Fixed bugs:
[claws.git] / src / gtkspell.h
2002-01-02 Melvin HadashtFixed bugs:
2001-12-30 Melvin Hadashtfixed bug about foreground color used by the spell...
2001-09-25 Melvin Hadashtadded support for different encodings
2001-09-24 Melvin Hadashtadded 'Learn from mistakes' option
2001-09-21 Melvin Hadashtfixed bug when compose window is under another window
2001-09-18 Melvin Hadashtswitched to pspell and dropped ispell support
2001-07-31 Alfons Hoogervorstadd global setting stuff for spelling checker; 'nother...
2001-07-28 Alfons Hoogervorstadd gtkspell source files from stuphead + GtkText compa...