rework image viewer
[claws.git] / src / textview.c
2020-12-30 Paulrework image viewer
2020-10-20 Pauladd option to avoid Face images being saved to addrbook
2020-06-03 Pauladd Phishing warning when copying url
2019-09-27 Paulfixes to last 2 commits
2019-09-27 wwpSyntax highlight improvements, patches by Jakub Kicinsk...
2019-09-27 wwpRename badly named signatures separators matching API...
2019-08-21 Ricardo MonesRemove unused variable
2019-07-07 Colin LeroyImplement copying of attached images to clipboard
2019-07-07 Colin Leroyprocmime_get_part_as_inputstream doesn't touch error...
2019-03-05 Andrej KacianMake textview load image attachments not via temporary...
2018-12-15 Andrej KacianGet rid of our strcmp2() in favour of glib's g_strcmp0()
2018-10-07 Colin LeroyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-10-07 Colin LeroyRename claws_io to file-utils, and move file-related...
2018-10-07 Colin LeroyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-10-07 Colin LeroyWrap file I/O to claws_* to benefit from custom locking...
2018-07-27 Andrej KacianImprove textview keypress handling for scrolling. ...
2018-06-12 wwpClean up and unfold more standard headers (Bcc, Reply...
2018-06-12 wwpProperly highlight the whole email address in Resent...
2018-06-07 wwpMake use of all signature separators defined in account...
2018-05-26 Paulfix bug #4023, 'Fix some small issues'
2018-05-25 wwpFix missing initializers, taking for reference GLib...
2018-02-09 Michael RasmussenMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2018-02-09 Andrej KacianRework of alertpanel default button focus handling.
2018-02-05 Ricardo MonesMove all colors into an array
2017-05-31 Andrej KacianDo not try to handle quotes in text attachments.
2017-03-29 Andrej KacianRevert "Fix an off-by-one error in textview's quote...
2017-03-29 Andrej KacianRevert "Fix the other off-by-one bug in textview quoting."
2017-03-29 Andrej KacianFix the other off-by-one bug in textview quoting.
2017-03-27 Andrej KacianFix an off-by-one error in textview's quote unfolding.
2017-01-13 wwpPrefer dynamically allocated buffers to fixed-size...
2016-12-09 wwpMake last colors configurable using hidden prefs: tags...
2016-11-24 Andrej KacianFix more compile warnings for Windows in socket.c.
2016-11-17 Paulfix text selection when double-clicking quoted text...
2016-10-22 wwpWhile we're at it, fix typos like prefered occurences...
2016-09-12 Ricardo MonesFix potential segfault
2016-07-23 Andrej KacianAdded working_directory parameter to execute_command_line()
2016-04-02 Ricardo MonesFix some odd debug outputs
2015-12-07 Paulcall 'new' address book 'alternate' address book
2015-12-03 Ricardo MonesCorrect modified file headers
2015-12-03 Ricardo MonesRemove more markup from translatable strings
2015-10-08 Colin LeroyFix missing check
2015-10-01 Ricardo MonesRemove line breaks from g_warning()
2015-09-22 Ricardo MonesDo not translate g_warning() strings
2015-08-13 Andrej KacianImprove how message body is quoted for reply/forward...
2015-08-11 Colin LeroyMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2015-08-11 Colin LeroySave temporary file in mime temporary directory when...
2015-05-18 Ricardo MonesSwitch core from strerror to g_strerror
2014-11-15 Andrej KacianUse GLib's implementation of Base64 instead of our...
2014-09-11 Ricardo MonesAdd new quicksearch for header's content only
2014-06-06 Colin LeroyCoverity fixes
2014-06-06 Colin LeroyCoverity fixes
2014-05-05 Colin Leroyrevert erroneous 2b0b467727d110b8505517bd92261608e499f5...
2014-05-02 Colin LeroyMore simplification
2014-05-02 Colin LeroyRemove obviously dead code
2014-05-02 Colin LeroyFactorize to make clearer
2014-05-02 Colin LeroyFix insert point after filling in textview
2014-04-30 Colin LeroyDon't save libravatarr avatars to addressbook
2014-03-18 Paulfix implicit declaration warning
2014-02-21 Ricardo MonesUse new internal plugin for rendering avatars
2014-02-19 Ricardo MonesRemove some X-Face cruft and check after realloc
2014-02-12 Ricardo MonesRemove unneeded arguments of xface_get_from_header
2014-02-11 Ricardo MonesSupport any number of avatars per message
2012-11-15 Colin Leroy2012-11-15 [colin] 3.9.0cvs4
2012-10-29 Tristan Chabredier2012-10-29 [wwp] 3.8.1cvs108
2012-10-25 Colin Leroy2012-10-25 [colin] 3.8.1cvs107
2012-10-25 Colin Leroy2012-10-25 [colin] 3.8.1cvs106
2012-10-25 Colin Leroy2012-10-25 [colin] 3.8.1cvs105
2012-10-25 Colin Leroy2012-10-25 [colin] 3.8.1cvs104
2012-09-19 Ricardo Mones2012-09-19 [mones] 3.8.1cvs62
2012-09-12 Colin Leroy2012-09-12 [colin] 3.8.1cvs52
2012-09-08 Colin Leroy2012-09-08 [colin] 3.8.1cvs46
2012-09-08 Colin Leroy2012-09-08 [colin] 3.8.1cvs45
2012-08-29 Colin Leroy2012-08-29 [colin] 3.8.1cvs40
2012-07-27 Andrej Kacian2012-07-27 [ticho] 3.8.1cvs22
2012-07-07 Colin Leroy2012-07-07 [colin] 3.8.1cvs7
2012-06-20 Paul Mangan2012-06-20 [paul] 3.8.0cvs54
2012-05-27 Paul Mangan2012-05-27 [paul] 3.8.0cvs48
2012-04-01 Colin Leroy2012-04-01 [colin] 3.8.0cvs36
2012-03-15 Paweł Pękala2012-03-15 [pawel] 3.8.0cvs33
2012-03-14 Paweł Pękala2012-03-14 [pawel] 3.8.0cvs32
2011-11-19 Paweł Pękala2011-11-19 [pawel] 3.7.10cvs91
2011-11-07 Paweł Pękala2011-11-07 [pawel] 3.7.10cvs77
2011-10-07 Colin Leroy2011-10-07 [colin] 3.7.10cvs21
2011-10-07 Colin Leroy2011-10-07 [colin] 3.7.10cvs20
2011-10-07 Colin Leroy2011-10-07 [colin] 3.7.10cvs19
2011-08-29 Colin Leroy2011-08-29 [colin] 3.7.10cvs3
2011-03-18 Paul Mangan2011-03-18 [paul] 3.7.8cvs66
2011-01-23 Paul Mangan2011-01-23 [paul] 3.7.8cvs42
2011-01-14 Paweł Pękala2011-01-14 [pawel] 3.7.8cvs35
2011-01-14 Paweł Pękala2011-01-14 [pawel] 3.7.8cvs34
2010-12-22 Colin Leroy2010-12-22 [colin] 3.7.8cvs19
2010-12-21 Colin Leroy2010-12-21 [colin] 3.7.8cvs16
2010-10-18 Colin Leroy2010-10-18 [colin] 3.7.6cvs57
2010-05-04 Salvatore De Paolis2010-05-04 [iwkse] 3.7.6cvs1
2010-03-26 Paweł Pękala2010-03-26 [pawel] 3.7.5cvs40
2010-02-10 Colin Leroy2010-02-10 [colin] 3.7.5cvs16
2010-02-09 Colin Leroy2010-02-09 [colin] 3.7.5cvs11
2009-07-28 Colin Leroy2009-07-28 [colin] 3.7.2cvs15
2009-04-03 Colin Leroy2009-04-03 [colin] 3.7.1cvs37
2009-03-23 Colin Leroy2009-03-23 [colin] 3.7.1cvs24