2004-09-28 [colin] 0.9.12cvs110
[claws.git] / commitHelper
2004-08-11 Colin Leroyleroyc->colin
2004-08-09 Colin Leroylet the user edit the whole changelog entry
2004-08-07 Christoph Hohmannuse UTC date for changelog entries, we don't want that...
2004-08-07 Colin Leroyfix bug in if with more than one arg
2004-08-07 Colin Leroyfixes
2004-08-06 Colin Leroyadd --syncgtk2 param
2004-08-06 Colin Leroyask for changelog entry, use it in changelog and commit...
2004-08-06 Colin Leroyautoupdate configure.ac
2004-07-28 Colin Leroyfix bug when we don't pass parameters
2004-07-22 Colin Leroysame here
2004-07-22 Colin Leroygeneralize a bit
2004-07-13 Christoph Hohmann0.9.12cvs20
2004-07-08 Colin LeroyImprovements:
2004-07-06 Colin LeroycommitHelper in HEAD too