2007-07-23 [wwp] 2.10.0cvs57
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2007-07-23 Tristan Chabredier2007-07-23 [wwp] 2.10.0cvs57
2007-07-23 Tristan Chabredier2007-07-23 [wwp] 2.10.0cvs56
2007-07-11 Colin Leroy2007-07-11 [colin] 2.10.0cvs16
2007-07-02 Colin Leroy2007-07-02 [colin] 2.10.0cvs1
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2007-02-20 Tristan Chabredier2007-02-20 [wwp] 2.7.2cvs54
2007-01-15 Tristan Chabredier2007-01-15 [wwp] 2.7.1cvs2
2006-10-10 Tristan Chabredier2006-10-10 [wwp] 2.5.3cvs29
2006-07-07 Colin Leroy2006-07-07 [colin] 2.3.1cvs70
2006-06-13 Tristan Chabredier2006-06-13 [wwp] 2.3.0cvs8
2006-06-12 Tristan Chabredier2006-06-12 [wwp] 2.3.0cvs2
2005-02-18 Colin Leroy2005-02-18 [colin] 1.0.1cvs14.1
2004-05-10 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.10claws57 HEAD
2002-11-21 Christoph Hohmann0.8.5claws173
2002-05-11 Alfons Hoogervorstallow quote / reply date & time format to be set using...
2002-03-25 Paul Manganadd Last Name placeholder for quoting
2002-02-22 Christoph Hohmann* src/Makefile.am
2001-12-03 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs20
2001-11-07 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.4cvs18
2001-06-17 Hoà Viêt Dinhsome stuff around composing and forwarding messages
2001-06-05 Sergey VlasovCreated autoconf/automake rules for the quote format...