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2019-07-26 Paulmore translation updates
2019-07-25 Paulupdated translations
2019-07-22 wwpUpdate French translation.
2019-07-22 Ricardo MonesUpdate Spanish translation for release
2019-03-13 Ricardo MonesFix segfault using gdata plugin in German locales
2019-01-04 Paulfix bug 4142, 'Translation error on Russian'
2018-12-13 Ricardo MonesUpdate Spanish translation
2018-12-13 Paulupdate translations
2018-12-10 wwpFrench translation: updates & fixes.
2018-12-10 wwpUpdate French translation.
2018-11-09 Paulupdate en_GB.po
2018-10-19 Ricardo MonesFix translation for octet-stream view
2018-08-15 Paultranslations updates
2018-08-14 Ricardo MonesSome fixes to Spanish translation
2018-08-14 wwpFrench translation: last fixes and updates.
2018-08-14 Ricardo MonesUpdate Spanish translation
2018-08-14 wwpFrench translation: introduce inclusive modern French...
2018-08-14 wwpFrench translation: fix few uses of ID and capitalization.
2018-08-14 wwpFix French translation file.
2018-08-14 wwpFrench translation: few fixes more.
2018-08-14 wwpUpdate French translation (more to come).
2018-08-07 Ricardo MonesSome improvements upon translation
2018-06-10 Andrej KacianFix up to match previous commit (d28d62772).
2018-06-10 Andrej KacianAdded SOCKS proxy support.
2018-05-25 wwpUpdates to the French translation.
2018-05-06 wwpUpdate French translation.
2018-05-05 wwpFix French translation (unexpected accelerator used...
2018-02-09 Michael RasmussenMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2018-01-21 Ricardo MonesFix wrong article in translated string
2018-01-05 Pawel PekalaFix typos and errors in polish translation
2017-12-28 Ricardo MonesFix some translated strings
2017-12-20 Paula couple late translation update
2017-12-17 Paulupdate translations
2017-12-12 Ricardo MonesUpdate Spanish translation
2017-12-11 wwpUpdate French translation.
2017-10-28 Andrej KacianRevert "Disallow '?' in filename when saving message...
2017-10-28 Andrej KacianDisallow '?' in filename when saving message part on...
2017-03-27 Paulupdate Czech and Slovak translations
2017-03-26 Paulupdate translations
2017-03-25 Ricardo MonesUpdate Spanish translation for release
2017-03-21 wwpRemove deprecated entries in fr.po.
2017-03-21 wwpUpdate French translation.
2017-02-06 Ricardo MonesRemove generated file
2017-01-23 wwpUpdate French translation.
2017-01-17 Ricardo MonesPartially revert "Spanish translation: fix headers...
2017-01-17 wwpFix more header names in French.
2017-01-17 Ricardo MonesSpanish translation: fix headers to be shown in UI
2017-01-16 wwpUpdate French translation and fix translated header...
2016-12-27 wwpUpdate French translation.
2016-12-23 Paulremoved all useless comments from the end of the po...
2016-12-23 wwpReview of the French translation for Xmas:
2016-12-21 wwpUpdate French translation.
2016-12-13 wwpUpdates and hotkey fixes.
2016-11-12 wwpMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2016-11-12 wwpFix FR string.
2016-11-10 Paulupdated de.po
2016-11-06 Paulupdated translations
2016-08-28 Andrej KacianMake filesel API more consistent.
2016-08-19 Andrej KacianRevert "More fixes for parsing dates in vcalendar on...
2016-08-19 Andrej KacianMore fixes for parsing dates in vcalendar on Windows.
2016-08-11 Paulupdate ru.po
2016-08-10 Ricardo MonesFix bug #3666: Typos in Turkish translation
2016-08-07 Paulupdate/add/disable translations
2016-08-06 Ricardo MonesUpdate Spanish translation for release
2016-08-01 Andrej KacianAdded recently added source files to
2016-03-27 Colin LeroyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-03-25 Ricardo MonesFix bug #3628: Typo in zh_TW.po
2016-02-19 Andrej KacianRevert "Made the gnutls password encryption work on...
2016-02-19 Andrej KacianMade the gnutls password encryption work on Win32.
2016-01-19 Paulmore removing of space before colon
2016-01-19 Paulupdate copyright year
2016-01-19 Paulupdate transaltion files
2015-12-22 Paullate, post-release pt_BR.po update
2015-12-20 Paullt.po updated
2015-12-20 Paulupdate translations
2015-12-20 Ricardo MonesUpdate Spanish translation for release
2015-12-03 Andrej KacianRemove use of fnmatch(), in favour of GPatternSpec.
2015-10-21 Ricardo MonesUpdated ru.po by Mikhail Kurinnoi
2015-10-18 Ricardo MonesFix Debian bug #801375 “Segfault when activating…
2015-10-15 Ricardo MonesUpdated zh_TW translation by Mark Chang
2015-10-11 Paulupdate i18n
2015-10-10 Paulupdate en_GB translation
2015-10-09 Michael RasmussenMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2015-10-09 Ricardo MonesUpdate Spanish translation for release
2015-10-02 Paulremove dead GeoLocation plugin
2015-07-21 Ricardo MonesMinor fixes to es.po
2015-07-19 Paulupdated French translation from wwp
2015-07-19 Paulupdated Spanish translation
2015-07-19 Paulupdated translations
2015-07-09 Pauladd managesieve plugin files
2015-07-07 Andrej KacianFix another win32 specific syntax error.
2015-06-22 Ricardo MonesFix incorrect HTML preventing label from appearing
2014-10-27 Pauladd Norwegian Bokmål translation, submiited by Eyolf...
2014-10-27 Paulremove all traces of intltool, and hence don't install...
2014-10-27 PaulMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2014-10-27 Paulfix fatal error
2014-10-23 Ricardo MonesFix format for translated desktop keywords
2014-10-20 Paulupdated translations
2014-08-19 Ricardo MonesImprove translation (Debian bug #757929)
2014-06-18 Pauladd configure option --enable-appdata and put all appda...