Use folderview_grab_focus() outside of folderview.c.
[claws.git] / src / mainwindow.c
2016-07-21 Andrej KacianUse folderview_grab_focus() outside of folderview.c.
2016-07-20 Andrej KacianRemove unused GtkWidget* argument in stock_pix* functions.
2016-05-28 Andrej KacianFix --select CLI option on Windows when selecting a...
2016-03-27 Colin LeroyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-03-19 Andrej KacianChange default show/hide shortcut to Ctrl+F12.
2016-03-03 Andrej Kacian"Master password" is now called "master passphrase".
2016-02-09 Andrej KacianAddendum to 503cb50 (Fix build with --with-password...
2016-02-08 Andrej KacianFix build with --with-password-encryption=old
2016-02-07 Andrej KacianAdded "Forget master password" mainwindow menu entry.
2016-01-23 Andrej KacianMake procmsg_msginfo_free() zero out pointers to freed...
2015-12-07 Paulcall 'new' address book 'alternate' address book
2015-11-16 Colin LeroyMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2015-11-16 Colin LeroyFix bug #3563 (URL parser will read out of bounds when...
2015-11-14 Paulremove the internally used plus symbol from the transla...
2015-10-03 Paulmove 'delete thread' to Message menu, fix it's name...
2015-10-01 Ricardo MonesRemove line breaks from g_warning()
2015-01-26 PaulMac-Cyrillic menu updates. patch by Anton Butanaev
2015-01-19 Pauladd support for x-mac-cyrillic encoding.
2014-07-25 Paulfix the doubled up mnemonic
2014-07-25 Pauladd option to toggle mainwindow menubar, (hotkey F12)
2014-06-06 Colin LeroyCoverity fixes
2014-06-05 Colin LeroyMore Coverity fixes
2014-06-03 Paulfix bug 3170, 'QuickSearch fights with View/Hide read...
2014-05-30 Colin LeroyFix bug #2728, "erroneous switching from one to three...
2014-05-15 Colin LeroyFactorize folderview_find_next_{unread,new,marked}
2014-05-02 Colin LeroyFix early reset of main_window_reflect_tags_changes_rea...
2014-04-28 Colin LeroyMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2014-04-28 Colin LeroyFix most of the leaks referenced in bug #3155
2013-12-03 Paulfix sensitivity and state of 'hide read threads'
2013-06-11 Paulremove obsolete maemo support
2013-04-27 Paulfix some string inconsistencies
2013-04-26 Paulfix implicit declaration warnings
2013-04-26 Paulfix crasher when using /Edit/Search folder on start...
2013-03-20 Colin LeroyMake the mainwindow's version string shorter when
2013-03-09 Ricardo Mones2013-03-09 [mones] 3.9.0cvs111
2013-02-16 Colin Leroy2013-02-16 [colin] 3.9.0cvs71
2013-02-11 Paul Mangan2013-02-11 [paul] 3.9.0cvs61
2012-12-12 Colin Leroy2012-12-12 [colin] 3.9.0cvs47
2012-12-03 Tristan Chabredier2012-12-03 [wwp] 3.9.0cvs40
2012-11-30 Tristan Chabredier2012-11-30 [wwp] 3.9.0cvs32
2012-11-30 Tristan Chabredier2012-11-30 [wwp] 3.9.0cvs31
2012-11-29 Colin Leroy2012-11-29 [colin] 3.9.0cvs30
2012-11-28 Tristan Chabredier2012-11-28 [wwp] 3.9.0cvs29
2012-11-28 Colin Leroy2012-11-28 [colin] 3.9.0cvs28
2012-11-27 Colin Leroy2012-11-27 [colin] 3.9.0cvs22
2012-11-23 Colin Leroy2012-11-23 [colin] 3.9.0cvs20
2012-11-15 Colin Leroy2012-11-15 [colin] 3.9.0cvs4
2012-10-06 Ricardo Mones2012-10-06 [mones] 3.8.1cvs85
2012-09-19 Ricardo Mones2012-09-19 [mones] 3.8.1cvs67
2012-09-19 Colin Leroy2012-09-19 [colin] 3.8.1cvs64
2012-09-12 Colin Leroy2012-09-12 [colin] 3.8.1cvs52
2012-09-08 Colin Leroy2012-09-08 [colin] 3.8.1cvs46
2012-08-29 Colin Leroy2012-08-29 [colin] 3.8.1cvs40
2012-08-27 Colin Leroy2012-08-27 [colin] 3.8.1cvs37
2012-08-23 Colin Leroy2012-08-23 [colin] 3.8.1cvs34
2012-06-02 Tristan Chabredier2012-06-02 [wwp] 3.8.0cvs50
2012-05-27 Paul Mangan2012-05-27 [paul] 3.8.0cvs48
2012-04-01 Colin Leroy2012-04-01 [colin] 3.8.0cvs36
2012-02-05 Colin Leroy2012-02-05 [colin] 3.8.0cvs26
2012-02-02 Paweł Pękala2012-02-02 [pawel] 3.8.0cvs22
2012-01-10 Tristan Chabredier2012-01-10 [wwp] 3.8.0cvs13
2011-12-02 Paul Mangan2011-12-02 [paul] 3.7.10cvs109
2011-11-19 Paweł Pękala2011-11-19 [pawel] 3.7.10cvs91
2011-11-19 Paweł Pękala2011-11-19 [pawel] 3.7.10cvs90
2011-11-18 Paweł Pękala2011-11-18 [pawel] 3.7.10cvs88
2011-11-11 Paweł Pękala2011-11-11 [pawel] 3.7.10cvs83
2011-11-06 Colin Leroy2011-11-06 [colin] 3.7.10cvs76
2011-11-06 Colin Leroy2011-11-06 [colin] 3.7.10cvs75
2011-10-28 Colin Leroy2011-10-28 [colin] 3.7.10cvs55
2011-10-22 Colin Leroy2011-10-22 [colin] 3.7.10cvs41
2011-10-07 Colin Leroy2011-10-07 [colin] 3.7.10cvs21
2011-10-07 Colin Leroy2011-10-07 [colin] 3.7.10cvs20
2011-10-07 Colin Leroy2011-10-07 [colin] 3.7.10cvs19
2011-08-31 Colin Leroy2011-08-31 [colin] 3.7.10cvs13
2011-08-05 Paul Mangan2011-08-05 [paul] 3.7.9cvs39
2011-07-03 Paul Mangan2011-07-03 [paul] 3.7.9cvs28
2011-06-21 Paul Mangan2011-06-21 [paul] 3.7.9cvs27
2011-05-09 Paweł Pękala2011-05-09 [pawel] 3.7.9cvs20
2011-04-24 Paul Mangan2011-04-24 [paul] 3.7.9cvs14
2011-04-10 Colin Leroy2011-04-10 [colin] 3.7.9cvs2
2011-02-16 Paul Mangan2011-02-16 [paul] 3.7.8cvs57
2010-12-20 Colin Leroy2010-12-20 [colin] 3.7.8cvs13
2010-11-24 Ricardo Mones2010-11-24 [mones] 3.7.7cvs5
2010-10-02 Colin Leroy2010-10-02 [colin] 3.7.6cvs44
2010-09-20 Paweł Pękala2010-09-20 [pawel] 3.7.6cvs41
2010-09-19 Paweł Pękala2010-09-19 [pawel] 3.7.6cvs40
2010-09-11 Paweł Pękala2010-09-11 [pawel] 3.7.6cvs33
2010-09-10 Paweł Pękala2010-09-10 [pawel] 3.7.6cvs32
2010-07-10 Colin Leroy2010-07-10 [colin] 3.7.6cvs16
2010-07-09 Salvatore De Paolis2010-07-09 [iwkse] 3.7.6cvs15
2010-07-09 Salvatore De Paolis2010-07-09 [iwkse] 3.7.6cvs14
2010-04-14 Colin Leroy2010-04-14 [colin] 3.7.5cvs46
2010-03-24 Paweł Pękala2010-03-24 [pawel] 3.7.5cvs38
2010-03-23 Paweł Pękala2010-03-23 [pawel] 3.7.5cvs37
2010-02-20 Colin Leroy2010-02-20 [colin] 3.7.5cvs22
2010-02-10 Colin Leroy2010-02-10 [colin] 3.7.5cvs16
2010-02-09 Colin Leroy2010-02-09 [colin] 3.7.5cvs11
2009-10-27 Colin Leroy2009-10-27 [colin] 3.7.3cvs9
2009-10-07 Paul Mangan2009-10-07 [paul] 3.7.2cvs49
2009-05-21 Paul Mangan2009-05-21 [paul] 3.7.1cvs60