make a correction and add more info to README.claws
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2002-05-24 Paul Manganmake a correction and add more info to README.claws
2002-05-18 Melvin HadashtREADME.claws
2002-05-18 Paul Manganadd better description of Actions
2002-02-14 Paul Manganadd description of Actions and Pixmap Themes
2002-01-17 Alfons Hoogervorstsome minor changes
2002-01-17 Darko KorugaAdded description for subject simplifing which is a...
2002-01-16 Melvin HadashtNew spell checker code
2002-01-14 Darko KorugaRemoved quotation wrapping as it is now also in the... rel_0_7_0
2001-12-27 Melvin Hadashtupdated spell checker usage instructions
2001-11-12 Alfons Hoogervorstupdate claws README to reflect recent merges
2001-11-05 Alfons Hoogervorstreplace gtk_text_insert with gtk_stext_insert; GTK_TEXT...
2001-10-15 Melvin HadashtAdded summary and more detailed instructions for the...
2001-10-12 Christoph Hohmannadded some more infos about default to and feature...
2001-10-12 Alfons Hoogervorstremoved some funny bugs
2001-10-12 Darko KorugaDon't treat tab as space when calculating line length.
2001-10-11 Alfons Hoogervorstremove syldap.c's call to sched_yield()
2001-09-27 Melvin Hadashtfixed bug where gtkpspell didn't set the path correctly
2001-09-22 Alfons Hoogervorstadd README.claws for things users need to know