fix problem with quoted strings in
[claws.git] / tools /
2002-12-03 Paul Manganfix problem with quoted strings in
2002-11-01 Paul Manganfix bug where user-defined headers were ignored
2002-07-16 Paul Manganreplace filter conversion script with reimplemeted...
2002-04-07 Paul Manganmore bug fixing
2002-04-06 Paul Manganfix bugs wrt path to mailbox & multiple mailboxes
2002-04-05 Paul Manganwork for all types of rules
2002-04-05 Paul Manganallow for collapsed folder trees
2002-03-15 Paul Manganexit if no rules found, rename filterrc after completion
2002-01-14 Paul Manganallow for Boolean Op and case-sensitivity
2002-01-13 Paul Manganremove test data
2002-01-13 Paul now writes to matcherrc
2001-11-29 Paul Manganremove unused files
2001-11-26 Paul Manganread top level mailbox name - presume nothing
2001-10-30 Paul Mangandon't hardcode top-level folder name
2001-10-21 Paul Manganauto mv to working directory
2001-06-23 Paul Manganadded tools directory and scripts