add SSL manager
[claws.git] / src / ssl_certificate.c
2002-11-25 Colin Leroyadd SSL manager
2002-11-16 Colin Leroy(Sorry :() missed a check in last commit...
2002-11-16 Colin Leroycheck for missing parts in the certificates
2002-11-14 Colin Leroyfix file operations
2002-11-12 Colin Leroyuse FQDN host in certificates
2002-11-12 Colin Leroyadd port to certificate checker
2002-11-12 Colin Leroycleaner messages, no popup if required
2002-11-11 Colin Leroyfixed leak
2002-11-11 Colin Leroycleaned, better use of ssl api
2002-11-11 Colin LeroyCheck SSL certificates