Use pre-defined make variables instead of hardcoded docbook2X and sed commands.
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2020-07-14 wwpUse pre-defined make variables instead of hardcoded...
2018-08-31 Andrej KacianAdded unit test framework, and some initial unit tests.
2018-08-24 Andrej KacianFix building manual PDF and PS formats when building...
2014-06-27 Ricardo MonesAdd license and copyright to 9b3fd2b5
2014-05-25 Ricardo MonesUpdate licensing for files
2010-12-04 Paul Mangan2010-12-04 [paul] 3.7.7cvs12
2010-10-03 Michael Rasmussen2010-10-03 [mir] 3.7.6cvs52
2010-02-27 Colin Leroy2010-02-27 [colin] 3.7.5cvs26