fix bug 4483, 'cannot open certain links anymore'
[claws.git] / src / plugins / litehtml_viewer /
2019-08-26 Andrej KacianUpdate litehtml_viewer to build on Windows
2019-05-18 Andrej KacianFix a typo - it's CURL_CFLAGS, not CURL_FLAGS
2019-05-18 Andrej KacianAdd missing libgumbo cflags and ldflags to litehtml_viewer
2019-03-05 Andrej KacianMake Litehtml image loading non-blocking using threads
2019-02-25 Andrej KacianUse Pango to render text in Litehtml plugin
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenFix build error
2019-02-12 Andrej KacianAdded preferences page to LiteHTML plugin and make...
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenRefactor image loading to a separate class. Add depende...
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenImplement image handling
2019-02-12 Michael RasmussenInitial commit of litehtml_viewer