Attachwarner: fix leaked string
[claws.git] / src / plugins / attachwarner / attachwarner.c
2017-01-08 Ricardo MonesAttachwarner: fix leaked string
2015-12-02 Ricardo MonesRemove markup from translatable strings
2015-11-16 Colin LeroyMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2015-11-14 Paulremove the internally used plus symbol from the transla...
2015-06-23 Ricardo MonesAttachWarner: fix copyright and g_warning string
2013-06-08 PaulMerge branch 'bugfix-3.9.2'
2013-05-20 Ricardo MonesFix #2927 'Optional case insensitivity for the attach...
2013-03-31 Ricardo MonesUse new generalized function for matcher list
2013-02-16 Colin Leroy2013-02-16 [colin] 3.9.0cvs73