This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'gtk2'.
[claws.git] / commitHelper
2004-08-08 Paul Mangansync with HEAD
2004-08-07 Colin Leroyfix bug in if with more than one arg
2004-08-07 Colin Leroyfixes
2004-08-06 Colin Leroyadd --syncgtk2 parameter to avoid messing with configur...
2004-08-06 Colin Leroyautoupdate
2004-07-28 Colin Leroyfix bug when we don't pass parameters
2004-07-22 Colin Leroyduh, trashed Christoph's update
2004-07-22 Colin Leroygeneralize a bit
2004-07-17 Colin LeroySync with 0.9.12cvs30
2004-07-10 Colin Leroyreflect version change
2004-07-09 Paul Mangansync commitHelper script with HEAD
2004-07-06 Colin Leroyadd Clear button to the quicksearch bar