* src/filesel.c
[claws.git] / configure.ac
2003-06-07 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/filesel.c
2003-06-07 Thorsten Maerzfix typos
2003-06-07 Alfons Hoogervorst* configure.ac
2003-06-06 Christoph Hohmann0.9.0claws16
2003-06-06 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/mimeview.c
2003-06-06 Paul Manganfix bug where the insert sig button would be effective...
2003-06-06 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.2 release
2003-06-02 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.1cvs1
2003-06-01 Christoph Hohmann0.9.0claws10
2003-05-31 Christoph Hohmann0.9.0claws9
2003-05-30 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/toolbar.[ch]
2003-05-29 Darko KorugaFix crash when word wrapping kicks in due to changed...
2003-05-29 Paul Manganfix bug where changing account would insert sig even...
2003-05-28 Christoph Hohmann0.9.0claws5
2003-05-27 Paul Manganadd kmail to sylpheed mailbox conversion script
2003-05-27 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.0cvs10
2003-05-26 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.0cvs9
2003-05-24 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.0cvs8
2003-05-24 Paul Mangan0.9.0claws release rel_0_9_0
2003-05-24 Paul Manganupdate translations
2003-05-23 Melvin HadashtUpdated French translations
2003-05-22 Paul Manganrevert to get ldap into it previous working state and...
2003-05-22 Christoph Hohmann0.8.11claws174
2003-05-22 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.0cvs7
2003-05-21 Paul Manganfix discrepency between open_unread_on_enter and always...
2003-05-21 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.0cvs6
2003-05-21 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.0cvs5
2003-05-20 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.0cvs4
2003-05-20 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.0cvs3
2003-05-19 Paul Manganlink clamav_lib to the plugin and not to the main program
2003-05-19 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.0cvs1
2003-05-19 Paul Manganfix 'pop before smtp' timeout
2003-05-18 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/prefs_matcher.c
2003-05-18 Christoph Hohmann0.8.11claws163
2003-05-18 Paul Manganadd 'Recipient' label for FORWARD, FORWARD_AS_ATTACHMEN...
2003-05-17 Christoph Hohmann0.8.11claws161
2003-05-17 Christoph Hohmann0.8.11claws160
2003-05-17 Paul Manganremove unnecessary debug_print
2003-05-16 Thorsten Maerzincluded missing intl.h
2003-05-16 Paul Mangangettextise clamav and dillo plugins
2003-05-16 Christoph Hohmann0.8.11claws156
2003-05-16 Paul Mangansync with latest 0.9.0pre1
2003-05-15 Paul Mangansync with latest 0.9.0pre1
2003-05-14 Christoph Hohmann0.8.11claws153
2003-05-14 Christoph Hohmann0.8.11claws152
2003-05-13 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/common/session.c
2003-05-13 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/prefs_toolbar.[ch]
2003-05-09 Paul Mangansync with 0.8.11cvs43
2003-05-08 Christoph Hohmann0.8.11claws148
2003-05-08 Paul Manganadd convert_mbox.pl script
2003-05-07 Paul Mangansync with 0.8.11cvs41
2003-05-06 Christoph Hohmanncorrect configure script
2003-05-06 Christoph Hohmann0.8.11claws145
2003-05-06 Paul Manganfix typo introduced in last sync
2003-05-06 Paul Mangansync with 0.8.11cvs39
2003-05-06 Paul Manganupdate Czech translation
2003-05-03 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/compose.[ch]
2003-05-03 Thorsten Maerzforgot version increment
2003-05-02 Paul Manganrevert match's changes to (finally) remove the bug...
2003-05-01 Melvin HadashtFixed bug where Dillo prefs issued warnings on Cancel...
2003-05-01 Paul Mangansync with 0.8.11cvs38
2003-05-01 Paul Manganupdate Bulgarian translation
2003-04-30 Christoph Hohmann0.8.11claws135
2003-04-30 Paul Mangana better fix for the bug where opening folder has massi...
2003-04-30 Paul Manganrevert the 'fix' of 0.8.11claws128 because it doesn...
2003-04-30 Melvin HadashtNew: Dillo plugin preferences (patch by Dimitar Haralanov)
2003-04-30 Alfons Hoogervorstget type checking for free
2003-04-30 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/common/plugin.[ch]
2003-04-30 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/common/utils.c
2003-04-30 Paul Manganfix bug where opening folder has massive slowdown when...
2003-04-30 Paul Manganget rid of eye-hurting function signatures :)
2003-04-30 Paul Manganbe more descriptive
2003-04-30 Paul Manganconfigure.ac: arrange the plugins in reverse alphabetic...
2003-04-29 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/imap.c
2003-04-29 Darko KorugaInclude wchar.h if available.
2003-04-29 Melvin HadashtImproved help text of Actions' syntax
2003-04-28 Paul Manganfix crash when performing an action on a mime part
2003-04-28 Paul Manganfix crash when performing an action on a mime part
2003-04-28 Paul Mangansync with 0.8.11cvs36
2003-04-27 Paul Manganmore sync with 0.8.11cvs35
2003-04-26 Christoph Hohmann0.8.11claws117
2003-04-26 Paul Manganfix return-receipt
2003-04-26 Paul Manganrestore double-clicking of the [application/pgp-signatu...
2003-04-26 Christoph Hohmann0.8.11claws114
2003-04-26 Match GrunFixed memleaks and segfaults
2003-04-25 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/folder.c
2003-04-25 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/common/session.c
2003-04-25 Paul Mangansync with 0.8.11cvs35
2003-04-24 Christoph Hohmann0.8.11claws109
2003-04-23 Paul Mangansync with 0.8.11cvs33
2003-04-22 Paul Manganremove pgptext.[ch] as its not used any more
2003-04-22 Paul Mangansync with 0.8.11cvs31
2003-04-21 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/main.c
2003-04-21 Melvin HadashtImproved the README file for the Dillo plugin
2003-04-21 Melvin HadashtAdded a README file for the Dillo plugin
2003-04-18 Oliver Haertelremove Pop3SessionType, enable set default toolbar...
2003-04-18 Paul Mangansync with 0.8.11cvs29
2003-04-17 Paul Manganremove 'Open next message on deletion' option
2003-04-17 Paul Mangansync with 0.8.11cvs28
2003-04-17 Christoph Hohmann0.8.11claws98