Clear statusbar's progressbar in case of NNTP xhdr/xover failure.
[claws.git] / src / etpan / nntp-thread.c
2018-03-14 wwpClear statusbar's progressbar in case of NNTP xhdr...
2017-11-27 Michael RasmussenMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2017-11-24 Andrej KacianUse statusbar progress meter when opening/refreshing...
2017-10-27 Michael RasmussenMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2017-10-23 Andrej KacianMore and better leak fixes after commit 9729bf0e0.
2017-10-23 Andrej KacianFix memory leaks introduced in recent commit 9729bf0e0.
2017-10-23 Andrej KacianFetch XOVER and XHDR data in batches of 5000.
2016-07-28 Ricardo MonesFix some debug messages and update headers
2014-12-18 Colin LeroyMerge remote-tracking branch 'jakub-kicinski/for-master'
2014-12-12 Jakub KicinskiUse memset to initialize struct etpan_thread_op
2014-09-19 Ricardo MonesImprove thread-safety in NNTP
2014-08-05 Paulfix building without gnuTLS support
2014-06-05 Colin LeroyCoverity fixes
2014-05-28 Colin LeroyAdd a per-account preference to allow automatically...
2014-04-23 Colin LeroyImplement certificate chain verification; fix leak...
2014-04-23 Colin LeroyFactorize SSL things in etpan
2013-05-03 Colin LeroyMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2013-05-02 Ricardo MonesFix typo in debug_print string
2012-11-28 Colin Leroy2012-11-28 [colin] 3.9.0cvs28
2012-11-23 Colin Leroy2012-11-23 [colin] 3.9.0cvs20
2012-09-16 Ricardo Mones2012-09-16 [mones] 3.8.1cvs60
2012-07-07 Colin Leroy2012-07-07 [colin] 3.8.1cvs7
2012-05-27 Paul Mangan2012-05-27 [paul] 3.8.0cvs48
2011-08-30 Colin Leroy2011-08-30 [colin] 3.7.10cvs9
2011-08-30 Colin Leroy2011-08-30 [colin] 3.7.10cvs8
2011-08-27 Paul Mangan2011-08-27 [paul] 3.7.10cvs1
2011-08-14 Michael Rasmussen2011-08-14 [mir] 3.7.9cvs47
2011-08-13 Michael Rasmussen2011-08-13 [mir] 3.7.9cvs46
2011-05-12 Ricardo Mones2011-05-12 [mones] 3.7.9cvs21
2011-02-16 Paul Mangan2011-02-16 [paul] 3.7.8cvs57
2010-02-20 Colin Leroy2010-02-20 [colin] 3.7.5cvs22
2009-03-25 Colin Leroy2009-03-25 [colin] 3.7.1cvs25
2009-01-09 Paul Mangan2009-01-09 [paul] 3.7.0cvs22
2008-09-20 Colin Leroy2008-09-20 [colin] 3.5.0cvs116
2008-07-04 Colin Leroy2008-07-04 [colin] 3.5.0cvs5
2008-07-03 Colin Leroy2008-07-03 [colin] 3.5.0cvs2
2008-05-18 Colin Leroy2008-05-18 [colin] 3.4.0cvs51
2008-01-24 Colin Leroy2008-01-24 [colin] 3.2.0cvs67
2007-12-06 Colin Leroy2007-12-06 [colin] 3.1.0cvs63
2007-12-03 Colin Leroy2007-12-03 [cleroy] 3.1.0cvs50
2007-10-22 Colin Leroy2007-10-22 [colin] 3.0.2cvs94
2007-10-18 Colin Leroy2007-10-18 [colin] 3.0.2cvs82