadd script to enable phoenix as default browser
2003-01-02 Paul Manganfixes and improvements to tb2sylpheed
2002-12-17 Thorsten MaerzAdded "search for message-id" script and doc
2002-12-03 Paul Manganfix problem with quoted strings in filter_conv.pl
2002-11-08 Paul Mangancorrect some typos
2002-11-01 Paul Manganfix bug where user-defined headers were ignored
2002-10-23 Paul Manganfix typo: kmail 1.4.7
2002-10-23 Paul Manganadd new Kmail addressbook convertor script for newer...
2002-10-23 Paul Manganadd new Kmail addressbook convertor script for newer...
2002-10-16 Paul Manganallow for spaces in the file name
2002-10-12 Paul Manganbe more verbose in the description of OOo2sylpheed.pl
2002-09-10 Paul Manganadd The Bat! addressbook conversion script
2002-09-06 Paul Manganremove ldif-to-xml.py
2002-08-09 Paul Manganadd outlook2sylpheed script
2002-07-30 Paul Manganadd OOo2sylpheed.pl script
2002-07-19 Paul Mangancorrect typos
2002-07-19 Thorsten Maerzadded calypso import script
2002-07-16 Paul Manganreplace filter conversion script with reimplemeted...
2002-06-24 Paul Manganadd GPL copyright info
2002-06-24 Paul Manganadd script that eases the creation of *.po files
2002-06-21 Alfons Hoogervorstgpg-sign <-- gpg-sign-syl
2002-06-20 Melvin Hadashttools/gpg-sign *REMOVED*
2002-05-26 Paul Mangancorrect typo
2002-05-25 Paul Manganadd description of kmail2sylpheed.pl
2002-05-25 Paul Mangankmail to sylpheed addressbook convertor
2002-05-21 Paul Manganmake sure all tools are chmod'ed
2002-05-21 Paul Manganmake sure all tools are chown'ed
2002-05-18 Christoph Hohmann* src/summaryview.c
2002-05-18 Paul Manganadd Actions scripts
2002-04-07 Paul Manganmore bug fixing
2002-04-06 Paul Manganfix bugs wrt path to mailbox & multiple mailboxes
2002-04-05 Paul Manganwork for all types of rules
2002-04-05 Paul Manganallow for collapsed folder trees
2002-03-15 Paul Manganexit if no rules found, rename filterrc after completion
2002-01-14 Paul Manganallow for Boolean Op and case-sensitivity
2002-01-13 Paul Manganremove test data
2002-01-13 Paul Manganfilter_conv.pl now writes to matcherrc
2002-01-08 Alfons Hoogervorstpick up Ricardo's patch, so sylprint will also work...
2002-01-06 Alfons Hoogervorstclean up account.c (remove pixmap files) and add sylpri...
2001-12-11 Paul Manganallow for 'hidereadmsgs'
2001-12-07 Paul Manganadd the two new scripts
2001-12-07 Paul Mangantwo new scripts in 'tools'
2001-12-07 Paul Manganscript to switch between main and claws
2001-12-07 Paul Mangannewscache cleaner
2001-11-29 Paul Manganremove unused files
2001-11-26 Paul Manganread top level mailbox name - presume nothing
2001-10-30 Paul Mangandon't hardcode top-level folder name
2001-10-21 Paul Manganauto mv to working directory
2001-09-30 Paul Manganadd eudora-2-vCard convertor
2001-09-18 Christoph Hohmannreplace LOG_MESSAGE with debug_print
2001-08-30 Alfons Hoogervorstadd tools to distribution
2001-07-28 Paul Manganadded gif2xface tool
2001-06-24 Paul Manganadded instructions for ldif-to-xml.py
2001-06-23 Paul Manganadded tools directory and scripts