Fix bug #1797 “quicksearch could also search the Cc field”
[claws.git] / src / advsearch.c
2015-01-05 Ricardo MonesFix bug #1797 “quicksearch could also search the Cc...
2014-09-11 Ricardo MonesAdd new quicksearch for header's content only
2012-11-18 Colin Leroy2012-11-18 [colin] 3.9.0cvs14
2012-11-16 Colin Leroy2012-11-16 [colin] 3.9.0cvs9
2012-11-16 Colin Leroy2012-11-16 [colin] 3.9.0cvs8
2012-10-24 Ricardo Mones2012-10-24 [mones] 3.8.1cvs103
2012-10-04 Colin Leroy2012-10-04 [colin] 3.8.1cvs83
2012-09-28 Colin Leroy2012-09-28 [colin] 3.8.1cvs81
2012-09-27 Colin Leroy2012-09-27 [colin] 3.8.1cvs80
2012-09-22 Michael Rasmussen2012-09-22 [mir] 3.8.1cvs72
2012-09-22 Ricardo Mones2012-09-22 [mones] 3.8.1cvs71
2012-09-21 Colin Leroy2012-09-21 [colin] 3.8.1cvs68