me todo
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2002-08-29 Alfons Hoogervorstme todo
2002-08-24 Alfons Hoogervorsttodo update
2002-08-10 Alfons Hoogervorstdoing right now
2002-07-30 Paul Manganadd my TODO list
2002-07-29 Thorsten Maerzupdated doc:selective download, delete on server
2002-07-23 Alfons HoogervorstShould provide input to Win32 development. Should also...
2002-07-23 Alfons HoogervorstThorsten knows what I mean. :-)
2002-07-23 Alfons Hoogervorstalf todo
2002-07-23 Christoph Hohmannupdate todo list
2002-07-23 Hoà Viêt DinhTODO of hoa
2002-07-23 Christoph Hohmannremove processing fix from todo list
2002-07-21 Thorsten MaerzIncluded save_all patch from Xaview FACQ
2002-07-15 Christoph Hohmann* src/summaryview.c
2002-07-15 Alfons Hoogervorstsubmit todo