List the current Catalan translator rather than the previous one.
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2010-12-05 Colin Leroy2010-12-05 [colin] 3.7.8cvs1
2010-01-23 Paweł Pękala2010-01-23 [pawel] 3.7.4cvs9
2009-06-03 Ricardo Mones2009-06-03 [mones] 3.7.1cvs67
2009-06-03 Ricardo Mones2009-06-03 [mones] 3.7.1cvs66
2007-07-11 Colin Leroy2007-07-11 [colin] 2.10.0cvs16
2007-01-17 Paul Mangan2007-01-17 [paul] 2.7.1cvs13
2006-11-18 Paul Mangan2006-11-18 [paul] 2.6.0cvs55
2006-11-07 Colin Leroytry again
2006-09-04 Paul Mangan2006-09-04 [paul] 2.4.0cvs139
2006-06-20 Ricardo Mones2006-06-20 [mones] 2.3.1cvs4
2006-06-15 Ricardo Mones2006-06-15 [mones] 2.3.0cvs15