Fix const correctness
[claws.git] / src / plugins / litehtml_viewer / lh_viewer.c
2019-08-21 Ricardo MonesFix const correctness
2019-07-26 Ricardo MonesFix leak on error variable
2019-07-26 Ricardo MonesDon't show mojibake when encoding is not UTF-8
2019-04-25 Andrej KacianFix two memory leaks in litehtml plugin
2019-03-09 Andrej KacianAdded support for local image attachments to the Liteht...
2019-03-05 Andrej KacianUpdate callers of procmime_get_part_as_string()
2019-03-02 Michael RasmussenRemove useless debug code. Add copyright
2019-03-01 Andrej KacianSimplify Litehtml plugin's show_mimepart
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenUpdate current version of litehtml. Fix a crash when...
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenUse statusbar for notification. Begin print implementation
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenImplemented support for links
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenImplement image handling
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenInitial commit of litehtml_viewer