2006-12-20 [colin] 2.6.1cvs59
[claws.git] / src / gtk / quicksearch.c
2006-12-20 Colin Leroy2006-12-20 [colin] 2.6.1cvs59
2006-12-14 Tristan Chabredier2006-12-14 [wwp] 2.6.1cvs32
2006-12-01 Tristan Chabredier2006-12-01 [wwp] 2.6.0cvs75
2006-12-01 Tristan Chabredier2006-12-01 [wwp] 2.6.0cvs73
2006-11-27 Paul Mangan2006-11-27 [paul] 2.6.0cvs64
2006-11-26 Paul Mangan2006-11-26 [paul] 2.6.0cvs61
2006-11-07 Colin Leroytry again
2006-10-19 Colin Leroy2006-10-19 [colin] 2.5.6cvs2
2006-10-18 Colin Leroy2006-10-18 [colin] 2.5.5cvs17
2006-10-18 Colin Leroy2006-10-18 [colin] 2.5.5cvs16
2006-10-06 Colin Leroy2006-10-06 [colin] 2.5.3cvs12
2006-09-29 Colin Leroy2006-09-29 [colin] 2.5.2cvs22
2006-05-12 Colin Leroy2006-05-12 [colin] 2.2.0cvs8
2006-04-23 Colin Leroy2006-04-23 [colin] 2.1.1cvs27
2006-04-23 Colin Leroy2006-04-23 [colin] 2.1.1cvs26
2006-04-21 Colin Leroy2006-04-21 [colin] 2.1.1cvs22
2006-04-20 Paul Mangan2006-04-20 [paul] 2.1.1cvs17
2006-04-19 Colin Leroy2006-04-19 [colin] 2.1.1cvs15
2006-04-09 Colin Leroy2006-04-09 [colin] 2.1.0cvs22
2006-04-06 Ricardo Mones2006-04-06 [mones] 2.1.0cvs7
2006-04-05 Colin Leroy2006-04-05 [colin] 2.0.0cvs183
2006-03-22 Paul Mangan2006-03-22 [paul] 2.0.0cvs162
2006-03-15 Colin Leroy2006-03-15 [colin] 2.0.0cvs140
2006-02-19 Colin Leroy2006-02-19 [colin] 2.0.0cvs62
2006-02-01 Paul Mangan2006-02-01 [paul] 2.0.0cvs5
2006-01-19 Tristan Chabredier2006-01-19 [wwp] 1.9.100cvs170
2006-01-18 Paul Mangan2006-01-18 [paul] 1.9.100cvs168
2006-01-16 Paul Mangan2006-01-16 [paul] 1.9.100cvs158
2006-01-13 Colin Leroy2006-01-13 [colin] 1.9.100cvs145
2005-12-05 Paul Mangan2005-12-05 [paul] 1.9.100cvs61
2005-11-18 Tristan Chabredier2005-11-18 [wwp] 1.9.100cvs21
2005-11-18 Tristan Chabredier2005-11-17 [wwp] 1.9.100cvs16
2005-11-15 Tristan Chabredier2005-11-15 [wwp] 1.9.100cvs15
2005-11-15 Tristan Chabredier2005-11-15 [wwp] 1.9.100cvs14
2005-10-13 Colin Leroy2005-10-13 [colin] 1.9.15cvs39
2005-09-21 Paul Mangan2005-09-21 [paul] 1.9.14cvs47
2005-09-15 Paul Mangan2005-09-15 [paul] 1.9.14cvs31
2005-08-04 Colin Leroy2005-08-04 [colin] 1.9.13cvs13
2005-06-27 Colin Leroy2005-06-27 [colin] 1.9.12cvs1
2005-05-05 Paul Mangan2005-05-05 [paul] 1.9.6cvs52
2005-02-10 Paul Mangan2005-02-10 [paul] 1.0.1cvs3.2
2005-01-22 Colin Leroy2005-01-22 [colin] 1.0.0cvs8.1
2005-01-21 Colin Leroy2005-01-21 [colin] 1.0.0cvs5.1
2005-01-21 Colin Leroy2005-01-21 [colin] 1.0.0cvs4.1
2004-12-04 Paul Mangan2004-12-04 [paul] 0.9.12cvs182.3
2004-10-19 Colin Leroy2004-10-19 [colin] 0.9.12cvs128.1
2004-07-17 Colin LeroyFix 534 quick-search bar not accepting certain letters
2004-07-16 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.12cvs26 HEAD
2004-07-13 Colin Leroyuse alphabetic order
2004-07-13 Colin Leroyfix engrish once again
2004-07-13 Colin Leroyadd 'partial' ('p') to find partially downloaded messages
2004-07-12 Colin Leroyfix missing status update in quicksearch
2004-07-12 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.12cvs18 HEAD
2004-07-08 Colin Leroysync sticky pref with HEAD
2004-07-06 Colin Leroyadd Clear button to the quicksearch bar
2004-06-26 Colin Leroy* tools/Makefile.am
2004-06-25 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.12cvs17
2004-06-10 Claws Mail TeamThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...