add UI for diff colours
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2018-08-31 Andrej KacianAdded unit test framework, and some initial unit tests.
2014-06-27 Ricardo MonesAdd license and copyright to 9b3fd2b5
2014-05-25 Ricardo MonesUpdate licensing for files
2013-03-17 Ricardo MonesInitial setup for git
2006-06-14 Colin Leroy2006-06-14 [colin] 2.3.0cvs12
2006-06-02 Tristan Chabredier2006-06-02 [wwp] 2.2.0cvs72
2006-01-20 Colin Leroyput more stuff in .cvsignore
2006-01-20 Colin Leroyforgot these! :)
2005-10-25 Ricardo Mones2005-10-25 [mones] 1.9.15cvs109
2005-10-24 Ricardo Mones2005-10-24 [mones] 1.9.15cvs98