Queue a draw event in open_html
[claws.git] / src / plugins / litehtml_viewer /
3 days ago Jonathan BoeingQueue a draw event in open_html master
5 days ago Jonathan BoeingFix GLib assertion
5 days ago Jonathan BoeingFix -Wall errors
5 days ago Jonathan BoeingAdd url to log message
5 days ago Jonathan BoeingFix GLib deprecation warning
5 days ago Jonathan BoeingFix UI overwrite when clearing LiteHTML message
5 days ago Jonathan BoeingImplement an LRU pixbuf cache for LiteHTML viewer
5 days ago Jonathan BoeingQueue redraw after downloading image
5 days ago Jonathan BoeingFix bool vs gboolean mismatch
5 days ago Jonathan BoeingFix flickering when opening with LiteHTML viewer
5 days ago Jonathan BoeingSet the CA certificate path at runtime for Windows
5 days ago Jonathan BoeingAdd preprocessor definition for WIN32
2021-03-17 Michael RasmussenFix merge conflict
2021-03-17 paulfix bug 4326 'Xft.dpi != 96 messes with text display...
2020-10-01 Paulfix bug 4376, 'Litehtml breaks locale'
2020-09-13 Paulmore litehtml_viewer strings to translate
2020-03-19 Andrej KacianAdd missing symbols to litehtml_viewer's claws.def
2019-11-10 Colin LeroyLiteHtml viewer: implement keyboard scroll
2019-11-09 Colin LeroyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.claws-mail.org/home...
2019-11-09 Colin LeroyUnplug LiteHtml's print callback which does nothing
2019-08-26 Andrej KacianUpdate litehtml_viewer to build on Windows
2019-08-21 Ricardo MonesFix const correctness
2019-08-06 Andrej KacianFix crash in litehtml_viewer when <base> tag has no...
2019-07-26 Ricardo MonesFix leak on error variable
2019-07-26 Ricardo MonesAdd minimalistic plugin description
2019-07-26 Ricardo MonesDon't show mojibake when encoding is not UTF-8
2019-07-07 Colin Leroylitehtml_viewer: use new procmime_get_part_as_pixbuf...
2019-07-07 Colin Leroyprocmime_get_part_as_inputstream doesn't touch error...
2019-07-03 Michael RasmussenIf error is NULL print a static message instead
2019-07-03 Michael RasmussenSince procmime_get_part_as_inputstream can return NULL...
2019-07-03 Andrej KacianFix a crash in litehtml plugin if one of the MIME parts...
2019-05-18 Andrej KacianFix a typo - it's CURL_CFLAGS, not CURL_FLAGS
2019-05-18 Andrej KacianAdd missing libgumbo cflags and ldflags to litehtml_viewer
2019-04-25 Andrej KacianFix two memory leaks in litehtml plugin
2019-04-25 Andrej KacianFix a memory leak in litehtml plugin's container_linux...
2019-04-10 Andrej KacianFix incorrect logic in lh_widget::set_cursor().
2019-04-10 Andrej KacianAdd a getter for litehtml::document's m_over_element...
2019-04-10 Andrej KacianMake cursor and statusbar URL display smarter in liteht...
2019-03-09 Andrej KacianAlways remove local images from Litehtml image cache
2019-03-09 Andrej KacianAdded support for local image attachments to the Liteht...
2019-03-05 Andrej KacianUpdate callers of procmime_get_part_as_string()
2019-03-05 Andrej KacianMake Litehtml image loading non-blocking using threads
2019-03-05 Andrej KacianAdd a mutex lock for Litehtml plugin image cache
2019-03-04 Michael RasmussenMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.claws-mail.org...
2019-03-04 Andrej KacianWrite missing prefs_done() in Litehtml plugin
2019-03-02 Michael RasmussenRemove useless debug code. Add copyright
2019-03-01 Andrej KacianSimplify Litehtml plugin's show_mimepart
2019-02-25 Andrej KacianUse Pango to render text in Litehtml plugin
2019-02-17 Andrej KacianUse prepend document base url to #fragment links in...
2019-02-17 Andrej KacianAdd default_font preference to Litehtml plugin
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenFix build error
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianMake Litehtml display sub- and superscript correctly
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianUse height of the viewport, not the scrolled window...
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianReset Litehtml scrolledwindow to top-left when displayi...
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianShow number of cleared Litehtml cache images on debug
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianAdd image_cache_size pref to Litehtml
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianImplement size limit for Litehtml image cache
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianSwitch Litehtml's image cache from std::map to std...
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianMake Litehtml's "Copy Link" menuitem actually do something
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianImplement link context menu in Litehtml
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianAdd lh_widget::get_href_at()
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenFix possible memory leak
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianMake Litehtml's curl writefunction add data directly...
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianMake Litehtml's curl write function a regular function...
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianFix a memory leak in Litehtml plugin's http loader
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianFix a huge memory leak in Litehtml
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianProperly free previous document from memory in litehtml...
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianMake Litehtml plugin open links in configured way
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenRefactor http class to prevent memory leak
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenRemove unused stuff
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianAdded preferences page to LiteHTML plugin and make...
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenNo need to configure CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION twice
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianUse debug_print() and g_warning() instead of g_log...
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianFix URL display in statusbar when hovering over a link...
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenUpdate current version of litehtml. Fix a crash when...
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenUse statusbar for notification. Begin print implementation
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenProper fix for memory leak
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenFix memory leak
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenDo not use G_LOG_LEVEL_ERROR. Makes claws crash
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenFix missing includes
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenFix wrong cursor type
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenChange cursor type when hoover over link
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenUpdate TODO
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenImplemented support for links
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenI am tired ;-)
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenCleaner code a fix memory leak
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenRefactor image loading to a separate class. Add depende...
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenImplement image handling
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenInitial commit of litehtml_viewer