add 'Default From:' to folder prefs
[claws.git] / src / prefs_folder_item.c
2021-10-04 Pauladd 'Default From:' to folder prefs
2021-09-05 Ricardo MonesRemove duplicate includes
2021-08-31 wwpFix tooltip (attached to wrong widget and missing a...
2021-08-31 wwpAdd a per-folder option so that a folder can be skipped...
2019-11-25 Paulavoid unwanted summaryview refresh...
2018-12-15 Andrej KacianGet rid of our strcmp2() in favour of glib's g_strcmp0()
2018-11-07 Paulremove all gtk3 conditionals
2018-09-07 wwpAdd new folder options: enable/disable per-folder signi...
2018-02-16 Ricardo MonesUse color buttons' macro also here
2018-02-09 Michael RasmussenMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2018-02-09 Andrej KacianRework of alertpanel default button focus handling.
2018-01-22 Ricardo MonesRemove more unnecessary colons in labels
2017-10-27 Michael RasmussenMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2017-10-25 Andrej KacianFix missing invalid regexp indication in folder prefere...
2017-01-09 wwpFixes Coverity CIDs: 1220388 1372362 1220222 1358399...
2016-12-27 wwpRevert "Revert "Revert g9737584."" (but the fix) by...
2016-12-27 Ricardo MonesRevert "Revert g9737584." and fix it ;)
2016-12-27 wwpRevert g9737584.
2016-12-27 wwpAdd translation context helper text where some %s'...
2016-12-21 wwpFix wrong string split and list of arguments.
2016-12-20 wwpFix extra arguments to g_strdup_printf (thanks to cover...
2016-12-20 wwpFix untranslatable concatenated strings (i.e. "Default...
2016-09-02 Ricardo MonesAdd warning icon to warning message
2016-07-21 Andrej KacianFurther improve API isolation of folderview.
2015-11-20 Andrej KacianReenabled regexps on Windows.
2015-11-16 Colin LeroyMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2015-11-15 Paulmore sanitizing of translatable strings
2015-11-14 Paulremove the internally used plus symbol from the transla...
2015-08-28 Andrej KacianAdd a PrefsWindow callback for apply button, and use...
2015-08-28 Andrej KacianPass PrefsWindow pointer instead of GtkWindow to prefsw...
2015-04-07 Ricardo MonesAdjust templates panel of folder properties
2014-05-02 Colin LeroyHave a way for folder klasses to register specific...
2012-11-20 Andrej Kacian2012-11-20 [ticho] 3.9.0cvs15
2012-10-31 Paul Mangan2012-10-31 [paul] 3.8.1cvs111
2012-10-31 Colin Leroy2012-10-31 [colin] 3.8.1cvs110
2012-10-31 Colin Leroy2012-10-31 [colin] 3.8.1cvs109
2012-07-07 Colin Leroy2012-07-07 [colin] 3.8.1cvs7
2012-05-27 Paul Mangan2012-05-27 [paul] 3.8.0cvs48
2011-10-30 Paweł Pękala2011-10-30 [pawel] 3.7.10cvs59
2011-10-22 Colin Leroy2011-10-22 [colin] 3.7.10cvs41
2011-10-07 Colin Leroy2011-10-07 [colin] 3.7.10cvs21
2011-05-09 Paweł Pękala2011-05-09 [pawel] 3.7.9cvs20
2011-02-16 Paul Mangan2011-02-16 [paul] 3.7.8cvs57
2011-01-15 Paweł Pękala2011-01-15 [pawel] 3.7.8cvs36
2011-01-06 Paweł Pękala2011-01-06 [pawel] 3.7.8cvs33
2010-02-09 Paweł Pękala2010-02-09 [pawel] 3.7.5cvs14
2009-09-28 Colin Leroy2009-09-28 [colin] 3.7.2cvs41
2009-03-10 Colin Leroy2009-03-10 [colin] 3.7.1cvs9
2009-03-09 Paul Mangan2009-03-09 [paul] 3.7.1cvs8
2009-03-06 Tristan ChabredierAdd per-folder default cc, bcc and reply-to.
2009-02-23 Colin Leroy2009-02-23 [cleroy] 3.7.0cvs73
2009-01-17 Paul Mangan2009-01-17 [paul] 3.7.0cvs35
2009-01-11 Paul Mangan2009-01-11 [paul] 3.7.0cvs29
2009-01-09 Paul Mangan2009-01-09 [paul] 3.7.0cvs22
2008-09-29 Colin Leroy2008-09-29 [colin] 3.5.0cvs138
2008-09-17 Colin Leroy2008-09-17 [colin] 3.5.0cvs112
2008-09-16 Colin Leroy2008-09-16 [colin] 3.5.0cvs110
2008-09-12 Colin Leroy2008-09-12 [colin] 3.5.0cvs103
2008-08-01 Colin Leroy2008-08-01 [colin] 3.5.0cvs42
2008-07-19 Colin Leroy2008-07-19 [colin] 3.5.0cvs25
2008-05-02 Tristan Chabredier2008-05-02 [wwp] 3.4.0cvs20
2008-04-23 Colin Leroy2008-04-23 [colin] 3.4.0cvs9
2008-03-29 Tristan Chabredier2008-03-29 [wwp] 3.3.1cvs45
2008-03-06 Tristan Chabredier2008-03-06 [wwp] 3.3.1cvs14
2008-03-06 Tristan Chabredier2008-03-06 [wwp] 3.3.1cvs12
2008-03-06 Tristan ChabredierRevert previous (mis-)commit.
2008-03-06 Tristan ChabredierGlobal and per-folder templates can now override the...
2008-01-27 Paul Mangan2008-01-27 [paul] 3.2.0cvs68
2008-01-23 Paul Mangan2008-01-23 [paul] 3.2.0cvs64
2008-01-08 Tristan Chabredier2008-01-08 [wwp] 3.2.0cvs32
2007-10-30 Paul Mangan2007-10-30 [paul] 3.0.2cvs107
2007-10-15 Colin Leroy2007-10-15 [colin] 3.0.2cvs76
2007-09-28 Paul Mangan2007-09-28 [paul] 3.0.1cvs37
2007-09-23 Paul Mangan2007-09-23 [paul] 3.0.1cvs25
2007-09-22 Colin Leroy2007-09-22 [colin] 3.0.1cvs22
2007-09-21 Paul Mangan2007-09-21 [paul] 3.0.1cvs19
2007-08-12 Andrej Kacian2007-08-12 [ticho] 2.10.0cvs114
2007-08-08 Tristan Chabredier2007-08-08 [wwp] 2.10.0cvs105
2007-08-08 Tristan Chabredier2007-08-08 [wwp] 2.10.0cvs104
2007-08-08 Tristan Chabredier2007-08-08 [wwp] 2.10.0cvs103
2007-08-08 Andrej Kacian2007-08-08 [ticho] 2.10.0cvs102
2007-07-27 Paul Mangan2007-07-27 [paul] 2.10.0cvs73
2007-07-20 Colin Leroy2007-07-20 [colin] 2.10.0cvs51
2007-07-11 Colin Leroy2007-07-11 [colin] 2.10.0cvs16
2007-06-05 Tristan Chabredier2007-06-05 [wwp] 2.9.2cvs42
2007-05-30 Tristan Chabredier2007-05-30 [wwp] 2.9.2cvs20
2007-02-09 Paul Mangan2007-02-09 [paul] 2.7.2cvs35
2007-01-27 Paul Mangan2007-01-27 [paul] 2.7.2cvs3
2007-01-20 Colin Leroy2007-01-20 [colin] 2.7.1cvs40
2007-01-10 Colin Leroy2007-01-10 [colin] 2.7.0cvs6
2007-01-06 Colin Leroy2007-01-06 [colin] 2.6.1cvs113
2007-01-03 Paul Mangan2007-01-03 [paul] 2.6.1cvs96
2006-12-29 Colin Leroy2006-12-29 [colin] 2.6.1cvs88
2006-12-28 Tristan Chabredier2006-12-28 [wwp] 2.6.1cvs83
2006-12-21 Tristan Chabredier2006-12-21 [wwp] 2.6.1cvs61
2006-11-07 Colin Leroytry again
2006-10-08 Colin Leroy2006-10-08 [colin] 2.5.3cvs23
2006-10-04 Tristan Chabredier2006-10-04 [wwp] 2.5.3cvs4
2006-10-04 Tristan Chabredier2006-10-04 [wwp] 2.5.3cvs3
2006-10-04 Tristan Chabredier2006-10-04 [wwp] 2.5.3cvs2