* src/procheader.c
[claws.git] / configure.ac
2003-12-20 Luke Plant* src/procheader.c
2003-12-19 Christoph Hohmann0.9.8claws4
2003-12-19 Christoph Hohmann0.9.8claws3
2003-12-19 Christoph Hohmann0.9.8claws2
2003-12-19 Melvin HadashtMessage view: Added missing menu branch, updated French...
2003-12-19 Paul Mangan0.9.8claws released rel_0_9_8
2003-12-19 Paul Manganupdate translations
2003-12-18 Melvin HadashtUpdated French translation
2003-12-17 Christoph Hohmann0.9.7claws49
2003-12-17 Paul Manganfolder.c: fix new message count; configure.ac: update...
2003-12-16 Christoph Hohmann0.9.7claws47
2003-12-16 Christoph Hohmann0.9.7claws46
2003-12-16 Hoà Viêt DinhCreate filter rules using a message is fixed. We can...
2003-12-16 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/procheader.c
2003-12-15 Luke Plant* src/textview.c
2003-12-14 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/summaryview.c
2003-12-14 Luke Plant* src/textview.c
2003-12-13 Christoph Hohmann0.9.7claws40
2003-12-12 Paul Mangangeneral clean up
2003-12-11 Christoph Hohmann0.9.7claws38
2003-12-11 Paul Mangan'anonymise' Message-Id: header string
2003-12-11 Paul Manganclamav plugin: use cl_strerror() instead of deprecated...
2003-12-10 Darko KorugaUpdate the sort arrow in summary view column titles.
2003-12-10 Darko KorugaAllow reverting to default sort mode (no sort).
2003-12-10 Hoà Viêt Dinhfixed quotation of matcher strings
2003-12-08 Paul Manganplug memory leaks
2003-12-08 Christoph Hohmann0.9.7claws31
2003-12-07 Paul Manganclamav plugin: fix signature count
2003-12-07 Thorsten Maerzuninitialized filter list when deleting a folder; debug...
2003-12-06 Paul Mangantrim line feeds
2003-12-06 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.7cvs8
2003-12-06 Christoph Hohmann0.9.7claws26
2003-12-05 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/matcher.[ch]
2003-12-05 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/matcher.c
2003-12-05 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/prefs_folder_item.c
2003-12-05 Hoà Viêt Dinh add destructor for mainwindow so that the last MimeInf...
2003-12-05 Hoà Viêt Dinhquote arguments before giving them to command line...
2003-12-04 Hoà Viêt Dinhgot back the function addressbook_browse_entry_cb(...
2003-12-04 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.7cvs6
2003-12-04 Paul ManganPOTFILES.in: remove 'src/prefs_scoring.c
2003-12-04 Hoà Viêt Dinhmerge of scoring and filtering.
2003-12-03 Christoph Hohmann0.9.7claws16
2003-12-03 Christoph Hohmann0.9.7claws15
2003-12-03 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/procmime.c
2003-12-03 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/alertpanel.h
2003-12-03 Paul Mangandon't allow cloning of accounts with remote folders
2003-12-03 Christoph Hohmann0.9.7claws11
2003-12-02 Christoph Hohmann0.9.7claws10
2003-12-01 Christoph Hohmannupdate Makefiles
2003-11-29 Christoph Hohmann0.9.7claws9
2003-11-29 Luke Plant* src/textview.c
2003-11-29 Christoph Hohmann0.9.7claws7
2003-11-29 Luke Plant0.9.7claws6
2003-11-28 Christoph Hohmann0.9.7claws5
2003-11-28 Paul Manganadd Clone Account function
2003-11-27 Thorsten Maerzfix crash if 'save_all' failed twice
2003-11-27 Paul Manganupdate Simplified Chinese translation and fix a typo...
2003-11-27 Paul Manganclean up POTFILES.in
2003-11-26 Paul Mangan0.9.7claws unleashed\! rel_0_9_7
2003-11-26 Paul Mangansrc/Makefile.am: add reference to pixmaps/mime_message.xpm
2003-11-26 Paul ManganPOTFILES.in: remove reference to src/sigstatus.c
2003-11-26 Christoph Hohmann0.9.6claws97
2003-11-26 Paul Manganupdate translations
2003-11-25 Christoph Hohmann0.9.6claws95
2003-11-25 Melvin HadashtUpdate French translation
2003-11-25 Melvin HadashtFixed a couple of typos
2003-11-24 Paul Manganadd src/textview.c to POTFILES.in
2003-11-24 Paul Manganfix typo
2003-11-24 Paul Manganimage_viewer_show_mimepart(): use procmime_mimeinfo_get...
2003-11-24 Paul Mangantextview_show_mime_part(): rewrite text hint
2003-11-23 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.7cvs5
2003-11-21 Paul Mangandefine shortcut key 'o' for 'Open with...'
2003-11-21 Paul Manganfix bug #383 'Deleting message from separate message...
2003-11-21 Christoph Hohmann0.9.6claws85
2003-11-21 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/main.c
2003-11-20 Christoph Hohmann0.9.6claws83
2003-11-19 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/mainwindow.c
2003-11-19 Paul Mangancode cleanup; bug fixes
2003-11-19 Luke Plantrevert my last commit until I get time to fix it
2003-11-18 Christoph Hohmann0.9.6claws79
2003-11-17 Luke Plant0.9.6claws78
2003-11-16 Christoph Hohmann0.9.6claws77
2003-11-16 Christoph Hohmann0.9.6claws76
2003-11-15 Luke Plant* src/mimeview.c
2003-11-14 Christoph Hohmann0.9.6claws74
2003-11-10 Christoph Hohmann0.9.6claws73
2003-11-10 Christoph Hohmann0.9.6claws72
2003-11-09 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/summaryview.c
2003-11-09 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/procmime.c
2003-11-08 Luke Plant* src/summaryview.c
2003-11-05 Match GrunFix LDAP.
2003-11-04 Luke Plant* src/mimeview.c
2003-11-04 Luke Plant* src/plugins/image_viewer/viewer.c, viewerprefs.c...
2003-11-02 Match GrunAdd LDAP contains query.
2003-11-02 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/browseldap.c
2003-11-02 Match GrunRefactor LDAP searches.
2003-11-01 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/prefs_gtk.c
2003-10-30 Christoph Hohmann0.9.6claws61
2003-10-29 Paul Mangan*** empty log message ***
2003-10-29 Paul Mangandon't use Subject for unknown part name