RSSyl: do not look at modified time when matching deleted items
[claws.git] / src / plugins / rssyl / rssyl_deleted.c
2018-07-17 Andrej KacianRSSyl: do not look at modified time when matching delet...
2018-07-14 Andrej KacianRSSyl: rework matching deleted items to better handle...
2018-02-23 Andrej KacianRSSyl: fix deleted item checking when modified or publi...
2016-09-10 Andrej KacianA fix for commit b274c72.
2016-09-09 Andrej KacianFix memory leak when freeing RSSyl's FeedItem struct.
2015-10-14 Paulfix format warnings and some OpenBSD specific fixes
2015-10-01 Ricardo MonesRemove line breaks from g_warning()
2015-09-21 Andrej KacianFix several memory leaks in RSSyl.
2015-06-16 Andrej KacianRSSyl: Free GError from memory where necessary.
2014-06-30 Andrej KacianRSSyl: Fix some more issues reported by Coverity.
2014-06-29 Andrej KacianRSSyl: fix memory leak in rssyl_deleted
2014-06-17 Andrej KacianNew RSSyl replacing old one.