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[claws.git] / TODO
2006-06-11 Colin LeroyStuff i'd like to do post 2.3
2006-02-01 Colin Leroyupdate TODO for some things I'd like to do
2006-01-15 Colin Leroynot much more left to do!
2005-07-18 Paul Mangan2005-07-18 [paul] 1.9.12cvs77
2004-05-22 Paul Mangansync with 0.9.10claws67 HEAD
2002-08-27 Paul Mangansync with 0.8.2 release
2002-02-16 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.7.2
2001-11-07 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.4cvs18
2001-09-25 Paul Manganmore sync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs5
2001-08-30 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.0 release
2001-08-22 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.5.3cvs4
2001-07-16 Alfons Hoogervorstsync with Hiroyuki's 0.5.0cvs4
2001-07-15 Alfons Hoogervorstsync with Hiroyuki's 0.5.0claws2-3
2001-05-13 Alfons Hoogervorstsync with sylpheed 0.4.67cvs5
2001-05-06 Alfons Hoogervorstsync with sylpheed 0.4.66cvs3-5
2001-04-19 Paul ManganImported version 1.0 start