fix bug 4483, 'cannot open certain links anymore'
[claws.git] / src / plugins / litehtml_viewer / container_linux.h
2019-03-09 Andrej KacianAdded support for local image attachments to the Liteht...
2019-03-05 Andrej KacianMake Litehtml image loading non-blocking using threads
2019-03-05 Andrej KacianAdd a mutex lock for Litehtml plugin image cache
2019-03-02 Michael RasmussenRemove useless debug code. Add copyright
2019-02-25 Andrej KacianUse Pango to render text in Litehtml plugin
2019-02-17 Andrej KacianAdd default_font preference to Litehtml plugin
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianShow number of cleared Litehtml cache images on debug
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianImplement size limit for Litehtml image cache
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianSwitch Litehtml's image cache from std::map to std...
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenInitial commit of litehtml_viewer